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Derp Emblem: Halloween Night, Midnight, Boogie Night 🎶

I understand that nobody is dancing, but I couldn’t pass up that reference with the title. Happy Halloween to all of our followers who celebrate it! If you go out tonight make sure to stay safe and get tons of candy! As for those who are going to parties, be responsible and careful! You don’t want to get jumped by the Spanish Inquisition.



Derp Emblem: Nightmare on Pants Street

I mean, it’s only really a nightmare if you’re afraid of pants… Which I don’t think any of us are. Though I guess it just depends on who wears the pants… Or the kind of pants. Do you know what pants are terrifying? Parachute pants. Don’t wear parachute pants. Anyway, hey guys, it’s time to get these Halloween comics up and running! I hope you look forward to all the costumes we have cooked up for this year!

Bonus (Based on a real conversation the Mods were having):


Derp Emblem: Meet and Greet Scramble (Dinner of Bonds)

There’s nothing better than forcefully trying to bond with two guys you know nothing about. Maybe Chrom should have just used the My Room feature; it would probably work out a lot better for him than a candlelit dinner.

Also, while we’re here, it’s time to introduce the new MUs to the series! For those who follow the twitter, you got to see them a few weeks back, but for those who don’t, this should be your first time seeing them! So our Conquest MU is Corsage, our Birthright MU is Hiryuu, and our Revelation MU is Idalane! If you’re wondering where the inspiration comes from, look no further.


Derp Emblem: Dreams of Fates

So way back in August, Sugar had this really weird dream about Fire Emblem: Fates… This is a slightly altered version of this dream that she had, but it’s pretty much how she said it went down. I mean the only real difference is she wasn’t screaming when she woke up (she just casually texted me instead).

But look guys, I’ve started making the Fates Derps! Also yes, we are planning to use the localized names in the end, but this is because it will be easier on newer fans who don’t join the fandom until after the English release. Additionally, Fates comics will more than likely be very rare until that point. This was just done since Sugar’s dream was super ridiculous and I had to make it into a comic.



Derp Emblem: We Found Sugar of Ylisse… In Georgia!

So remember last year when Sugar went on vacation? Well, she went on vacation to see family again, so she’s not around right now! I know we haven’t really done anything exciting recently (and that’s because Perli is working and Tree has some personal stuff going on), but hopefully we can start having some more fun the second half of vacation!



Things that are Canon in Derp Emblem

In general
1. Japanese does not exist. There is only Wingdings.
2. Grima is Tiki’s dad. He was probably sealed because he was late to dinner
3. Sugar and Peoni came from streetpass. Sugar is married to Owain of her universe, Peoni is married to the Lon’Qu of her universe yet thirsts for Cormag.
4. Sugar maintains the Einherjar cards. Peoni does paper work.
5. There was a Derp Emblem Hunger Games. That Lyon won.
6. There are bear pits.
7. Steve Uchiha and Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way
8. Marth beat Chrom in a political debate by cheating.
9. There is an Anna who is a drug dealer.
10. The Great Derp Dragon is Derp Emblem’s Patron Deity
11. There is a house where all the lords live when their games are not being featured in a comic.
12. Eyebrows signify anger.
13. Lucina has time traveled to other games on accident and met her own children.
14. Anna is the RNG goddess.
15. Grima has a White Haired Anime boy Army
16. There is a mod office.
17. Seth and Freddy have “abs of wonder, abs of might.”
18. Peoni and Sugar are the shoujo police.
19. Naga doesn’t trust signs.
20. Alice somehow has a 3DS, but she only uses it to play Bravely Default


1. Holding the original Fire Emblem for too long reduces you to your original FE1 self.
2. Marth’s Persona Style Shadow, the true self, is his FE1 self.
3. Tiki was put to sleep because she wouldn’t stop whining to Naga, who was trying to read trashy fanfiction and drink wine.

1. Alm dyes his hair a lot. Celica does not approve. 

1. Sigurd sang to Dierdre to get her to marry him.
2. Arvis kept Sigurd’s ashes.
3. Leif and Seliph once tried lighting Ares on fire to get a better understanding about how their parents died


1. Hector is the pope and blessed Roy.
2. Eliwood does not remember who his wife is.  Therefore, Hector is Roy’s mother.
3. Merlinus has magic dodging skills.
4. Nils was forced by Nergal to dance while fighting the FE8 twins.

