In a period of a few hundred short years, we’ve gone from almost no one being able to afford sugar to having a diet best described as “Skittles.” It’s important to note that sugar, in and of itself, doesn’t hurt your teeth. But the bacteria in our mouths has an even bigger sweet tooth than we do, and when we eat too much of the blessed white stuff (and we always eat too much of it), those little buggers dig into an all-you-can-eat sugar buffet, which gives them a crippling case of the acid-splatter-shits (all over your mouth). And that stuff is straight-up terrible for your teeth’s enamel.

All of this would have sounded like witchcraft to our great-great-great-grandparents, to whom the concept of tooth decay was almost as foreign as that of television or not giving toddlers whiskey and tobacco for their birthdays. Researchers have theorized that we’ve simply altered our lifestyle far too fast for evolution to keep up with – our bodies evolved to maintain the perfect balance of oral bacteria, but the Industrial Revolution hyped those little bastards up on a sugar rush from which they’ve yet to come down.

5 Sneaky Ways The Modern World Is Destroying Your Body

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I was really off mark with that guess III0_0

Eheh she’s a dog lover and a baker and loves to coddle everyone.

Meanwhile the husband’s from a family who owns a really successful chain of candies and sweets shops, and are also high-end dog breeders (They boast to a very long pure line of breeds and even registered some breeds themselves)

Reason they got married was because they originally partnered up to open a dog treats bakery (like those cute cookies that look like our cookies) and after working together for some time they grew closer and eventually married.

They met because she was looking for a dog and she wanted a purebreed and she contacted Laffy since he was a breeder.

They’re technically upper-class, but it’s not like Canterlot upperclass. They’re more in the factory side of things so think Baltimare.

Honestly they’re perfectly nice parents. The problem is that they are too nice. They can’t stand punishing their baby boys and want to always protect them. Candy being a born psychopath just never learned or cared how consequences worked. In fact if there’s anything Candy Smiles hates more than anything in the whole of his being, it would be his parents. He absolutely despises them and half the time is doing all this shit behind their backs because he wants to really stick it to them some day. And that’s why he really wasn’t all too bothered about being caught, because he got his big bang that completely crushed his whole family.

Sugar was just pampered and Candy was always jealous of him but also wanted to manipulate him. He was 16 when Sugar was born, so he was already pretty nasty by then. Sugar has 0 self confidence, he’s a crybaby, he tries to be as nice as possible because his brother Candy gets a lot more notice than he does, and he wants to do everything he can for Candy because he looks up to him.


Here’s my second Yuzuru video. I always take a lot of time to get inspired to make videos but I will try to do more of this short type. Hope you all enjoy it :D

I feel like the only way I can survive Sugar’s death is by promising myself that I can take off to Sweden or wherever for as long as I want as soon as she dies. Well, up to the 90 day limit anyway. I should probably start saving up some money for that so I can actually make it happen. I don’t have any reason to believe that her death is imminent, she still seems okay. But I know it’s coming, possibly within months, maybe a year or two. The waiting and knowing it’s coming is horrible, and I guess I haven’t really had to deal with it before. My last cat developed a health problem that required a $5000 surgery and I didn’t have the money or any way to get or borrow it in time, so I had to have him euthanized pretty suddenly. My childhood cat who died when I was 17, he got sick really suddenly and we took him to the vet and they said he had some type of cancer I think, and that he probably only had six months left to live. But just two or three days later I woke up and he was dying. We rushed him to the vet but there was nothing to be done except euthanize him. 

I can’t stop obsessing about it and watching her all day. I thought she was dying the other day, but it turns out she was just sleeping with her eyes open like a creep and twitching more than usual. I’m glad that sex work has made it possible for me to spend the last couple years at home for the vast majority of the time so I can hang out with her all day long, and I know she’s happy about it too. 

Revenge may literally be sweet if scientists find a secret weapon against deadly superbugs. A team at The University of Queensland and Alchemia (a Queensland Biotechnology company) have “discovered a potential new class of antibiotics inspired by sugar molecules produced by bacteria.”

It’s possible that by creating an antibiotic based on a modified version of the bacteria’s own sugar, the bacteria are less likely to become resistant to it.

“"Bacteria have cell walls similar to the walls of a brick house, except instead of mortar the walls are held together by sugar polymers,“ Professor Cooper [Director of the IMB Centre for Superbug Solutions] said. “But if you add one of our modified sugar molecules, they stop the linking process, destroying the cell wall and killing the bacteria. The cell wall has been a target for antibiotics such as penicillin and vancomycin before, but the difference here is that we are stopping a centrally important part of the cell wall linking process.”

Read more about this potential breakthrough at here.