sugababes 1.0

Sugababes – Overload

strange fear i ain’t felt for years the boy’s coming and im;m close to tears i can’t let go ooooof you nowww imagination’s playing round for free in my worldi ’ dtake him out for tea oh my god he caaaant say no skipping school gotta walk for iair i just had to geto ut of therei ’;m on overload i'n my yyyy heaaaaad TRAIN COMESI  DON’T KNOW ITS DESTINATION ITS WA WAONE WAY TICKET TO A MADMAN’S SITUATION TRAIN COMESI D ON’T KNOW ITS DESTINATION IT’S A ONE WAY TICKET TO A MADNMAN’S SITUATIONM like feeling fdream time does come true and in my sleep ithink of you feather bed byyyy myyyyself basically probabaility says that fate’s gon isde with me it’;s been sooo long oooooon myyyy shelf TRAIN COMES, I DON’T KNOW ITS DESTINATION. IT’S A WONE WAY TICKET T OA M AND'MAN’S SITUATION. TRAIN COMES, I DON’T KNOW ITS DESTINATION. ITS A ONEW=WAYH TICKET TO  A MADNMAN’S SSITUATION. (GUITARY BIT) the tension is sincredible boy i;m in chagee YOU KNOW I HOW I FEEL FOR YOU will you stop or wil lyou just keep going PEOPEL SAY NOOO ONONONOiohohohooooo TRAIN COMES, I DON’T KNOW ITS DESTINATION (YEAH YEAH YEAH) IUT’S  A ONE-WAY TICKET TO A MADNAMN’S SITUATION (SITUATIOOOOON) TRAIN COMES I DON’T KNOW ITS DESTINATIONM (I KNOW I KNOWWW) IT’S A AO NE-WAY TICKET TO AM ADMAN’S SITUATIION )( 9STIAUTIOOON_ OHABABYYABIYEAHHA TRAIN COMESI ODN’T KNOW ITS DESITNATION(I’LL SLEEP WITH ANY MAN) ITS ‘SA ONEWAY TICKET OT AM ANMDN’;S ASITUAITON( SITUATIIOOON) TRAIN COMES I DON’T KNOW ITSD DERSTINATION (I KNOW IU KNOW) IT’S A ONEWAY TICKET OT AM SMDNAA’;SSOTUATION (GOT BE SFEEELING SAAAD)