sugar plum drop


Love works in mysterious ways

I see people angry at Subaru
Angry at Emilia

Coming from a Rem lover, sure Emilia isn’t as forgiving as Rem, but I see her intentions.

With Subaru, she is his hero. She saved him, she approached him, she took care of him before anyone did. She started his time in this world, he wants to please her more than anyone. With how much he’s sacrificed to keep her alive, how can you fault him for staying in love?

I think Re:Zero is a tragedy in a lot of ways; this anime is complex in that it’s NOT a sugar plum and rain drop shounen. This is something that people aren’t used to seeing. We’re raised on people magically falling in love.

Sure Subaru loves Rem, he cares for her, we saw that in the last episode. But in the same way that Rem was saved by Subaru, Subaru was saved by Emilia. Rem admires his strength, she knows he loves Emilia, but what I admire?

The fact that they can laugh it off with eachother. Being out of sights with each other’s love interest.

He may not LOVE her the same way she loves him, if ever, but think about it…

If he had stopped loving Emila then and there and all of a sudden started loving Rem, would that have not completely erased what he’s been sacrificing his life for the past 18 episodes? That’s not character progression.

This episode is easily one of the best episode of recent anime showcasing the true effects of love and how a man, who has lost everything and has his back against the wall, finds out a way to push forward. It just so happens to be with a girl who loves him (and he can’t return it)