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Mr. Mrs. And Baby Dixon a Daryl Dixon x Reader One-Shot

Request: 2. It’s mine and Daryl’s one year anniversity of being together and I surprise him after he comes home from a hunting trip by telling him that I’m pregnant and he surprises me by asking me to marry him. Light and fluffy please? 

Contents: Mentions of pregnancy and marriage { (F/G) stands for ‘favorite gemstone }


Sitting patiently in your chair in the small shared house reading a book, you awaited your lovers arrival. To everyone’s surprise you happen to be reading quite the odd book this time. “Parenthood, Do’s And Don’t’s” you mumbled aloud as you reread the title for the hundredth time. God, you really hoped in this book there wouldn’t be ‘don’t have a baby with a sexy redneck in the middle of the worlds ending.’

Daryl left a few days ago for his hunting trip, something he did quite often too. Usually you would be seen with him, but he had said you must stay at the house since you were feeling ‘under the weather’, yeah, little did you both know that night a pregnancy test would be coming back positive,

That wasn’t the only thing that had come though, huh…

You weren’t upset, just surprised. Neither of you had ever mentioned having children. But little did you know he was hoping for one just as much as you were.

It was later that evening when the front door creaked open, your beloved standing there sweaty and tired. Though his exhaustion didn’t stop his eyes from lighting up like fireworks seeing you. Yours doing the same for him.

You tossed the book aside and flung yourself into his arms, leading to him catching you as he lifted you into the air and spun you around. You squeaked in joy as he chuckled in amusement.

He took you outside onto the porch, the sun setting over the horizon giving the place a purely beautiful glow. As you stared off into the appearing stars, you didn’t notice Daryl looking at his very own star,



You had to tell him. You knew ever since the day he left. He needed to know, you needed to know all was going to be okay. You took a deep breath, your hand instinctively going to your stomach to help you with the news you were about to give, as you opened your mouth to speak, his words were already flowing from his lips.

“(Y/N), There’s uh, somethin’ I been meanin’ to ask you..” His hand took yours, unknowing that it was connected to the home of his growing child. “R-Really? Funny.. There’s something I need to tell you.” You giggled out, not knowing your nervousness was leaking through your words. He chuckled softly, 'what a coincidence,’ he thought. And sure enough you were thinking the same.

Minutes had passed since he told you to “Go ahead,” and he sat patiently awaiting your words. Knowing that look on your face meant you were thinking deeply and seriously. He knew to wait, and that’s another thing you loved about him.

You decided actions speak better than words, so you slowly slipped the pregnancy test out of your jackets pocket. Earlier you had even put a bow on it out of excitement. You gently tugged his hand that was holding yours, bringing it closer for you to slowly open up his palm and without second thought placing it in the middle of his hand.

Both his and your head shot up to connect your gazes together. There was a ring in his hand, and now, a pregnancy test. What was that for? Was this having something to do with what he has to ask you..?

“I…I’m pregnant.” you managed to whisper out a soft confirmation for him. Answering his jumbled thoughts.

His other hand gently took the test, staring it over as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and hearing. His eyes wondering back to yours, then looking at your stomach where he gently placed his hand with the test. He got on his one knee in front of you to hold the position, “Happy anniversary, Babe.” You smiled as tears began to form in your eyes. His shocked expression soon turned to a joyful one hearing this. This was his definition of a perfect anniversary, that is…If you’ll say yes.

“Ya know, Darlin’,” He started his sentence as brought his hand back, moving something shiny in his hand around the test as spoke. It was the ring, oh god, it was the ring! “If this is for real… Then we gotta raise Baby Dixon here right. We’re gonna need to be good examples…” Oh here it comes. Your either about to get a speech or…Something else. “And I think, we should be tied together by not just our little Dixon, but also by this band right here.” He brought his hand up to yours with the objects. The pregnancy test now having a stunning sliver band with a (F/G), you gasped. Your tears becoming too much for your eyes as they began to fall. A deep breath and puppy eyes from him he finally brought the real question to the table “(Y/N) Will you complete me by becomin’ my wife?” You quickly nodded yes, sniffling out a vocal confirmation as well. Without a second guess his a big ol’ smile shown, he slipped the beautiful ring onto your finger. He didn’t hesitate one bit as he wrapped his strong firm arms around you in a loving embrace, and as you did him.

And you stayed that way, though moving to the bedroom not too long after. Happily speaking and showing your love for each other every second you got. And not forgetting to celebrate Baby Dixon for sure. “By the way, that sure was one hell of a surprise.” He grinned at you as you both calm down from the rushes you gave each other. You giggled, “Yeah, you too. Mr. Dixon.” You returned his grin causing him to chuckle. He rolled over to be closer to you on the bed, wrapping his arms around you once more. “Mrs. Dixon.” He  continued to grin into your hair, causing you to giggle again. “And Baby Dixon.” You then smiled happily, as did he.

