sugar and fluff

Tony being your sugar daddy + a “boobs guy” would include:

pairing: tony x reader

warnings: oh no hide your children this is about women willingly using their bodies and benefitting from it

a/n: hello i’m back after 4 months having graduated high school and being a bigger tony slut than ever before

also this is the longest “would include” i have ever written but i’ve been getting requests for this for months and it took me forever to get around to writing so enjoy

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Items that Viktor has impulsively purchased
  • First class plane tickets to Japan because bae skated his routine
  • An eight million dollar Cadillac 
  • A Rolex watch because Yuuri was late meeting him one time 
  • A gigantic whirlpool bath because he missed Hasetsu 
  • A golden studded collar for Makkachin 
  • The best rice cooker on the market 
  • A holiday getaway home that Yuuri doesn’t know about for half a year
  • The official Yuuri dakimakura
  • Glow in the dark condoms 
  • A tiara
  • A year worth of club penguin membership
Let Me Love You | Masterlist

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Summary: Working as a waitress in New York doesn’t really pay the bills. But you realize one of the regulars has grown fond of you and wants to help you monetarily. You realize he’s not from that side of town, more of the upper east side, and more importantly.. he wants to be your sugar daddy.  *= Smut

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10*

Part 11

Part 12

+ more tba

thewritersoldier masterlist 

Yours Truly

RoyaltyAU: OC x Prince!Yoongi 
Length: 1.7K (lol barely a drabble but I’ll take it) 
Genre: Fluff. Just. Fluff
Type: Disney Insp Drabbles ☞ REQUEST HERE
Recommended OST: (x
Request By: @workofteaguk : how about “I’m right out here for you, just let me in” + your love aka min yoongi :“) 

(a/n): warm up before I really get going with my other longer pieces! Ahh but this was so so fluffy I melted into a puddle 100x before I could coherently type all of it out TT please tell me what you think!! also this gif makes me cry many tears.. my prince TTTTTTT I LOVE YO(U)ONGI

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“Would you please just open the door?”

Yoongi’s rasp drifts through the cool wood that is pressed into your back, the sheer tulle of your ball gown useless in its beauty to protect you against the nip of cold lingering in the early autumn air.

“No!” Your stubborn response travels through the barrier without fail, your childish pout and no doubt tear stained cheeks registering in Yoongi’s mind along with the clipped one word answer, despite his inability to see you.

A sigh.

“Princess…” He begins his magic spell, casting those minuscule syllables to make your heart to splutter with indignation in your ribcage to squeeze essences of rose onto your cheeks.

“Don’t call me that,” you counter, “everyone calls me that.”

“Am I not ‘everyone’ to you?” He questions, smile tugging their way across his cheeks, eyelashes kissing the taunt skin when he looks down to see you fidgeting on the other side of the door. His words are colored with underlying meanings.

How daring, questioning when he knows the answer, your mind chastises the boy, even if he can’t hear those thoughts.

“N-No, you’re Yoongi.”

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youclickedthislink  asked:

Sometimes I think about baby Jack feeding Gabe a chip and it makes me so happy ❤❤❤

/Chuckles. That’s cause it ain’t strawberry flavoured. XD 
Jack’s addicted to them and is extremely sneaky about it. He would trade sweet little kisses for some strawberries. <3 

With Love And Money

 Sugar Daddy!Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff 

Warnings: Daddy kink, spanking, D/s themes, i think that’s it

Words: 8k 

Request:  ahhh yonni omg could you do a really nasty yoongi daddy kink smut with spanking please?

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Cracks || BTS Suga

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1340

Part 2 

You tried to understand that your boyfriend was busy being in an idol group and all. Tours, recordings, music broadcasts, and promotions were tiring. Therefore, you always tried to stay out of his way and cope with the loneliness. It was hard, but you didn’t want to be in his way. You saw your friends more than your own boyfriend. You envied them. Their boyfriends were always texting them or there for them. Yoongi, on the other hand, was always busy. Even when your grandmother passed away, he wasn’t there to comfort you. You never told him. It was hard for you, but you tried to always put on a strong front and smile in front of Yoongi. You didn’t want to be a burden to him.

You don’t know where it went wrong. He was so caring and affectionate toward you in the beginning. After 3 years of dating, however, he stopped texting you every morning, afternoon, and night. Soon, the texts disappeared and so did Yoongi. He stayed at the dorm all the time now. You haven’t seen him for months and he didn’t bother to text or call you.

