sugar rush 64

Ice cream mountains
Ice cream mountains

so this is what i spent my entire weekend doing. pthphf.

this is my racing theme music for Adorabeezle’s stage in sugar rush (wreck it ralph), and possibly a demo for sugar rush 64 (if the-regressor likes it. THIS IS NOTHING OFFICIAL.)

uhh let me know what you think people :)

Taking a break from Regressing: Will resume on 1st Febuary

I have mentioned before, I am going to take a 2 month break from my modeling starting Monday the 18th.  

I have been modeling/texturing/rigging almost daily for the past 10 months simply because I love it; but I need a break from staring at a computer screen.  I will resume on 1st February, (the One Year Anniversary of this blog). Also of note:

Weather you’ve followed from the beginning, or just a few hours ago, or even un-followed, re-blogging or liked, it all keeps me motivated to do what I do! Thank you all very much for the support on my insane passion for low poly contemporaneity modeling!

So with that said, time for me to start giving back in a way…

On my “break”, I will be:

  • Uploading Models to Creative Crash: I will be refining my models/rigs to be available for personal use. They will be available at Creative Crash, I will post the link as I upload them. More info to come on the-Regressor
  • Sugar Rush 64: Still working on it. A new update to the Unity engine recently launched, so will require some new familiarization on our part. Be patient, its still happening ;)

  • Short Homestuck animation: I announced this a while ago, though I’ve yet to devote the time to it that it needs. Something that I really want to see to completion…
  • Commissions: I will still be accepting commissions (I never stopped, but haven’t any in months) Could certainly use extra money for the holidays :P
  • Inbox will remain open.
  • Video games and anime: So many games I have not completed nor subbed anime I have not watched (cannot model and read subtitles at the same time)

Any updates/info on these projects will still be posted here on the-Regressor. Thanks again!

-The Regressor

P.S. Had no time at all to work on Chesnaught today, he will be done tomorrow with the group shot/animation of the Pokemon X/Y starters on Monday.

darkwolfinsanity  asked:

I'd love to see one day if you've made a game. Will there ever be a day where you take these models and do that?

Yes! The Wreck It Ralph Sugar Rush models I made are to be used in Sugar Rush 64, a Nintendo 64 inspired cart racer being made in Unity. Progress is halted at the moment due to lack of time from me and the programmer (commission/contract work, day jobs, life, etc).  

I certainly would like to finish what I start before starting another game…

Sugar Rush 64 Cancelled :(

It pains me announce that Vonduce and I have come to the agreement to cancel active development Sugar Rush 64.

We are well aware at how excited many of you were at its announcement in 2013, but current circumstances in both of our lives leave us unable to give Sugar Rush 64 the time it deserves and needs.

While it’s tempting to continue delaying the project, he have not been able to make significant progress for some time due to substantial life changes. In this case we would rather let it go than keep fans waiting indefinitely.

On that note I will be releasing with Sugar Rush model assets for free creative use. You can use or modify them however you like, but do not sell them, and give credit to The Regressor for their creation when using them publicly.

Thanks for taking this ride with us. You’ve given us tremendous support, and we’ve had so much fun with all of you.

In any case, before we get too sappy…

Au revior, Admiral Underpants!

The Regressor and Vonduce

Link to the models will be posted shortly, the inbox will remain open.

wirftw  asked:

Hey Regressor! Long time no see. Just wondering how Sugar Rush 64 Is going? Not seen much In the way of updates :P

Hello! Motivation and inspiration are plentiful thanks to you eager and supportive fans, sadly time has been exceptionally limited much of this year. We have not abandoned or cancelled SR64, just, there are going to be very lengthy stretches without news due to work, contract work, personal lives, etc.

Thanks for asking!

FYI, anything Sugar Rush 64 related will be posted on the SR64 tumblr (link)