That night, the family grew a little bigger. And the world was about to be blessed with another Dixon to protect it. Or reek havoc upon it. We shall see.


{Mr. Mrs. And Baby Dixon was written by ~Me~ Requested by ~ @sugar-and-cyanide-love ~}

Ayeeeeeee I don’t think I’ve ever written this fast guys XD like two posts within a day?! I’M SO HAPPY! And I hope you guys are with this too. Also, what do you think of me putting the request at the top as a summery? I posted it too for a confirmation lol. Anyways enjoy! 💫

i’ve never caught a butterfly. i watch them, i follow them between the tall mustard flowers for as long as my legs can carry. but these grasslands are tall as sky scrapers, and i don’t want to fall beneath them. there are rattlesnakes at my ankles. i’m losing your dog eyed white wings between the leaves. i’m so sore of chasing, I am so sleepy from all this fresh spring pollen buzzing in my brain, blanketing heavy on my lungs. bee stings reddening my cheeks, I can’t tell if this is a dream anymore. i’ve run so far from home.

i like a girl, alright, i know i do but i cannot tell her. i’ll vomit if i tell her. i was raised in the knowledge that love is a disease of the heart, so how can it make my stomach feel so sick. i was raised in the knowledge that when girls love girls it is a sickness of its own, but when i touch her she never catches my virus.

so i let this feeling echo around in the big hollow cavern where my brain snores with drool dripping from its chops, a leather spiked collar around its neck. i’ve got its leash so tight in my hands that it leaves rope burns on my palms, leaves a fleshy brown scar over my heart line.

when he holds her he holds her tight. when she holds me i go limp. i melt dripping creamsicle on the pavement. in a daydream she licks me off the summer ground like an animal and i hope i’d taste of strawberry cream.

so what one day they will live in a house and he will speak in fluid Spanish, saltwater dripping off his tongue, call her corazon and hold her tight? cause guess what my father and her mother celebrated on opposite sides of town when they found out Castro was dead, and one day i will live in the cuban slums and i will speak Spanish and call her mariposa and I will make an ocean out of that salt water from his mouth, and i will name it after his girl.

in the strange dreams she can’t tell him about i come to her, and drape her in white silk the taste and texture of salty mist off that ocean, salty whitewash dripping down from between her ocean slick thighs. she tells me “make it easy”. i say “hold onto me. like you’re a child and i’m a tree, hold onto me, hold onto me.”

i’m falling asleep, pollen hits harder when you are in love, and so maybe i’m just making things up but I thought I heard her say once if she was gay she’d be with me. those words were wildflowers and her mouth was spilling spring and that “if” melted with the winter snow cause the midsummer sun was in my ears. she mixed a molotov cocktail with her tongue and spat it into my mouth. not a kiss, not a love letter in blood ink between our glacier teeth pooling under my tongue. not a kiss. just a truth. just piece of her.

if she wants to drink cocktails of love and death, she could die in my mouth, i could take her breath away, infect her with my pathogen. she just goes back to him, sipping his saccharine poison, drowning herself in his warm honey. but you know I love you, like I said, all of you. and if you don’t love me I have to find a way to love that part too. you don’t like mustard, and I love you for it. you don’t like Pulp Fiction, and I love you for it. you don’t love me and I can find a way, I can find a way, things can never be the same, but I can find a way to love you for it.

japanese girl, speaking german, drinking pink nail polish, and sangria love letters, mapping the people she meets, so she can find them in the stars. i know how i want to love, how i want to die. she tells me we all know; who we want to love, who we want to die for. they always coincide. it’s sugar and it’s cyanide.

—  shit I will never tell my mother until the salt is growing like Quartz from my eyes, part 3

not to be controversial but isnt the whole “aphobia is just repackaged biphobia/transphobia” argument basically like saying “uh replacing sugar with cyanide makes this recipe really deadly huh?” 

like… an argument can be valid when applied to one group but be false and bad when applied to another. we’ve been through this before with people using similar arguments to claim that heterophobia and reverse racism and such are real

There is no triumph,
No tragedy,
No sugar or cyanide
In the hollows in his eyes.
He’s only as good as I make him.
—  hollow boy // abby, day 160

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Inktober day 4 Harpaphe haydeniana a.k.a The Night train millipede

Black india ink, process yellow ink, process cyan ink and sepia ink on watercolor paper.

This is one of my favorite arthropods. They are common here in the Pacific Northwest and you are likely to see one if you’re hiking next to bodies of water. They’re most renowned for their ability to convert cyanohydrins (from the pine needles that they eat) into sugars and hydrogen cyanide gas as a defense mechanism.