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Sugar, Oh Honey Honey

This is the first part of my Viktuuri sugar daddy au! This part is just an introduction so there won’t be a ton of romance, but part two definitely will have some.

Yuuri Katsuki was struggling, but he was to ashamed to admit why he’d found himself looking at sugar baby website. He’d always been stubborn when it came to taking his friends advice since he thought he’d be able to manage on his own throughout college without doing some ridiculous job. However when his friend Phichit suggested he became a sugar baby, he wasn’t fully against it. That job always came with a reputation that wasn’t the best, and since Yuuri was going to be in the public eye, that is if he could skate well, he didn’t want people to find out. Yet he still found himself looking at the sign up page for a website called beneficial relations. The website seemed professional for what it was advertising, but Yuuri couldn’t overlook the suggestive adds that were plastered on the sides

Find Russian singles in your area

Yuuri let out a sigh as he dismissed the pop up add. Once the image of a pretty blonde woman, was off his webpage, he found his mouse gravitating towards the sign up tab. He spent five minutes going over the pros and cons of this entire idea. He was single, so maybe he’d find an actual relationship out of this, but he’d never been in a serious relationship so he doubt he be any good at it. One major pro was the cash he’d earn. He knew that lonely people would do anything for love. Even give away hundreds of dollars for fake love. Yuuri remembered Phichit telling him how much money he’d earned from his sugar daddies, which was currently his method for paying off student loans.

Both had been friends since hey entered the rink at the age of eight. After spending years together and forming and inseparable bond, they both respectively chose the same university that catered to both their dreams. Phichit wanted to get a degree in photography, and Yuuri was determined to go into professional figure skating. They found a program for both of them in one of Russia’s best colleges located in the center of St. Petersburg. They both were into competitive figure skating, so they’d made the best choice in moving to the country that had produced the best figure skater ever.

Speaking of Viktor Nikivorov. Yuuri had idolized the ground the man walked on, and was as dedicated as a fan could be.Yuuri had always found himself captivated by the way the Russian moved himself. He could show the grace of a swan one minute, and the next be full of sex appeal. The thought was kind of scary just how perfect he was. Yuuri had seen him years ago and decided for himself that skating would be his career. The time and devotion that Yuuri had to the ice was similar to the devotion he had for Viktor. That was his main reason for choosing the college located in the figure skaters hometown. Yuuri knew the odds of meeting Viktor were one hundred to one, but he allowed his mind to think he had a chance at meeting him.

Yuuri returned his focus to the website in front of him, making him groan at the thought of making a decision. He spent a good four minutes before an adrenaline kicked in, and forced Yuuri to enter his email and create a password. Reading all the legal terms and conditions of the website, he finally clicked the sign up button. Once they had confirmed that he wasn’t a robot, Yuuri was faced with, what he thought, the most difficult task ever. Creating a profile. He typed in his username going with yurionice and wrote a small bio about his life. He wanted to include some good facts, but not enough for a stalker to find him. He wrote about his university of choice, ice skating, and his favorite food, pork cutlet bowls.

After choosing the most appealing picture of himself, Yuuri made his profile public and closed his laptop a little to hard. He had a lot to think about. What if someone wanted to just use him? What if no one was interested in him? What if they saw him in person and were disgusted with him? Yuuri felt his breathing getting heavier, along with his eyes become blurry with tears. Rejection was something that Yuuri feared the most. There was a saying that all skaters have hearts of glass, which was completely true in most cases. And Yuuri was one of those cases.

“Yuuri are you ok?”

Yuuri heard the voice of his best friend, and felt immediately better. Phichit knew about Yuuri’s anxiety attacks and was always so helpful. Feeling his heart beat at a normal rate Yuuri finally returned Phichit’s gaze,” Yeah I’m fine. Just got a little freaked out by this whole thing.”