“You need to be selfish for once noona.”

You were hanging out with Bangtan’s maknae line and Jimin was starting to worry about your relationship with his hyung. You brought lunch over for them knowing they would probably skip it, like always. They were too engrossed in practice to know that their bodies were starving.

“Yeah, Jimin is right. We’ve never seen Yoongi hyung act affectionate with you. You’re always texting us to check up on hyung. That’s not right.”

You thought Jimin and Taehyung were right, but you just couldn’t. You knew if this kept going, one of you will start to fall out of love. This relationship would become toxic.

“Why don’t you go and take the lunches to the hyungs. We’ll continue to practice after eating.”

“Okay Kookie. Remember to rest before going back to practice. You’ll get stomach cramps.”

They nodded and you left to find the other 4. You found them all in the recording studio talking and laughing. Hoseok was the first to jump up and hug you.

“(Y/N) noona!”

He hugged you and you laughed. You were always close to Hobi cause you and him were closest in age.

“Hey Hobi! Hey Namjoon, Seokjin oppa.”

They all hugged you, except for your own boyfriend. You were kind of disappointed, but you quickly got rid of the disappointment in your eyes and held out the lunches you had made for the boys.

“I know you guys would probably skip lunch like always, so I bought you guys something to eat. It may not be as good as Seokjin oppa’s, but it’s edible. The other 3 already tried it.”

“Ey, your food is delicious. But you know, if you need any help with anything, I’m here to help!”

“Thank you oppa.”

Everyone except Yoongi grabbed a lunch box from the bag. The other 3 quickly sensed the tension between the 2 of you and left the 2 of you to talk. You stood there awkwardly as Yoongi went back to work. After a few minutes of just standing, you grabbed a lunchbox and opened it. You set it down in front of Yoongi and turned his chair around.

“Please, take a break and eat.”

“I’m busy if you can’t sense that already.”

Your heart cracked. His harsh tone was enough to cause tears to form.

“I know, but you should at least eat a little. Just a bite?”

You were practically pleading at this point. He could be as cold as he wanted to you, but you wanted him to at least take care of himself. You pushed the lunchbox closer to him only to have it knocked out of your hands and onto his lyric notebook. Your eyes widened and you quickly grabbed his notebook from under the food. You knew how important it was to him. It was his life.


“I’m sor-”


“I said I was sorry. If you just complied.”

“Are you blaming me now? Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

Another crack in your heart.

That was your last straw. It hit some nerve that you never knew even existed. And neither did he.

“LEAVE YOU ALONE? I’VE LEFT YOU ALONE FOR MONTHS NOW! NOT A SINGLE TEXT OR CALL FOR 4 MONTHS AND YOU STILL WANT ME TO LEAVE YOU ALONE? Sometimes I wonder if we’re even in a relationship. You could at least send a text. I’m just asking for one simple, ‘hey’. Is that too much to ask for?”

He was taken aback from your sudden outburst. You were always a quiet person and you always kept calm even in the most frustrating situations.

“I was busy. What’s up with you? You never shout.”

Another crack.

“Maybe if you bothered to care, you would understand why all this is happening.”

“I don’t have time. I wish you would just understand me sometimes. I’m an idol. I can’t be there to comfort you through everything. If you waited a little more, I would’ve been home. Stop being so selfish.”

You were speechless. Everyone around you were right. You have been too nice to Yoongi. He has taken your love for him for granted. The tears you have been holding fell and now all your anger has become sadness.

“Maybe I don’t want to wait anymore. Maybe…maybe, I can’t wait anymore.”

With that, you left. You left him standing there still taken aback from not only your words, but also your tears. You left him to think about where this relationship went wrong. It took him a while to finally figure out that you didn’t just throw a tantrum and leave to cool off. You left him and your relationship with him.

“Hyung, how could you say that to noona?”

“Guys, I’m not in the mood.”

“How could you still say that?! You haven’t talken to her in 4 months. She has to check on her stupid boyfriend through us. She texted us to make sure you were eating, sleeping, and taking care of yourself. She’s texted all of us because she didn’t want to bother you. She’s been understanding. She has been waiting for you and here you are. Working.”

Namjoon scoffed. Jimin shoved 6 phones onto the desk Yoongi was working at. There were endless conversations with you. You telling them to make sure he was alright and healthy. There was even a group chat he wasn’t a part of. And then there was his phone. Empty. Not a single text since 4 months ago. As he finished reading, a sound from everyone’s phone.

