sugar plum candy

Sugar Plum Fairy


Robbie is part Sugar Plum Fairy, because Sugar and Plum.

‘Sports Candy’ has the same effect on him that sugar has on Sportacus

EDIT: Check out this awesome drawing of sugar plum fairy!Robbie.

Sportacus had been in the middle of a workout when the loud, indignant beeping of his crystal interrupted him.

“Someone’s in trouble!” He said, more reflex than conscious thought, backflipping up on a bench so he could oversee most of the town. From where he was standing, he could see the town hall, where everything seemed to be in order; Ms. Busybody’s garden, where the Mayor was being ordered round and about, and the playground, which was empty.

The town was peaceful and quiet.

… if one didn’t count the panicked shouts of the children standing in a circle around something, that is.

Sportacus could barely make out what they were saying, the words lost in their babbling, but their tone was enough to make him concerned. The elf jumped back on the ground, arms up, side, side, before he ran.

As he got closer, he began to understand snippets, the rest too jumbled up to extract individual words. Call… help… just… okay?… Sportacus… sleep… Robbie.

Sportacus frowned. Robbie?

What had Lazytown’s resident villain done now?

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Hooray! The day is here!! Here’s my all caps secret santa fic for @lisa-in-the-sky! I hope you like it!

The first thing he notices, is that it’s cold.

He’s shivering. He can’t stop. He can’t see. He can’t get out. He needs to get out.

“Come on,” a voice is saying. “Come on, you can wake up now.”

Steve shivers more and tries but he’s stuck, he can’t open his eyes, he can’t breathe now- his chest is too tight. He’s surrounded by ice. It’s dark. He needs-


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Gift Basket

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Gift Basket

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: You ask Bucky for some romantic advice
Warnings: None
Type: Romantic

    You bursted into the common room, spotting Bucky on the couch with his nose buried in a tattered book.

    The torn cover of the book read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. You could see that some of the pages were bent and dog-eared, while the book was poorly bounded with a broken spine. You nose wrinkled at the decrepit state of the book. 

    Then, you saw something written in the corner of the book’s cover in black permanent marker. 

    Sam Wilson 

   Of course. Sam lent a crappy copy to Bucky.

    You came up behind Bucky and leaned on the sofa from behind. Bucky still haven’t noticed you as he continued to read. “Hey Buck.”

    Bucky jumped. “Yeah?” he said as he laid the book down on his lap. His cheeks tinted pink; he always blushes when you call him by the shortened version of his nickname. 

    “I need some romantic advice.” Bucky raised his brows. 

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Guys, I can’t stop making bath bombs! Left to right: Pumpkin Pie (smells like heaven), Spiced Sugar Plums (mini size) and Candy Cane (stripes did NOT turn out but still love this - it smells like chocolate mints 😄)

Mac Lipstick Dupe List

Feel free to reblog and add ones that aren’t listed, or add more dupes to colors already posted. I Found this on my pinterest & decided to spread the love of dupes!

*Mac lippies are in bold, dupes in italic.*

Up the Amp   |   Revlon Berry Haute & Cover Girl DevineViva Glam Nicki    WNW PinkerbelleDark Side   |   Revlon Black CherryTwig   |   Maybelline Afternoon TeaParty Parrot   |   Cover Girl FlameRed   |   WNW Stoplight RedVelvet Teddy   |   Rimmel Spotlight BeigeShy Girl   |   Rimmel Nude DelightModesty   |   WNW FergiedailyBrave   |   NYX ThaliaViva Glam II   |   Rimmel Kate Moss 03Scarlet Ibis   |   Rimmel Kate Moss 12Crosswires   |   Cover Girl Fairy TaleAngel   |   Rimmel Kate Moss 101 & Elf ClassyLovelorn   |   Revlon Lip Butter Strawberry ShortcakeRussian Red   |   Rimmel Red Fever, Revlon Really Red & Sonia Kashuk GeishaRebel   |   WNW Sugar Plum FairyCandy Yum Yum   |   Milani Rose HipCream D Nude   |   Elf Natural NymphVegas Volt   |   Revlon CoralberryCreamCup   |   WNW Think Pink, Elf Runaway Pink & Revlon PrimroseSo Chaud   |   WNW Purty PersimmonFaux   |   Maybelline Pinky BeigeGirl About Town   |   Cover Girl SpellboundChatterbox   |   NYX FigSnob   |   Revlon Pink Pout

