sugar and plums

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#frostiron fairy Does Tony ever ask about things like Sugar plum fairies and how does Loki react to sugar/sweets?

Sugar Plum Fairies are Tonys favorite. His mom and dad dragged him to the Nutcracker Ballet every single year from the time he was in third grade until he graduated, and the only thing that had gotten a precocious Tony through the entire debacle was the promise of the Sugar Plum Fairy. 

At seven years old, Tony fell in love. 

Not only was the music beautiful, but the dancer was heartstoppingly gorgeous, as was the Prince behind her and the way they moved together was completely awe inspiring. 

Tony fell in love. 

So perhaps it wasn’t such a surprise that he found himself so very attracted to the precocious fairy that was currently sitting on his kitchen counter watching him make cookies. He had always been drawn to dancing, and music and beauty and Loki was all of those things, the way he moved as he was gliding along to a song only he could hear, the way he was cold beauty and warm light all at the same time. 

It wasnt a surprise at all. 

“Tell me.” he said as casually as he could, but Loki perked up anyway, drawing a nearly bare leg up to rest his chin on his knee. 

“Yes, Anthony?” 

“Have you ever heard of a sugar plum fairy?” 

“A fairy of sweet things. Yes, I have.” 

Tony blinked in surprise. “I was sort of joking. But they are real?”

“I have heard of a few.” Loki was eyeing the cookie dough suspiciously. “But I do not see the appeal. Lovely things, always wearing fancy clothing and dancing about. There is an old tale of them, dropping into childrens dreams during Yule times, and giving them sweet dreams.” 

“Visions of sugar plums dancing in their head.” Tonys jaw dropped. “Ill be damned.”

“Do not use that phrase lightly in the presence of a fairy, or you very well might be damned.” Loki chided. “But you have heard the tale, then? Of the sugared plum fairies and their obsession with sweets.” 

“A version of it, I guess.” Tony laughed in disbelief. “Who knew I have been in love with a real fairy all this time?” 

What?” Lokis eyes flashed. “You have been in love with a fairy for years?” 

“I doubt she was a real fairy, even though after meeting you, I suppose she might have been.” Tony reached for more chocolate chips. “I used to go to a ballet every year, and there was a performance by the Sugar Plum Fairy and I just always loved it.” 

“So you have been drawn to the fairy folk your whole life.” Loki looked as if he approved. “Give me some of that.” 

“Ask nicely.” Tony said without looking up, and smiled when Loki wrinkled his nose. 

“Anthony, please. Some of those drops you are adding to the dough.” 

“Chocolate chips.” Tony answered and put a few in his palm, holding them out for Loki to take. 

Loki bent over and laved his tongue up Tonys palm to collect them, and Tony jumped because he wasnt ever going to get used to that. 

But then Loki moaned and grabbed Tonys hand, licking over his palm and inbetween his fingers with a filthy noise and Tony was trying his absolute hardest not to react. 

“Chocolate.” Loki sighed. “Oh my, I like this. I need more.” another long lick between Tonys fingers. “More.” 

Yeah.” Tony coughed. “Maybe you eat them off your own hand this time, though.” 


sooo I’ve got inspired by @shinyzango‘s Nutcracker awesome project
and by listening this beautiful music I came up with some ideas about the Sugar Plum Fairy, it’s a gigantic doll fairy and guardian of the Doll kingdom

obviously I tend to imagine things much creepy than what they’re supposed to be sooooo she’s always resting in her alcove/coffin (?) then wake up when the Nutcracker is in danger and rats enter the supposed palace or temple and killing them all, graceful and fierce