Imagine yoongi staring at jungkook while jungkook looks towards something else, heart eyes and mouth slightly open because jungkook is the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. Then jungkook turns to him, smiling wide, eyes crinkling, and yoongi just melts because he’s in love and jungkook giggles and goes to hug him and yoongi gets all shy from the sudden attention and buries his face on jungkook’s chest

“Flight 142, now boarding at Gate B,” The monotone voice sounded beneath the rumble of passenger’s chatter. Yoongi sat anxiously, hands clutching a small bouquet of roses in his hands (“Roses? Really, Joon?” “What?! Jin-hyung says they’re the perfect gift for a lover!”). His foot bounced beyond his control, and a small flick of terror surged through him every other second.

What if he didn’t like him? What if Jeongguk took one look at his short, ugly self and bought a one-way ticket right back to Korea. Yoongi never thought that he would be good enough for such a perfect human being, and he just hoped his boyfriend wouldn’t decide that he wasn’t.

~ distance makes the heart grow fonder (said by someone stronger than me) by adritae