sugar no no

how the boys handled the spice
  • brett: laughs it off, letting out random yelps, encouraging others to keep going
  • cib: fell apart instantly, threw plates, laid on the ground for a few minutes each time
  • jakob: took it like a champ, danced off the pain, threw up a couple times but did some push ups
  • james d.: handled everything fine until the last one, teared up but other than that was fine
  • james w.: silent screams, sat silently while dealing with the spice
  • aleks: angry yelling and screaming. threw cups and napkins at everyone else, threw his chair, called everyone a bitch

71# Soft Klance of the Day:  They land on a planet of rain, that Lance falls in love with immediately.
Lance is running out of the castle in the blink of an eye, getting drenched and splashing on the water. Smiling brightly he drags Keith out of the entrance out into the rain, who immediately gets drenched and starts shivering and complaining, though he is still staring at Lance with fondness.
“You are acting like a child.”
Lance grins as he replies. “It’s the childish heart you fell in love with.”
“Wait what was that? I DIDN’T HEAR YOU BECAUSE OF THE RAIN.” Lance shouts.
“I hate you.”
“Nope, that wasn’t it.”
Keith raises an eyebrow. “Thought you hadn’t heard me.”
When they kiss on the rain they realize they both taste like sugar, and that the rain water is sweet instead of salty.