suga anons

Hey y’all, real quick, I’m sorry but I’m not going to answer anymore anonymous asks concerning the sugamamma topic for the time being. If you want to talk about it, send one of us a non-anon ask or a chat. That’d be great with me. I just don’t want to put any more of this stuff on everyone’s dash and I really don’t want anyone to experience more negativity. 

And here’s the last thing i hope to say about this whole ordeal. In all honesty i do not care if everyone keeps making team parent jokes (i make team parent jokes okay). We can even keep making team mom jokes. I’m only asking everyone to consider not singling Suga out so much in the jokes just because he is “prettier” and has a softer voice because that is super heteronomative. Look. Generic mom jokes aren’t the issue. It’s when they go farther and literally make Suga into a housewife figure when he is in fact a high school boy who just wants to play volleyball with his friends and mentor his teammates. 

If any of the female characters in HQ were being reduced to stereotypical submissive, suburban moms everyone would be yelling about sexism. This is no different. Consider what makes a mom “motherly.” If you’re looking at “motherly” qualities then Tanaka is sure a good candidate. Daichi is sure a good candidate. But they’re not as feminine in appearance or voice and so they’re easily labeled dads or big brothers. Do you see how it’s icky that Suga has to be the only mom and JUST a mom just bc it’s easier to feminize him? 

Please carry on with the mom and dad jokes: let’s just try to step back and look at some of the ways we do it. All we wanted was to create discussion about these characters and how it’s easy to get into these habits, and that’s okay. it happens. no one is kicking anyone out of the fandom. I love all of y’all, that’s why we’re talking about this. I’m sorry to have to make yet another post. Pls feel free to keep talking about this all you need to. Thank you