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Latibule -- Yoongi

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A lost word, latibule is defined as a hiding place, a space where you find solace. This hiding spot serves to give you warmth and comfort. No soul can find you here, unless you reveal your hidden treasure.

➭ Pairing: yoongi x reader
➭ Extras: fluff, established relationship, mentions of drinking/drunk reader, cheesy pet names.
➭ Word Count: 1.7k

You don’t know where your friends are.

Actually, scratch that.  You’re not even sure where you are.

You stare up into a dark grey sky, blinking slowly, only flicking your eyes back down to the ground once you start teetering.  You purse your lips and look around you, noting the cars ambling by on your left and the weathered brick of Paradise Lost on your right.

Someone shouts your name and you turn around to see one of your boyfriend’s best friends, Hoseok, come running out of the club’s ruby red double doors.  You smile when you see him approaching and hold your arms out for a hug.

“Hoseokkie!  Com’ere you cute thing!”

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Something Called Love

Genre: Fluff and Angst if you squint

Pair: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Summary: Yoongi’s frustrated and you try to help

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Futile Effort

Suga x Reader

Genre: Angst

Description: You’re in a relationship with Yoongi but he doesn’t seem to have time to see you. You’re left with a decision stay or leave.

Words: 1379

Unlocking your phone, you check the time again 12:34 am. Yoongi had texted you at ten that he and the rest of BTS were just finishing up in the studio and heading to dinner and that he would be home soon after. You decided to wait up for him seeing as how recently you didn’t see him as much as you used to and every time you texted or called asking to eat lunch or hang out together he would apologize and say next time when he wasn’t so busy.

That had been going on for two and a half weeks and you figured it made sense since his group’s comeback was coming up soon. But you still couldn’t help feeling lonely and bored when he wasn’t around. You checked your phone again barely anytime had passed and it was still absent from messages. Deciding it was not worth being sleep deprived at work tomorrow you got up and headed to your empty bedroom and went to sleep. A small sliver of hope in you wished he would be next to you when you woke up in the morning.

Disappointment hit you in waves throughout the next day. First when you awoke and all you saw was a post-it note on the fridge saying he was sorry for coming in late and leaving early. Then later on when you texted him if he would be free for lunch that day and not receiving a text back at all leaving you to eat a late lunch from a vending machine. Once more before dinner time when you called and it went straight to voicemail, receiving a text seconds later saying “cnt tlk rn” (“can’t talk right now”). A frown formed on your face as disappointment, sadness, and anger washed through you. You didn’t know why he had to work nearly 24 hours every day and why he couldn’t just take an hour, hell even a 30-minute break just for lunch with you.

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[SUGA] “The one to…” - A visual imagine.

→ Suga, the one to… :

- Make you a lullaby…

… to then put you on top of his piano…

... and fuck you from behind

- Like it when you wear pretty lingerie…

… so he can ruin it

- To look at you with as much adoration in his eyes…

… as lust

- To finger you until you beg him to fuck you

- To touch all of your body and take his time with you

- Fuck you all night long…

… and enjoy spreading his cum all over you

- Hold you to sleep

by: TopBtsSmut

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bts: in which you’re ready for the comeback, but they ain’t havin’ it

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Listen Closely

Description: Unintentionally, you stumble upon something that makes you view your coworker Min Yoongi in a whole new light.

Genre: Smut (18+)

Word Count: 12.2k

Warnings: Masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, breathplay, spanking, degrading names. 

A/N: Look. I’m a person who enjoys certain delights and wanted to write about it. Enjoy~ >)

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