sugar baby relationships

If he says...

“I don’t want it to feel transactional” he means “I’m broke and hoping I can scam you into having sex for free ”

“I can spoil you in other ways” he means “I won’t even buy you dinner, but I still want to have sex”

“We need to test our compatibility first” he means “You’ll never get a dollar out of me, but I still want to have sex”

“Aren’t you basically a hooker?” he means “I think I’m too good for you, but I still want to have sex for free”

“No professionals” he means “I’m looking for a naive girl i can scam and have sex with for free”

“I’m not rich but…” he means “Im poor but I hope my average personality will be enough to have sex for free”

i think people tend to forget that a DD/LG relationship is about a lot more than dirty time. in my opinion the best part about it is the companionship that goes a long. too have true chemistry in bed it takes a certain level of trust everywhere else, Daddy’s should take care of their babies everywhere, whether it’s talking her though a long day to just sitting watching her favorite movie, he is his girls happiness; and little should serve their Daddy’s all the time, be their when he had a shitty night at work, let him just nap with his head in your lap. once you build a real relationship the sex is SO much better anyway.


I think the hottest thing a dude can do is get possessive. When he hears someone flirting with or hitting on you and he gets mad and shows you that you belong to him. He will get mad and threaten to beat the other dude up. Oh is it getting hot in here. I swear if a guy does that then I’d melt 😍