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Physical Symptoms of DID

There are a huge variety of physical symptoms that may go along with the mental symptoms of DID and can be encountered by some or all of the alters. Because these symptoms can be inconsistent and /can sometimes/ lack a physical cause, some people will seek medical help for these before they seek psychiatric care. Please seek medical attention for these symptoms even if you believe they are somatic.

A partial list:
Inexplicable, and sometimes un medicatable headaches
Joint pains
IBS or upset stomach, nausea, acid reflux
Inconsistent allergies
Lack of normal response or abnormal response to medications/recreational drugs
Fluctuating or poor eyesight
Fluctuating or poor hearing
Sensitivity to light or sound
Lack of normal pain response
Fatigue during day
Restless sleep/frequent wakes
Irregular menstruation
Excessively painful or painless menstruation
Hyperventilation/fast pulse
Low or irregular blood sugar
Excessive sweating
Swelling or bloating
Vaginismus/erectile dysfunction/physiological difficulty having sex

DID may even have some influence over thyroid issues, major blood sugar/blood pressure issues, intolerance to foods, etc but we don’t have enough research into this.

Feel free to add your symptoms


It’s that time of the year again! Pumpkin season!  This means pumpkin everything from pie to latte’s to classic pumpkin soup.  Traditionally pumpkin soup is made with butter, cream & stock.  These unhealthy ingredients are not needed to make a delicious tasting soup.  Try this light and healthy alternative. 

Ingredients: (serves 2)
1 butternut pumpkin
herbal salt
ground pepper (+chilli fakes if you like it spicy)
dash of coconut milk (optional) 

1. Cut pumpkin in half, remove all seeds, peel and cube the pumpkin.
2. Add pumpkin cubes to a stove pot and fill with water until covered. 
3. Cook until soft, remove from heat and use either a soup stick or food processor to blend until smooth. 
4. Pour mixture back into the stove pot, add herbal salt, cracked pepper (and optional chilli) simmer for a few minutes.
5. Add a swirl of coconut milk & serve 

*gluten free - dairy free - sulphate free - vegan


The Morning it All Began

So, I made this post. Which inspired Korry to make this post. Which inspired me to make this fic… So blame her. Basically this is just a one shot and the fluffiest of fluff. Do not read if u have a sugar intolerance cause damn this is sweet.

Written by: Broegan
Fandom: Spider-Man, Peter/MJ
Rating: General Audiences
Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker, Aunt May

Summary: MJ has had enough of her father this morning, so she decides to go to her neighbours house.

Peter rounds the corner into the kitchen and locks eyes on MJ. His mouth is still partially open and the eggs loosen in his grip until they slide out of them completely, but he’s able to catch them quickly.

“Mary- Mary Jane. W-w- Hey. Hi. You’re, um… You’re in my house?”

“Aren’t you the observant one, Tiger.”

Read the rest here.

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