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Hanahaki or one sided love? Any ship w/o yoongi x maknae line please Also I love this blog thank you for running it so well

Thank you for loving this blog, I’ll continue to run it extra well in the future <3
Warning for lots of angst under the hanahaki one :)


- yoongixmaknaeline

Unrequited by resonae [Yoonjin, T, 3k]

Black Dahlia by AmandaPleese [Taekook, M, 66k]

Tell Me About Forever by xxashpuppixx [M, 60k]

when you’re losing faith but finding hope (it lights your face) by colourpencillskity [Taekook, M, 16k]

you’re a fantasy (but I’m your destiny) by areumdaums [Taekook, M, 8.4k]

Choking on Fantasies by brokentransition [Jikook, T, 24k]

hold me tight as I destroy myself by BuggieBugz [Namgi, T, 25k]


- yoongixmaknaeline

Blowing chances by thatbangtanhoe [Yoonseok, E, 6.5k]

darling, let me stay by voseok [Minjoon, T, 9.3k]

Of One Sided Crushes by Bookworming [Jinkook, M, 80k]

All the Years of Us by TrappingLightningBugs [Taekook, E, 142k]

Someone Like You by taethereal [Vhope, M, 9.7k]

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It Takes A Group To Raise A Child

  • Pairing: Min Yoongi x Kim Namjoon
  • Genre: Fluff with sliiiight angst
  • Word Count: 2k

A/N: Here it is, sorry for not updating in so long, I was unmotivated and life is beating my ass, fml. ANYway, I hope you like it, keep requesting >~< ALSO.. I have to change their ages so that I can work better, so:

  • Jungkook was around 7 when Naji was born 
  • Jimin and Tae were 9
  • Yoongi and Namjoon were like 17 and took her when they were 20
  • Hoseok was also 17
  • Jin was like, 18

part 1/ part 2

The sound of the rain hitting on the windows of the big room was extremely calming under the soft music that filled the place. The sun was setting, causing the room to be filled with orange and yellow colors, making the atmosphere feel cozy and relaxing. They often visited Jimin at his dance practices, Naji loved to watch him dance almost as much as she loved dancing with him

Growing up with the boys shaped her every single day. Thanks to Jin, she loved cooking and spent most times of their visits in his restaurant’s kitchen to learn whatever she could. Hoseok made her fall in love with gardening and always helped him with his flower shop. Jungkook made her look forward to go to school because he always showed her that school can be fun too, even if the other kids are meanies. Taehyung made her appreciate good clothing and she always wanted to visit him at his studio in his dorm to watch him create a new piece of clothing from scratch. Namjoon made her love philosophy and his students absolutely loved her. Yoongi always managed to impress her with his skills at writing lyrics and creating songs. And Jimin.. Well, Jimin made her dance. He made her fall in love with it, as he did with everyone. He was mesmerizing when he danced, and she wanted to be just like that

She was looking at him with a soft smile on her lips, a smile Yoongi knew all too well. Something was on her mind. Was it about the dancing? Jimin started teaching her two years ago and she loved it. But now she seemed immersed in her thoughts, not paying attention to the young dancer in front of her. It was the first time he saw her not being completely focused on him as if there was nothing else in the whole world

Taehyung was sitting on the floor drawing something in his sketchbook, his dark brown hair falling over his eyes as he kept looking at the big piece of paper. He usually went to visit his friend too, since his university was pretty close to Jimin’s, and seeing him dancing was a great source of inspiration. Especially on those days when he felt down and unmotivated, Jimin always helped, even with just a smile or a silly joke or humming a song. As he kept scribbling, Naji’s voice filled the room

“Where is mom?”

Her voice shouldn’t be heard so clearly under all the little noises, but it did. It reached all four of them as if she made the question directly into their ears, at full volume. Jimin stopped dancing. Tae’s pencil froze but he didn’t take his eyes off of his sketchbook. Yoongi’s breath stuck in his throat and he looked at Namjoon who slowly put his book down. There was music playing, and rain hitting the windows, and cars passing by, but the room felt awfully quiet, and the silence was crushing them one by one

“What did she say-“

“Tae” Jimin stopped him “Don’t”

Naji seemed confused as she looked at Taehyung asking him with her eyes what was wrong. And after so many years, he felt the same as back then. He felt his throat getting sore, the air getting thin, his eyes burning threatening to be filled with tears again. And suddenly the room wasn’t warm and cozy anymore, it wasn’t comfortable and happy, it was cold and grey and unbearable. He stood up and got out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Naji gasped softly at the sudden, loud sound and looked over at Jimin who sighed and gave an apologetic look to his friends. He whispered a soft I’m sorry before leaving the room too, probably trying to find his friend, Namjoon thought.

Wasn’t this too early? Was she ready to know? How were they going to tell her? She was ten; she wasn’t supposed to ask something like that yet. Or was she? He couldn’t be sure. The little girl looked at her dads with eyes filled with sadness and worry

“I’m sorry” she whispered “I didn’t know they don’t like her”

Namjoon invited her in his arms and she climbed on the couch and hugged him. Yoongi took a sip of his coffee wishing it was something stronger. He had no idea what her reaction would be, but he prepared himself for a bad one


Jimin ran in the hallway until he reached Taehyung who was just hiding into an empty room. He got in and locked the door behind them. The room was old and the smell of mold filled their noses, making Jimin cough a bit. Taehyung was sitting on the cold floor, his back against the wall. He locked eyes with Jimin and they let the silence sink in for a bit. Jimin had to bite the inside of his cheeks to keep a neutral expression and not let his best friend’s pained stare break him again. Jimin hated seeing any of them in pain; he hated it more than he hated pain itself. He sighed and tried to approach Taehyung, but he didn’t let him

“Tae” he said softly “Honey. You have to move on”

He looked at him and his tears escaped his eyes “Move on?” he asked “Move on?! Are you kidding me?”