(Y/N) : You won’t be hearing from me for a while. Good luck on your comeback. Please don’t tell Yoongi. I’m just a burden.

Hoseok quickly snatched his phone and texted back. After getting another text, he turned to Yoongi and held his phone out for him to see the conversation he just had with you.

Hobi: Where are you going? Please tell me you aren’t leaving.

(Y/N): Remember that offer I got at work to work on a fashion show in Paris. I decided to accept. I’m going to be gone for at least a year or maybe I’ll just stay there.

Yoongi froze. You were leaving. You were leaving him and never coming back. He looked up quickly when he heard another text come in.

(Y/N): Guys, I’m leaving in 2 weeks to Paris. Please don’t tell Yoongi. Tell him I met some other guy or you guys make up some excuse.

You still thought of him even though he didn’t even glance at you for 4 months. Yoongi started to cry. He just ruined a great relationship. He just ruined what could’ve been his wife and the mother to his children. He made the woman he loved the most leave.

kaysno  asked:

ot6 where Jeremy goes back to art college know that he has the funds but everybody thinks that the hot men picking Jeremy up from school are actually his sugar daddies?

now for something a little more lighthearted.

Word Count: 1700+

“Seriously,” Jeremy insisted. “You don’t have to do this.” He was clutching his art bag close to his chest, dreading the moment when Geoff would pull up alongside the curb and let Jeremy out.

It was one thing to be twenty-five and going back to fulfill his dream of earning his fine arts degree, but it was an entirely other thing for your more or less partners to drop you off personally like they were taking their kid to school.

“Nonsense,” said Geoff, waving off his concern. “Besides, we want to share this experience with you! Now you go out there and show these people what an artist you are.” He parked the car. They were right in front of the main building.

Jeremy slipped out of the car, slamming it quickly but not before Geoff said, “Have a good day!”

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|| Chanyeol!SugarDaddy || Part 1 ||

Hello! This was a request from one of our lovely followers. Don’t be afraid to leave requests. This will help learn more about what you guys want. Don’t be afraid to talk to us just to become friends. We want to be close to our followers! Thank you.

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Summary: You stumble across a sugar daddy website. Since you are struggling with paying for things for college and books, you follow your friends’ advice and start to look for a sugar daddy. 

You sit on your rolling chair in fluffy white shorts and a long sweater that reached your knees. You were tapping your pencil on you forehead calculating the money you owed. You groan in frustration and pick up your phone to call your best friend, Tiffany. She recently got out of her piles of debts, faster than she should have. You wanted to get in on whatever she was doing.

 Your fingers skillfully dial Tiffany’s number. You wait until it rings four times before she finally picks up.

“Hello? Y/N? Is there an emergency.” she said, her voice laced with worry.

“No no! Umm.. I wanted to ask a question.” You say softly.

“I swear to god Y/N if you came to me to ask about the history homework, I don’t know!” She starts to scream in the phone.

“Tiffany! It’s not that! Umm… since your debt situation was cleared so fast, I want to learn how you did it.” I ask shouting back at her.

The line suddenly goes quiet.

“Hello?” I said with a softer voice this time.

“I don’t know if I want you in this business Y/N.” She said softly.

You eyes brighten with realization.

“Tiffany? Are you in the prostitution business?” You whisper into the phone as if someone was listening.

She yells through the phone and said, “NO OH MY GOD NO! I have a sugar daddy!”

“OH! Um, how did you get one?” You say as you lean back in your rolling chair.

“I used a website an-” She suddenly paused.

“You can only do this if you are truly desperate Y/N. You hear me?”

You nod and then managed to choke out a “Yes, I’m desperate!”

Tiffany hangs up and sends you the link to the website. You roll yourself back to your desk of billing and tax papers and open your computer. You type in the website onto the computer and wait for it to load. You swirl your chair around a couple of times and finally, it loads.

 You begin scrolling through the suitors.

A man that has a wife and wants to have sex on the low? That’s a definite no!

A school professor, age 30 and looking for someone under 19. Very kinky, into extreme BDSM. Not only is that a no, that’s disgusting. You feel a cold chill creep up your spine.

A CEO of a Hostess Suite just wants to spend time with someone. Likes to paint and not looking for a sexual relationship unless you want it. You tilt your head at his bio and start looking through pictures.

