I have been balls deep in the sugar bowl for a week. I REPEAT one week. Bitches, I had to plug my laptop in to type this shit up. How do I get myself in these situations. 

After RF and I ended things, I took a lot of space. I disconnected myself from everyone. I restarted my SA account but I was not actively looking. During that time, I met a POT. He was handsome and brilliant - very eloquent. We shared a deep connection - there was an energy. He has the ability to be whale status.

This week, I took the chance to reach out to him. We just finished our three hour phone call. WAIT FOR IT. For any woman he is with, he said it is his responsibility to take care of her soul. If she has a business idea or dreams of seeing the world, it is his responsibility to ensure it materializes. Y’all bitches wet from all the money talk? Because I WAS… Until he said I would need to sign a contract. I said nigga what? He said a contract. He refuses to partake in sinful intimacy. I said son, I am the mother of sin.

So, my scheming ass said I would be lying if I said I understand, but I respect the way you see the world. In this contract, I would draft my expectations. It would be signed in the presence of a third party. His budget is substantial - my favorite word. Anyway, moral of the story is that I have never had a proposal like this before and I am not sure how I feel about it. 

Can You Sugar? Let's Be Honest.

*I, fancy myself as an emotional support pillow for the people around me. I don’t mind as long as there’s reciprocation. I mean, I want to become a clinical psychologist, after all!

*Therefore, if it’s within reason, I’ll try to assist in beginner decisions about sugaring. Here’s what I’ve garnered.

1. If you are desperate for money. Sugaring is not for you. You can be close to the edge, but mf’s recognize desperation and use it to their advantage.

2. How in tune with your emotions are you? Because often times, they will be on the back burner. You’ll want to say something, you can’t. You’ll start to feel something, turn that off. Can you separate yourself from emotions?

3. Do you have a plan? Do you have a goal? Are you efficient at managing your time? Because, the money may start rolling in and if you aren’t saving/paying off debt. You’ll be in the same position you started!!!

4. Don’t believe the hype. Most SD’s are 45-70. You okay with a man who looks old enough to be your dad/grandad, eye-fucking you in public?

5. Confident, extroverts win at everything. Life ain’t fair. If these characteristics ain’t you???? FAKE IT. I read in social psych, if you pretend long enough, it’ll actually manifest. Therefore, I’m a rich, BLACK wife with her own side business. (;

*“She does NOT, have a gentle heart” - Game of Thrones on the Dragon Queen.

yours truly,
cherry 🍒