sugar paste flowers


William and Catherine’s eight tiered wedding cake.

Made by Fiona Cairns, it was a traditional fruit cake with elements from the Joseph Lambeth technique and decorated in cream, white icing and 900 delicate sugar-paste flowers that not only mimicked the architecture of Buckingham Palace but also each represented something meaningful.

At Catherine’s request over 17 different flowers were used for their symbolism. These included:

▸ White rose – symbol of england.

▸ Daffodil – symbol of wales.

▸ Shamrock – symbol of  ireland.

▸ Thsitle – symbol of scotland
Acorns, oak leaf - strength, endurance.

▸ Myrtle - love.

▸ Ivy - wedded love, marriage.

▸ Lily of valley - sweetness and humility.

▸ Sweet william – grant me one smile.

▸ Honeysuckle - the bond of love.

▸ Apple blossom - preference, good fortune.

▸ White heather - protection, wishes will come true.

▸ Jasmine (white) - amiability.

▸ Daisy - innocence, beauty, simplicity.

▸ Orange blossom - marriage, eternal love, fruitfulness.

▸ Lavender - ardent attachment, devotion, success, and luck.