Woah! He’s handsome.

He looks like a decent guy and enjoys to paint too? You quickly private message him and got up to take a quick shower. You doubt this would work, after all, he could be a whole other person.

as you finish taking your steamy shower, you dry your wet locks and check the computer for the message. Surprisingly, he messaged you back.

‘Hello! I’m Chanyeol and I’m interested in meeting up with you. Come to this place and say that I sent you. See you later princess.”

You core fired up after hearing the nickname you’ve always been wanting to be called. You gulp nervously and reply to Chanyeol’s message with a,

‘I’m glad you are interested in me! I’ll stop by at 6:30 pm! See you later.’ You hit send and began to throw on some nice clothes and style your hair to impress Chanyeol.

 You walk out of your apartment, receiving a couple of compliments as you walk downstairs. You call a taxi and text Chanyeol you were on your way. Still hesitant, you decide to text Tiffany where you were arriving just in case something goes wrong.

You arrive at the hotel and you’re met with a warm breeze. You take your phone out of your purse and head towards the front desk. The man looked at you with a smile and said, “Hey miss, how may I help you?” I cough nervously and hand him my phone. “H-here, I came to meet Chanyeol.”

He tilts his head at the messages appearing in front of him. Then a sudden realization washes over him. “A-Ahh, You’re looking for Mr.Park.” He comes in front of you and offers his hand politely. “I will take you to him, he’s probably in his art studio upstairs.” 

He leads me to the elevator and pushes the button for me but he doesn’t get in the lift. I stare at him, confused. “When the elevator stops on the 15th floor, get off and turn a right and the 9th door will be your destination.” He gives me a smile and a wave. 

My palms start to sweat, all of these questions start to hurl at me. What if he gets disappointed when he meets me in person, what if he’s not at all like the profile picture? I should have thought this through and maybe did a background check on him. 

Before I could facepalm myself, I arrived at the floor. I follow the gentleman’s directions and I’m face-to-face with the 9th door on the right. I take a big gulp and gathered my courage to finally knock softly on the door. After knocking, I could hear some shuffling behind the door. 

When the door opened, I was faced with a gorgeous man with gray hair, a boyish grin, big ears and a paint-smeared face. He chuckles nervously when he opened the door with his artist smock still on. He takes it off hastily and invites me in. 

He scratches his neck and blushes slightly. His mouth kept opening and closing like a fish trying to ask you a question. He finally managed to get words out and said, “Do you want a drink?” 

You shyly shake your head, yes and he fumbles to get a cup from the kitchen. You smile at his clumsiness and then turn your attention to his artwork. You gape in awe at the fine details he put into this painting. 

You suddenly feel a tap on your shoulder, bringing you out of your daze. He hands you a glass of orange juice and beckons you to sit on the couch beside the painting. You start to sit and he focuses his attention on the art.

Confused at the meaning sugar daddy, you were wondering why he wasn’t making a move on you. “Hey, this sugar daddy thing…What exactly will I be doing?” You ask softly.

“Hmm, I don’t know. I wasn’t really looking for sex, but if you want sex I can give it to you. But I was thinking of having someone I can talk to and spend time with.” He answers honestly. You look at him surprised at the explanation and begin to relax in your seat.

You end up having a wonderful conversation with Chanyeol until it the sky grew dark. You look at the time and stand up from the couch. “Hey, Chanyeol I have to go now. When do you want me to come back?” 

He stands up and walks to his computer. “I’m going to transfer the money to your account. How does 1,500 sound?” You gasp at the amount, hoping he was joking. He chuckles at the disbelief on your face and pressed enter.

You check your phone to find $1,500 transferred to your account. He gives you a genuine smile and gives you a hug. “I really enjoyed spending time with you. Come back whenever you want, If I really need you then I will just contact you.” I nod at the suggestion and happily hug him back.

He sees me off until I get off the elevator on the 1st floor. I smile to myself as I walk out of the hotel.

What a good man.


PAIRING: min yoongi x reader [ with appearances of the other members & EXO ]

GENRE: cheater! yoongi, mistress! reader, lil suga® daddy! yoongi, ANGST

WARNINGS: cheating, language, lil crimes


A/N: was this requested — nope, but i came up with the idea while watching a k-drama and absolutely could not get it out of my head. hope you enjoy! let me know if you want another part!