1. Innes wears earrings.
2. Knoll has a scar from a knife fight with Lyon.
3. The Dark stone is named Ephrika.
4. Lyon seems to be unaware his dad is a zombie.
5. Possessed! Lyon is the only derp with a mouth.
6. Innes and Tana’s mother is named Kevin.
7. Ephraim and Innes once got into a fight in the desert because Innes banged Eirika
8. Cormag is Russian


1. Ike fights for his bitches and hoes.
2. Ike has no idea who Priam is.

1. The file is Lunatic/Lunatic+
2. Pheros is married to Priam because she can do laundry.
3. Walhart loves Christmas, Validar does not.
4. Henry and Gerome dye their hair.
5. Stahl threw a brick at Morgan
6. Butt touching runs in Stahl’s family.
7. Grima and Naga wrote the Roster.
8. Everyone looks good in dresses.
9. Gaius speaks Spanish and is Allergic to bees.
10. Emmeryn can do a killer backflip.
11. Sumia is a Sociopath who makes inappropriate jokes.
12. There is a man wandering around who claims to be Prince Chrome of Ylisse.
13. Tiki has also been called a pope at some point.
14. Chrom has been set on fire multiple times.
15. Ricken and Henry are magical girls.
16. The rare M!MU that appears is actually Xane from Marth’s games, Tiki is not aware of this and they are married.
17. Lon’qu’s potato stash causes landslides.
18. Libra writes hardcore Naga/Grima fics and knows how to twerk.
19. Lucina and Cynthia have promoted the cannibalism of their father
20. Chrom and Gaius once worked part time as strippers in order to help pay off debts
21. Chrom has broken Falchion.
22. There is such a thing known as “Grima Soup” and you are required to give up your soul to steal it. Validar eats it on a regular basis as he has no soul.
23. Sugar’s Owain and Morgan visited for her Birthday, in which she explained that she sacrificed Morgan to Tharja

Smash Brothers
1. Both Robins are actually busy here which is why they are not part of the main DE comics.
2. Lucina trains with Morgan.
3. Marth pretends to not speak English.
4. Roy speaks a different dialect of Wingdings.  
5. Aversa replaced Chrom in Robin’s final smash.


Derp Emblem: Goodbye Summer Scramble

[waves white flag of defeat] I’m going to go think about how terrible my first day of school was and try to make a comic to release this week. I’ll be throwing my computer out the window if you need me.

In all seriousness though, I just started school again, which is going to get in the way of things even more. I STILL LOVE YOU GUYS AND WANT TO PRODUCE STUFF, JUST GIVE ME A BIT OF TIME.


Derp Emblem: End of the Hiatus as we know it!

And we’re finally back! I promised you guys that I wouldn’t go past 60 days, and according to the hiatus count on twitter… It’s day 60. I can’t guarantee that updates will be super regular due to school, but I’m still going to try and get a comic out every one and half/two weeks! We have a good backlog of requests to choose from, so hopefully we’ll have a good mix of comics featuring new and old characters!

Thank you so much for being patient with us! We’re glad to be back :D


Derp Emblem: Month of Halloween 2 - Electric Boogaloo

It’s October again, which means the costumes are back!! We had to start a bit late this month because I only swapped back from my back-up computer to a laptop last week, but we still plan to get a few comics out this month! Hope you look forward to them~

Also none of you should be surprised by my costume choice. None of you.

Recently we’ve gotten a lot of followers, and its really hard to reach out to all of you and get to know you all! So I thought it might be easier just to summarize the Mods up with a single sentence for each so you get an idea of who we are!

In order we are: Sugar (Sugar), Perli (Peoni), and Tree (Alice)! If you want to get to know a bit more about us you can check out this lovely new tag right here: You’ll definitely learn quite a bit from it.


Derp Emblem: Real Life Intermission

Hi guys, we’re really busy! I’ve been spending a good chunk of time each day working on audio (it’s a little more than halfway done, and already over 7 minutes), and Sugar has been resting up since some of her wisdom teeth were taken out! Perli has been… Being Perli, but last I saw her she was about to snap (though admittedly I almost did too). We’re trying our best guys, and will get out what we can when we can!

Also no need to worry, my ears are actually fine.