sugar or honey


Sugar. Honey.

I found my favorite video xD

Vine by TheRunnerSam.

Date a girl who is a real sweetheart. Date a girl whose heart is literally made of sugar crystals. Date a girl whose lips taste like maple sugar and honey. Date a girl whose pastel colored skin and powdery rainbow hair smells like cotton candy. Date a girl who responded to someone harassing you on the street by kissing them so hard they went into diabetic shock. 

Friendly Reminder to save the bees / Almost stepped on this little guy within my home yesterday, so I brought it outdoors where it belongs and tried re-energizing it with sugar water. We need these cuties to keep some balance on this beautiful earth.

  • the darkling: is v interested in mass murder and world domination
  • also the darkling: likes puddings and pies
\☆Merry Xmas プレゼントLINE壁紙☆/



『Dance with Devils』






『パラダイス o'ウィスパー』




『全力少年達のおうた&とりあ い』