SUMMARY: His breath tickled against the delicate skin lining your neck, whispering foul words that you understood were spoken to more than just you.



Your excuse was that you were unknowing; unaware of the situation and the intensity, stating that you were misinformed rather than told the truth. You were young, but that did not pass being that it occurred only months prior to when you again locked eyes with his silky appearance. You were at fault, accused of an action you disapproved of, but instead of denying and stating it was false, you remained silent. He faced worse backlash than you, being that his wife accused him of much more than adultery, and his business was crashing into ruins. His parents disowned him, and his many partners abandoned their friendship and business agreements. His life was collapsing, surrounding his feet with missing puzzle pieces that were incomplete due to all belonging to a different picture. Too bad you were there to create a masterpiece rather than a disaster.


“Happy birthday dear Y/N… Happy birthday to you~!”

You grinned brightly as the candles sitting on top of your cake counted to be exactly twenty one, appearing as if one wrong move could set the entire club afire. You clapped you hands along with your many friends and people closely watching, blowing out the candles without hesitating. Your wish was simple, that the year to follow was to be full of good ridden and overall happy moments spent with your closest loved ones. Your friends and watchers all began to cheer, congratulating you on the special occasion. You smiled widely as you began cutting the cake with ease, ensuring that all of your friends were the first to receive a piece and that the other visitors of the club were second. You did not mind sharing, being that you believed one day others would repay you in some way; either that be their gestures or kind words.

“Happy birthday, babe!” Chaeyoung grinned as she placed a friendly kiss atop of your revealed cheek. You giggled in response, observing as she took one of the empty seats beside you without encountering any issues. Chaeyoung had been your friend since high school, when you were paired to work on dissecting a rat in your science class. The memories with Chae never cease to exist, being that you frequently hang out and form new ones, forgetting others that did not make the cut. Chaeyoung motioned towards the bartender, and soon two shots were placed in front of the both of you. “Drink up, my beloved friend! You’re only supposed to remember the happy moments of tonight, so we might as well forget what might happen after this! After all, there are many cuties looking over here, and that outfit is helping attract various eyes! To morning regrets!”

You laughed, “I am not planning on spending my night with a stranger, Chae. No matter how appealing that sounds; my ears are done hearing the meaningless words that I have heard many times!” Chae frowned in response as you both picked up a shot glass, smiling at one another before clinking the glasses together. Once the alcohol had slid down your throat, you both whined and then laughed at your similarities. Chaeyoung quickly devoured her serving of cake and whispered to you to keep your eye out for anyone, stating that your birthday would not be complete without someone pleasuring you with more than just materialistic items. Your follow up response would be to playfully hit her arm while acting surprised at her words, which in reality you weren’t. “Go find someone to spend your night with, Chae; I’ll keep an eye out for you!”

As she disappeared into the crowd, you faced the person who had taken a seat on your other side, noticing that their appearance clearly gave away the fact that they were completely wasted. At least four servings of cake sat atop of their plate, and they did not even glance at you between shoving large portions into their mouth. You chuckled and shook your head, finishing your slice of cake and allowing the bartender to throw your plate away. You promised yourself to tip the bartender well rather than not, deciding that his night was going to be rough and he deserved extra money to help him through the week to come. As you placed your phone on your counter, your eyes glanced around the space and accidentally landed on someone you hadn’t seen in months, and did not desire to either. You felt your cheeks redden as your mind ushered you to the floor rather than to him.

There you encountered your close guy friend Kai, who you had kissed once at a party and never recovered. He cheered at your arrival, taking ahold of your hands and pulling you closer to his own body. Being a trained dancer, he was easily able to make your dancing seem effortless and as good as his own. You laughed as your bodies moved along with the beat of the music, moving as if you had practiced the choreography for the moment. Kai pulled you close to his chest, his forehead resting against yours while the smell of alcohol entered your senses. You understood it was the drinking that had affected him, but after your eyes landed on the individual who had easily ruined the majority of your life, you were willing to flirt with Kai, probably not spend the night with him though however, due to the alcohol.

