sugar rush o o

                             Cupids Playlist || Pop Idol Verse

Rin and her older sister Lenora have been thrust into the world of idols when their father decides to put his daughters to good use and sell the Love name by becoming beloved Japanese Idols. Playing off their last name their group is called Cupids and between the two of them there really isn’t part of the entertainment industry they haven’t touched. Here is a playlist of some songs I’ve put together that have the same kind of feel I image for their group.

ma boy- sistar19  /  wjsn-secret   /  dream land-perfume  /  juicy love-happiness  /  lovefool-dream ami  /  kiss me-sixpence none the richer  /  kokoro no sports-perfume  /  sting-stellar  /  starlight- taeyeon ft dean*  /  missing you-gdragon ft. kim yoon-ah*  /  attention-eSNa*  /  my star-lee hi*  /  very very very-i.o.i  /  sugar rush-akb48  /  whatta man(good man) - i.o.i

*a song that features just one of the girls, if it’s a duo it’s rin, if it’s a solo it’s lenora