after a whole night’s worth of work, I finished these. These are just little chibi full body drawings of the TradeOFF characters showing what their outfits are. I didn’t include Dedan and the cats, because the cats don’t wear clothes, and I’ve already shown Dedan’s full body. I drew these in case you guys were curious.

Since these are chibi, details are a little limited.

Here’s a better description of each character’s outfit:

Vader Eloha, The Batter

*Baseball uniform (obviously) with her hair tied back into a ponytail

The King

*White, un-tucked dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and partially unbuttoned at the collar.

*Light grey trousers

*Black dress shoes

*Occasionally- a crown

Sucre (Sugar)

*Either a snake or cat mask

*White T-shirt that’s a little large on her, with a black spade on the front

*Baggy grey pants

*Black and white striped socks 

*Optional- Black and white striped arm socks in case you prefer that over actual skin stripes (as seen here)


*White Open short sleeved jacket with two red straps

*White rope-like belt

*Black booty-shorts


*Black leather jacket (zipped up)

*White shirt 

*An eye-patch



*Black tie


now some of the outfit colors may be up to you guys, these are just the ones I picked/thought looked nicer. These characters are drawn the way I usually draw them, so if you draw a character differently from me, that’s perfectly fine! ^^ (the outfits for this AU remain though)

if you guys have any questions about this AU, don’t be afraid to ask ^^

art and TradeOFF AU are © mine

Characters and OFF are © MortisGhost