“How’s your birthday so far?” Kai smiled, appearing as if he had nothing on his mind besides you. You enjoyed that factor that was always present whenever you were around him; Kai treated you as if you were the only person present in the space with him. You shrugged, a grin appearing on your lips because of the closeness of you and Kai. He had confessed to you after the kiss that occurred, but you denied his advances fearing that they would interfere on your friendship. Kai had responded that he was there if you were ever curious or interested, and you considered his offer multiple times but always decided against it. You always thought of him like your older brother, never someone to spend your nights with romantically. You felt as if you would have to rethink your previous thoughts as he looked you in the eye. “What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing,” you breathed. Kai wore a smirk as the words left your lips, your hands moving to his neck to keep him in close proximity to you. He closed his eyes for a split second, only to open them once again and meet yours. Kai was easily one of the most physically attractive people you had ever met, let alone become friends with, and you wondered why he had waited for you rather than find someone to match appearances with. You felt your heart beating, signaling your feelings before your mouth could speak them. Your eyes glanced down at Kai’s lips before you had time to think, and he watched you closely without speaking a word to ruin the moment. You whispered only loud enough for Kai to hear, “I might be reconsidering your offer that you made a while ago; I hope it is still available.”

“Of course bir—”

“Sorry to interrupt, may I speak to you?”

You felt your stomach spin at the voice, facing the owner to see the only being you had the desire to avoid. He stood dressed in a white button up and black slacks, formal attire for visiting a club on a Friday night. Kai’s hands that once rested on your waist migrated to intertwining your hands. Kai knew the entire story and ordeal that occurred with Yoongi, and you understood he hated him with passion. Kai was one of the few individuals who stayed with you multiple nights to help you recover; he had cooked and watched reruns of K-Dramas by your side rather than ignoring your calls and cries for help. You gulped as your eyes met Yoongi’s dark and lustful ones, eyes you had avoided since the event went down many months ago.

“Depends on the subject,” you replied, squeezing Kai’s hand that did not loosen no matter how he felt. Yoongi nodded, his eyes darting between you and Kai, and you immediately knew he felt jealously towards him. Kai must have noticed as well, taking the opportunity to slip his arms around your waist and press himself onto your back, placing his head upon your shoulder. You begged Kai would not begin to place kisses along your skin, knowing as a fact that you would melt if he decided to answer for you and ignore whatever statements Yoongi felt the need to express.

“An apology,” Yoongi breathed, and you noticed his fits clenching by his sides as Kai locked eyes with him. Yoongi understood that you were no longer his, let alone ever was, and that Kai had the authority if you gave him permission. You bit your tongue, your hands resting on top of Kai’s knowing it caused Yoongi’s anger to grow.

“Fine; Kai, I will be right back. Don’t fill my space with anyone else,” you sighed, facing Kai who nodded. You felt the strong desire to place a kiss upon his lips before your departure, holding yourself back. Instead, you allowed your fingertips to glide across the waistband of his jeans, clearly causing a problem that Kai anticipated for you to fix. Facing Yoongi, his expression allowed you to know what he was feeling, which was complete jealousy, resentment, and anger in regards to Kai who disliked handing you over to the being who ruined you for a month. Yoongi turned his back to you, expecting you to follow behind him, which you did. You crossed your arms over your chest as you obediently followed, feeling as if enjoyed he being in charge even if the situation did not involve him.

“You know I can’t watch you do that to him; where did all of this sudden confidence come from?” Yoongi chuckled as you both found a quiet corner where not too many people resided. You were a completely different person when you first came into contact with Yoongi, an older man who treated you like a princess rather than a broke student. You rolled your eyes, having expected such words to leave his foul mouth that once cursed at you out of anger because of his mistakes that you were unaware of. “I apologize for not being honest with you, Y/N, but you can’t just stand out there with your arms confidently wrapped around… that guy. You know that I can be better without hesitating, and the idea of you with someone else sickens me. Allow me to have a second chance; we can leave, he will be fine out there.”

“He did not lie to me and hide a wife behind his back, Yoongi. Although he might not be perfect; he is the exact opposite of you, and after what I experienced that is what I want. You ruined your life, and I am not going to allow you to bring me into your mess. I am done with dealing with whatever you are, and no bribing or sweet talk will change my mind. Now if you excuse me, I have someone waiting for me, unlike you,” you sneered, watching the disgusted expression on Yoongi’s face change into something completely different. He almost appeared impressed that you talked back, which was unlike the being you used to know. You turned on your heel and began walking back into the sea of people, but instead of quickly locating Kai… he was no where to be found.

