suga's the conductor

♪ Min Yoongi × orchestra conductor ♪ 

— Orchestral music always expands my mind, soul and energy.

haikyuu disneyland employee au???


hinata as a character???? at first everyone thinks he’d be too short to be a character because of how big the character costumes are but it turns out that he’s the perfect peter pan.  

kageyama works at the haunted mansion and he’s usually really good at keeping a straight face/not smiling but one time he can’t stop laughing because a small child being held by their parent boops him on the nose and all the guests are either terrified or slightly attracted because holy crap, kageyama laughing 

between their shifts, kageyama and hinata hang out together behind the train station in new orleans square it’s super cute?? also SUGA and DAICHI as train conductors o h my

tanaka working at PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 

tsukishima working customer service/guest relations with yamaguchi????? 

oikawa and iwaizumi as part of the dapper dans, along with maybe matsukawa and hanamaki?? 

alSO AT CALIFORNIA ADVENTURES, noya working at tower of terror and ASAHI WORKING AT CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN’????? i feel like kuroo, kenma, and bokuto would also work at california adventures and bokuto might also work at tower of terror, kenma might work at the ferris wheel or that toys story ride idk what it’s called

(disclaimer: i do not work at disneyland, nor do i go there often lmfao i just went there yesterday and i got inspired ALSO i had an snk disneyland au as well OTL but uh hEY IF ANYONE WANTS TO HOOK ME UP WITH A DISNEYLAND JOB YOU’RE MORE THAN WELCOME :D )  

EDIT 8/3/2015: here’s part TWO