Your holiday munchies

Aries: figgy pudding
Taurus: candy canes
Gemini: cannabis hot cocoa
Cancer: Pfeffernüsse
Leo: ham
Virgo: eggnog w/ extra rum
Libra: pizzelles
Scorpio: sugar plum fairies
Sagittarius: tamales
Capricorn: marzipan
Aquarius: holly wait don’t eat that
Pisces: fruitcake

Thanks @persephoneabducted


Pisgah “Hellbender”

94 A-

This English-style Barleywine is named in tribute to North America’s largest salamander, the Hellbender. One dollar from the sale of each bottle is donated to the ‘Wild South’ non-profit environmental protection organization. I picked up this particular bottle while on vacation in Asheville, where I was quick to snatch up all the Pisgah they had to offer. I imagine this year’s worth of aging had a softening impact on the palate.

Aromas open up with a sweet emphasis on brandy-macerated strawberries, sweet toffee, brown sugar coated plums, and candied dark fruits. Additional fruity hints hints of banana, raisins, and orange zest meld with yeasted bread and herb-toned hops. Both the English malt bill and the bottle conditioning have noticeable influence here.

On the palate, a heavy malt profile thrusts forward with the sweet organic brown sugar that was added to the brew. Fruity notes fill the middle register with banana bread, fig, red grape, apricot, melon, tart raspberry, and caramel apple. Bitter hops collide, infusing pine-centered herbs, flowers, and rose petals that stretch into a ginger spice climax. The finish departs with a few drops of hop oil, followed by a slight astringent twang with loads of residual malt sugars left behind. Mouthfeel is oily, leaning toward syrupy, pulling in a hefty body with chewy thickness. It’s smooth, rounded on the edges, slow to warm, and held up by just enough carbonation to keep things afloat.

Overall, this is a strong, fruity Barleywine that leans more toward the malty end (as any good Barleywine should). Through a shifting of weight, the initially sweet malts decrease in density, giving rise to a hoppy bitterness. This shift in flavor is slow, allowing enough time to soak in what each ingredient has to offer. The bottle conditioning provides an added dimension of complexity through added yeast flavor. The aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel are all pretty stunning. Considering the high alcohol level here, it doesn’t come off tasting like solvent or any other negative off-flavors. This is nice, I recommend it.

Known Hops: Centennial



Black Mountain, North Carolina


I love this girl so much. Today is our 1 YEAR AND 7 MONTH anniversary can you believe it because I can’t but you know what guys? U KNOW WHAT? This is who I want to spend my life with. We’re gonna have a little dump of a place with our kitten and our puppy and our racecar bed and then we’ll get married and then we’ll go on honeymoon and then we’ll go on 10 more honeymoons. SHE IS MY SWEET HONEY DARL BABY SUGAR PLUM CUTIE PATOOTIE PIE CANDY SWEETHEART SON OF A BEAUTIFUL AND OH DEAR. Like honestly *WARNING, THE FOLLOWING IS VERY SAPPY* I cannot express the amount of love I have for kc and I cannot EXPLAIN how grateful I am to have her in my life because guys she makes me the happiest boy on the whole planet, and probably the whole universe. Along with that, she really is fucking beautiful in every way, she’s soo intelligent and thoughtful and goddamn hilarious.. not only that, but she is one hella good kisser and one hella good cuddler (and frick frackler). SO yes, you should all be jealous that I get to kiss this pretty muffin, I can’t wait to see her and catch up on all the kisses we’ve missed. Love you baby