sugar philly

so i think i have a new favorite flavor at sugar philly...

it used to milk & honey that i held close to my heart. that had always been my favorite flavor, even tho i had tried at least 5 other flavors. but then this monday i went to sugar philly and they had a flavor i’d never tried before. it was salted caramel. Oh. My. Goodness. it was DELICIOUS! it was the most absolutely perfect thing i’ve tasted from that truck. it made my stressful, painful day so much brighter. i feel a bit guilty for “cheating” on the milk & honey, but damn. salted caramel was just too damn good.

How do you ladies feel about men with no profile pic?

I personally trust men with no profile pics more lol. I know that sounds backwards but let me explain. I believe if a man is really bringing in 6+ figures a year and has a respectable career as stated in his profile discretion must be his top priority. No one wants their business associates and colleagues finding out they are willing to pay a female to spend some time with them lol. Do any of you feel the same?

super excited for this!

i first went to sugar philly when i was a freshman and they were on 33rd street.

then they disappeared & i couldn’t find them again.

i re-discovered them at the end of sophomore year on 38th & walnut.

i go to them as often as i can. their treats are delicious.

starting this spring i will be interning with them & i couldn’t be happier!