You cursed under your breath as your eyes met Yoongi a few feet away from you, his hands attached to a girl’s hips that swayed against him. You did not hesitate to walk over to the bar while collecting the tip you had ensured for the bartender, placing it upon the counter and sending a quick wave in his direction. He mouthed a thank you, and before you could blink you were walking out of the club, attempting to find Kai amongst the few people along the street but failing. You felt like you had once again ruined everything, pulling your phone out of your pocket to see a message from another guy friend, Sehun, who stated that he noticed you and Kai getting close while dancing and decided to break you two up. Sehun was taking Kai home and he suggested that you went home as well, confirming your thought of lacking a future involving Kai.

You ran your hand through your hair as you felt like screaming, not desiring to walk four blocks to your apartment. You lived in a different complex than you previously did when you were close with Yoongi; your current one being much more nice and luxurious rather than a necessity. You had acquired a career that paid well and you adored,

compared to the job Yoongi begged for you to quit, stating he could provide everything you needed. You groaned as the alcohol pursing through your veins brought back the thought of Kai, who held you close like you had thought he would do, focused on you like he often had, and was genuinely interested in you compared to the other boys who often destroyed your life rather than becoming something of good worth.  You felt your shoulders beginning to shake due to lacking a jacket, a groan escaping your tinted lips.

“I think you owe me an apology.”

“Shut the fuck up—”

“I prefer the third word.”

“Yoongi, I am going to seriously murder you.”

“My eyes already finished the job when you were out there, angel.  The most you could do would be hauling my body off,” Yoongi replied, showing no expression on his face which resulted in you to actually feel pity towards him.  Your eyes met Yoongi, a scowl forming on your face instead of a happy expression that he once brought you.  Yoongi placed his hands in his pockets, purposefully bumping into you as he continued his speech about you and Kai.  “He did not put his hands in the right spot; he placed his hands too low down. That kid — what’s his name? He obviously had no clue how to handle a woman like you; just saying.”

“His name is Kai,” you muttered.  Yoongi nodded, awaiting you to explain to him your feelings towards Kai like you often did.  You did not carry on instantly, glancing down at your feet as you felt chills along your spine. You allowed a sigh of defeat to leave your lips that would have been attached to Kai’s if it weren’t for Yoongi. You understood that you most likely would have regretted hooking up with one of your closest friends, but in the moment it felt so right. You ran your hand through your hair that you desperately had the desire to wash, feeling as if the smell of the musky club had worn off onto it. “Kai is one of the few people who kept me company after what you did. He took care of me better than anyone else, and he did not mind to at all. He was considerate when everyone else wasn’t.”

“Stop acting like I am the only one at fault,” Yoongi mumbled, and you faced him with fury in your eyes. Yoongi smirked at you, knowing that the next words to leave your mouth would be hurtful and in regards to him. You squinted your eyes and held back all of the words you wished to say, assuming Yoongi would change them into a compliment to help with his self esteem. Yoongi chuckled, nudging you as he continued his rant. “My angel doesn’t want to speak up; why? Is she too afraid that whatever comeback I reply with will hurt her ego?”

“Listen here you piece of fucking shit! You are the one at fault because I asked if you were single and you lied to me! You could have avoided this situation all together if you weren’t an unfaithful scumbag who only cares about himself!” You snapped.

“Feisty,” Yoongi smirked. You held back the urge to slap him across the face, knowing that he would easily win whatever battle you wanted to fight. You placed your hands in the pockets of your jeans, being cold but not completely miserable. Thanks to Yoongi, you were not freezing because you had been yelling at him since his arrival. You walked in silence for a few moments, not requiring words to know what Yoongi wanted to say. He wanted to invite you to his apartment, promising that your birthday gift would be better than last year’s when he made you scream into the early hours of the morning. He always had a way with words and that’s why you crawled back to Yoongi multiple times before enlisting Chae to help you leave him permanently. You did not know that his presence would soon return, proving to be more temporary.

“Ask any questions you want; it is your birthday after all, and my words can be part of your present. You don’t seem to want the other one I had prepared,” Yoongi chuckled, and you felt like vomiting. His ego remained the same, too high for anyone to ever bring him down despite having many words to speak against him. Yoongi was not a kind man, especially when it came to his business. Many of his partners that stayed after the fiasco, state that he has changed to being more harsh, wanting to ruin other people’s businesses rather than help them. You often wondered if you were a factor in his sudden change of personality, or if it was his wife, who you heard was filing for a divorce even though she had also cheated; more than Yoongi in fact… That was one of your reasons to stay; she destroyed him.