Phichit’s eyes were drawn to Yuuri’s laptop where it sat on his bed, still not fully understanding what Yuuri meant. It was like fitting the last pieces of a puzzle together, and Yuuri could imagine the gears turning in his friends head. Appearantly it was harder for Phichit to figure out than Yuuri thought, as he still had the puzzled look plastered on his face. Figuring that he should help is friend out, Yuuri gestured between the laptop and himself to see if that would help at all. Finally Phichit seemed to understand what Yuuri was trying to say, and gasped. “You didn’t.”

“I did,” Yuuri said as he let a small chuckle leave his lips. He knew Phichit would react this way, but it was still funny to see him get excited over the smallest of things. That was one of the many reasons that Yuuri loved Phichit. platonically of course. Their relationship was one that Yuuri held near and dear to him. “Since you suggested it and since I’m broke, I figured this was the best option.”

“Well I don’t want you to be forced into anything Yuuri.” Phichit said with slight concern.

“Don’t worry about it. I kind wouldn’t mind being fawned over.”

Phichit laughed at that,” Yeah that’s defiantly a perk, but since you’ re new why don’t we go get some coffee and I’ll fill you in on all the rules you need to follow?”

“Ok” Yuuri said with a small smile on his face.

Both boys made their way to a local coffee shop, making small talk along the way. This was one of their favorite places to meet up, due to the fact that it was only a couple blocks away from their shared apartment. Another thing that Yuuri loved about the coffee shop was how good the food was. Yuuri was skeptical of Russian foods when he first arrived there, but the coffee shop was perfect because it catered mostly American pastries.

“So are there any specific rules I need to follow, or did you just want me to take you out?” Yuuri aid as he and Phichit headed for a table at the back of the restaurant. Yuuri didn’t need anyone eavesdropping on their conversation. He hated the criticizing looks that some people had. Yuuri cursed his anxiety for that. He new deep down that nobody really cared, but the thought was still quite worrying for him. Being a sugar baby might help with his confidence in some ways, which is why Yuuri was excited to start.

“Don’t talk to anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable , and remember that you set the boundaries. They cant force you into anything without your consent.”

“Good to know, but you could’ve told me those two things back at our apartment.” Yuuri sighed.

“I know I could’ve, I just wanted to drag you out of your hermit shell. It seems like you only leave the house for classes or practice.”

“Well being a dance major, and studying under a prestigious coach for your figure skating career takes effort, the only reason I’m doing this whole sugar baby thing is because college is expensive.”

   It was true. Yuuri barely had time for himself, and when he didn’t have a scheduled day he would continue to practice or just stay at home. He wasn’t an complete introvert, but he wasn’t to crazy about socializing. He’d been forced to socialize since he was very young. That was how he met Phichit, which he didn’t regret. In fact Phichit was one of the only friends that Yuuri had managed to keep throughout his life. He still had his family, Minako, and Yuuko of course but Phichit was different. He’d been someone who didn’t baby him, or treat him like he was fragile. Also Phichit was younger so Yuuri could dote on him if he wanted to. 

“That’s true, this certain job is putting me through college.” Phichit laughed. “Why don’t we head back. I’ve got a essay that needs to be written and you have a sugar daddy to find.”

“Why do you want to go home all of a sudden.” Yuuri said as he turned a bright shade of red. Leave it to Phichit to embarrass him in public.

“Well I’ve had enough of wasting your money on coffee.” Phichit said as he gave Yuuri a sly look.”

“Gee thanks.” Yuuri sighed as he and Phichit both made their way back to their apartment.

Viktor sighed as he fell back onto the couch in his lonely apartment. He looked up at the grey ceiling completely bored with everything around him. It had been a few weeks since his big win at the Grand Prix Finals, and the luster of gold medals was starting to wear off. It was his sixth medal in a row, which was something to be proud of. However he was to lonely to even consider celebrating. The thought of leaving his apartment sent a shiver down the Russians spine. He might’ve been a common name to anyone that watched figure skating, but Viktor didn’t really have a ton of friends that he could spend time with. Or that were in the same country as him.

