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The Signs as things Fakir did over the course of Princess Tutu
  • Aries: Locked his roommate in the basement to keep him from going to a dance
  • Taurus: Consulted a rock for writing advice
  • Gemini: Turned into a tree
  • Cancer: Sometimes rode a horse
  • Leo: Threw a naked girl's clothes at her and knocked her into a pool of water
  • Virgo: Adopted a puppet
  • Libra: Jumped through a window when there was a perfectly working door
  • Scorpio: Used his own blood to restore a sword while speaking German
  • Sagittarius: Got suspended for allegedly pushing his roommate out the window
  • Capricorn: Fell to the ground in mortification when he realized someone saw him crying
  • Aquarius: Stabbed himself in the hand
  • Pisces: Attempted to murder two different ballerinas