“Tae!” Jimin almost yelled “You’re not doing any good to any of us! We’re all still in pain, we’ll always be, but this is not helping. You have to move on. Not for me, not for Yoongi or Namjoon. You have to do it for yourself. And for Naji. She doesn’t deserve this”

Taehyung was shaking as he rubbed his eyes to get rid of the tears and took a deep breath

“What are they gonna say, huh?” he asked in his deep voice that sent shivers down Jimin’s spine “If they tell her the truth, she’s going to hate me. If they lie to her, she’s going to hate them. Do you really think they are going to make their daughter hate them?”

Jimin pinched the bridge of his nose “She’s not going to hate anyone Tae, it’s Naji we’re talking about. You know her, she loves you to pieces, she would never-“

“I’d hate me” he interrupted “If she finds out I am the reason her mom isn’t here, she is going to hate me. Every child would”

Jimin looked at him seemingly calm, but Taehyung knew his soulmate. He was angry. Very much so. He could see it in his bright brown eyes, under his beautiful orange hair

“You’re talking as if she doesn’t have parents” Taehyung sighed and looked down, “You think they’re not good enough for her? You think that she is not okay with them and that she’s-“

“I just think that every kid should be with their mother” he interrupted him again

Jimin pursed his lips “But this world isn’t perfect, you asshole” Tae’s words might seem not so deep to someone else, but Jimin knew. He had learned how to decipher every word of his and how to see behind everything he said as if everything had a double meaning

“Oh I know” he replied annoyed “Believe me, I know that very well”

“Of course you know it, that’s why I thought you’d understand” he stepped closer to him raising his voice in the process “If you’ve learned anything at all that day, fucking act like it god damn it. I know it was shit, I know you’re in pain” his voice dropped and became softer again “I know you still cry before you fall asleep, I know it’s still eating you alive” he walked to him and patted his hair “But let it go. Please. You can’t do anything to change what happened, but you can change what your life will be like. She made sure for you to be here today, will you let that go to waste?”

Taehyung looked at him for some seconds that seemed never-ending, before hugging him tightly

“I’m sorry,” he said and his voice cracked under his tears “Thank you”

Jimin smiled “And I’m sorry for calling you an asshole, I didn’t mean it”

“I really know that she’s fine with them, and I know they’re great parents, the best that she could have. But-“

“I know hun” he patted his back “I know”


“Your mom was a superhero”

Her eyes lit up and she gasped excited “A superhero?!” she exclaimed, “Like in the books?”

“Yes,” Namjoon confirmed “Exactly like that. She saved many people”

“Really? From what?”

“She fought against fire,” Yoongi said with a fond smile “She wasn’t afraid of it. If anyone was in danger, she was there to make sure they were safe. She was the strongest superhero. And she was our best friend”

“Friend? Like I am friends with the kids at school?”

“Friend like you’re friends with Kookie, honey”

“That good?”

“That good” Namjoon took a deep breath “She was older than us, she helped us through some very difficult times and almost raised the little ones. Your dad met her when they were still kids. We grew up together. She left for a few years but she came back to us, our lives were better when we were together”

“What happened? Why did you take me?”

Namjoon could feel Yoongi stiffen next to him, holding his cup of coffee a bit too tightly. He held his hand softly

“Dad?” she asked when she saw him being so serious

“You are with us because she knew that being a superhero was dangerous, so she made sure that if anything happened to her, you’d have a family that would love you no matter what, forever”

She didn’t seem satisfied “How did she die?”

How could a ten-year-old comprehend something like that? Yoongi thought. How could she ask something like that while understanding what she was about to hear?

“There was a fire at a school” Namjoon started “She went there to save the kids, as always. But the building was old, so it started crumbling sooner than expected. She was almost done when a boy panicked and froze. He couldn’t move, nor hear her instructions. She had to take him out of that building from the window, hurting his legs badly enough, but saving his life. She didn’t have the time to do the same”

She seemed fascinated “My mom was so cool” was the only thing she said for a bit

“Yeah, she was” Yoongi mumbled with a sad smile

“Who’s that boy?”


Jimin and Taehyung got out of the room at the same time Yoongi, Namjoon, and Naji did. All of them stayed still at the sight of each other. Taehyung’s eyes and nose were swollen and red from crying. He looked at them in fear and he could feel his heart drop to his stomach as he saw Naji staring at him with her beautiful eyes. She ran towards him and he kneeled when she opened her arms to give him a hug. She landed on him with some tears streaming down her cheeks, as Taehyung could feel his own eyes getting watery again. He held her close to him and when she took a step back she tried to get rid of her tears

“Do your legs hurt?” she asked in a shaky voice

He laughed from relief and took her hair out of her face “No. No, they don’t hurt anymore”

“That’s good” she sniffed a bit more before continuing “Tae” she tried to talk again “I promise I’m not mad” that made him drop his eyes and placing his forehead on her tiny shoulder as she ran her hands through his hair “And she is not mad either. She did it because she loved you so much and I’m sure she’d do it again. It’s okay, I promise”

Taehyung could never describe the feeling he got that day. Almost like a brick leaving his chest. Because she was the only one who could forgive him. She was the only one who could help him move on. And she did.

  • Hoseok: So I just figured out the word 'hurt' has the same past, present and future.
  • Hoseok: You were hurt. You are hurt. You will be hurt.
  • Namjoon: It's because ... hurt is an adjective.
  • Yoongi: You were stupid. You are stupid. You will be stupid.