Suddenly he was struck with an idea. This certain idea was implanted in his brain when he heard his friend Chris talk about it at the banquet. He had no idea why sugar babies were brought up in the first place, but he couldn’t help but listen at what his friends had to say. He was really surprised that People under the age of fifty even had sugar babies, but it did make sense. Figure skaters didn’t really have time to commit to actual relationships, but since sugar babies were paid to do whatever they did, the relationship was beneficial for both parties.

Viktor could just check the website, and if he wasn’t interested he didn’t have to do a thing about it. With that in mind he checked the recently added profiles to see if anyone caught his attention. The profiles all seemed bland. Pretty faces, but Viktor could tell that they were fake. He knew from experience what fake smiles looked like. His career had taught him that lesson a little to well. Every single person who was interested in him always wanted something from him. Like he could give them something that they didn’t have. Viktor had been scrolling for a while, and was about to call it quits until he saw someone who caught his eye.

His name was Yuuri Katsuki and he was breath taking. The photo of him showed him in what appeared to be a Japanese castle, but Viktor was having a hard time focusing on the background. Viktor had obviously made his decision in whom he would pursue, and now had no choice but to sign up. Once all his info had been confirmed, he skimmed over his bio to check for any misspelled words. He decided against a profile pic, thinking of haw the media would react to the news that Viktor was a sugar daddy. He decided to play it safe.

 Once his profile was public, he retuned his attention to Yuuri Katsuki. He’d learnt that he was a skater, which was good. They’d have something to talk about. He also was attending college in St. Petersburg, which made things more convenient for him since it was walking distance from his apartment. Yuuri Appearantly liked Video games as well. Viktor didn’t really have time for that, but he’d make time or Yuuri. Viktor could’ve read an autobiography about Yuuri, but a better idea came to mind.

After retyping the message several times he finally felt like it was up to his standards. The message was simple, but it got across the point that Viktor was defiantly interested. Yet he still hadn’t sent it. He’d been staring at the computer screen for over a minute hoping that the message would just send for him. It wouldn’t . Viktor knew he’d have to be the one to hit send in the first place but the idea of it was making him extremely nervous. More nervous than he’d ever been for a competion, or for a press conference.

Finally bighting the bullet, Viktor hit sent then slammed his laptop shut. He’d wait for Yuuri to respond, the text him back when he did. Except it wasn’t that easy. Viktor even downloaded the app to check if Yuuri had responded, but nothing. Pacing around his apartment, Viktor decided that the best thing for him right now was to probably get some practice in. Even if he’d just won gold, he still needed to keep his skills sharp. Gathering up his skates and a proper coat, Viktor left his apartment to try and clear his. Yuuri Katsuki had done something, and Viktor hoped it was for good.

later that night Yuuri received a message,

 Hi Yuuri! I’m Viktor. I saw in your bio that you live in St. Petersburg, which is where I live. Would you maybe like to get coffee sometime?

Authors Note: I have been writing this for five days now, so I hope it turns out ok. I know this is real long, but who cares. If you have any feedback/suggestions feel free to message me or ask!

Another Day Of Sun Spell

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🌅  A spell inspired by the movie “La La Land” to get your motivation up and give you a sunny disposition.  🌅

What you need:

🌇 A sun in the sky

🌅 Orange juice for a sunny disposition

🌇 Rose Quartz and Citrine for happiness and optimism

🌅 Honey to make life sweet and worth it

🌇 Moon water made with drinking water for a contrast and an opening to make life great

🌅 Sugar for a sweet life

🌅  Mix all ingredients together in a glass, with sugar to taste, place in a cool place near rose quartz and citrine to charge with intent. Drink and enjoy!  🌅

☀ [ Inspired by many pop culture spells made by @orriculum ]  ☀