“Is your wife filing for a divorce? I heard from a close friend that she is, and that is why your public image is in ruins. She is stating that you’re the only one who ever did something wrong?” You hesitated before asking, wondering if Yoongi was actually going to answer the question. He had always disliked speaking of his close family and friends, fearing that you, his ex-mistress, would find a way to them and state all of his actions. Yoongi allowed a sigh to escape his lips as he answered.

“Yeah, she said that I am a monster who abused her, which you should know is completely untrue because you know me. I would never lay a hand on another woman if she did not want me to… although I appear as if I would, that’s one of the reasons why my mother left my father. I don’t want to be like my father. Another question?”

You nodded, quickly thinking up another question that had been on your mind.  You did not want to drag on the conversation of Yoongi’s past, yours not being too far from his own.  “Why didn’t you tell me you were married? At the time I was so vulnerable I do not think I would had left, and you could have probably sensed that…”

“She has done so many horrid things to me that cheating felt like the one thing I had control of. She was not the woman I initially married, and she was never the woman I desired. When I saw you sitting at the bar by yourself, something in my head clicked and I knew that the woman I wanted was you. It was an easy switch that she played off as being the victim, although she has cheated on me with multiple men.” Yoongi responded without hesitating.

“Why me?” You breathed.

Yoongi stopped in his tracks, staring straight ahead at the street that you both would soon be walking down.  He breathed steadily as he avoided your gaze, his hands in his pockets as he thought over what you had said.  Yoongi had never expected you to question why you were so special to him, so once the words left your lips he could not help but to be in complete denial.  Yoongi gulped, and you knew without checking that his heart was racing.  You stared at him as he stood a few feet away from you, waiting for him to respond and answer the single question that you could not figure out.  You were a broke college student from a poor family; you had friends who loved you and good grades.  You were not as innocent as many other girls you knew personally.  What made you so enticing?

“I don’t know; I guess that’s it. Other girls have special talents about them that allure men, but when it comes to you I feel as if there’s so much more than what the eye can see. You carry secrets and keep a lot to yourself; you are honest in every situation you can be, and you do not judge someone based on their upbringing or overall life… You’re just a mix of everything and you keep that hidden. You are brave, and you change frequently which keeps others, including me, interested,” Yoongi whispered only loud enough for your ears to pick up. You continued to feel confused and not completely understanding, but you did not want the topic of you to remain the subject. “You don’t care about those who do not affect you. It’s almost like you’re focused on your friends and family, but never yourself.”


“You no longer live in a dump,” Yoongi chuckled as you both slid off your shoes at the entryway of your apartment. You nodded shyly, setting your stuff down and apologizing for the cluttered organization techniques you used. Yoongi shrugged, not noticing. He understood you had moved just a month prior to his visit, and you were someone who often did not find the time to unpack, so he did not care that you still had boxes piled in corners rather than tossed out by now. Yoongi enjoyed seeing that you were finally at the spot you had always desired, a high ranking and still in college. He smiled at the pictures lining your walls of your friends and family. You had always been sentimental; once Yoongi’s photograph rested upon your walls, he assumed you had taken it down. “Nice job.”

“Thanks,” you smiled faintly. Yoongi took a seat on your couch after you mentioned that he could get comfortable in your apartment. Despite having yelled at him multiple times throughout the course of the night, you understood how he did not want to go home to see his soon to be ex wife, and he had no where else to go. You treated him like you used to, mentioning how if he needed a place to stay because of her, he could give you a call. You felt the need to care for him like he did you, plus you slightly hoped your futures would involve one another, never having had a connection similar to what you had with Yoongi. He was your secret lover that treated you like you weren’t a secret, that you were his prized partner that he would die for.

You made a promise that night to Yoongi; a promise that would include how both of you would keep whatever you were a secret. A promise that included no strings attached, and no matter how tempting, neither of you were allowed to try and turn anything into something serious. You made Yoongi swear that he would remain yours, demanding that he would not tell his wife or attempt to hook up with her while being with you. Yoongi complied with no worries, listening to each word as it flowed from your lips. Yoongi would be desperate for your touch as you sat on his lap, your legs on either side of him, continuing to state rules that you both had to agree to if you each desired to share something. Once you both promised, the night would be history sitting atop of your finger. Yoongi focused on you, and not being manipulative to make his spouse jealous.