sugar rush 2012

rice-deity  asked:

Would some of the Sugar Rush Racers (from 2012 Wreck it Ralph) be considered PoC? They don't seem to have actual races (no pun intended), being based off of candies, but some like Snowanna Rainbeau and Gloyd Orangeboar appear to be some degree of PoC.

Oh definitely. A character doesn’t need to have a location based in the real world to be considered a POC –which is actually a pet peeve of mine because except for Jasmine, WOC characters need to almost always justify their existence (even Kida has a specified “real world” place as a mythological race), while white characters get to live in this fairy tale land with no ties to the real world beyond design inspiration.

And we’ve kind of talked about whether or not they are ALL POC by virtue of the game supposedly being Japanese in origin?

My personal opinion is that Disney is not very subtle about things like this–if they want a character, especially a background character, to be read as a person of color, they are going to make sure you immediately note them as a person of color. Whether that is good or bad is another discussion. And that’s especially true in Wreck-it Ralph, and with the Sugar Rush racers.

So, like, these are the sugar racers:

the majority of them can be read as people of color pretty clearly (Minty, Swizzle, Adorabeezle, Gloyd, Snowanna, Creumbelina) and three of them are pretty clearly supposed to be white (Candlehead, Rancis, Vanellope herself). And then there are a couple who I’m not so sure about (Jubileena & Taffyta)

So idk. I think people can read them however they want (and I have literally nothing against reading Vanellope as east Asian, etc) but that’s just my personal opinion.