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I don't have to be to beg my parents for a dime, I grew up spoiled and always will be:) sucks you cant relate. & my bf spoils the fuck out of me too. Best part he's only a few years older and not an old man that drains me/ ruins my mood like the men u sbs constantly rant about. It's not feminity that gets u shit, it's how desperate u are and how u have to actually work & fuck guys u don't like to have things given to u.. LOL thatd suck I'd hate that

If splitting a big mac and small fries with your man equates to being spoiled i guess… You go girl. Sex workers are so jealous of you sis

Stranger Things x Sugar Sugar

  • I had so much fun making the last one I decided to make it even better!!
  • this is also an EXTENDED CUT