suga mizuho

There are four types of human beings.
1. The ones who never get into the wrong bus.
2. The ones who only get into the wrong bus.
3. The ones who, when they find they’ve got into the wrong bus, immediately change bus.
4. And then, those who carry on despite knowing they’re on the wrong bus.
—  Suga Mizuho, Piece 2012
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[SUBBED] - MC Bits’ compilation - 1

I didn’t know which bits to put up together, so I decided to go pretty much chronologically in order not to get too confused myself lol
These bits are from the Stages of October 15, 18, 28 and 29 and it’s all basically on Team E, with a quick S appearance.
Desperately demanding for someone to show up, comparing one’s own self to a certain animal (my eyes never lie, oranguRion for life!! :3) , challenging shamelessly in ridiculous trials (lol), falling in love (with the one everyone goes through…), having a grandpa with an SKE oshi, rejoicing over a personal accomplishment and then getting reminded about old loves lol
A very very random compilation. Hope you’ll enjoy :3
I plan on uploading  more soon.

Nakanishi Yuuka's Ameba Blog - 07\02\2014

Because I found it funny :3
I guess most of you already know about Mai’s captures, anyway XD

Nakanishi: Captuuuuure

Good evening, Nakanishi here.

Lately, something called “Capture” became quite popular (well, pretty much just for MaiMai lol)

The other day as well, she was capturing Mizuho\(^o^)/

But one day,

I found someone doing a capture, and it was not MaiMai!!!


It’s Masana capturing Nanako\(^o^)/

(I took the pic from quite a considerable distance\(^o^)/)

And well…it’s that, you know?
By looking at the expressions of the captured ones, I can see how the love invested in the “capture” is of the unrequited kind lol

Anyway I decided I should follow this trend too so…

I tried to capture Egochan!( ^ω^ )

But…I feel like Egochan accepted it without no problems, so maybe this doesn’t count as a capture… ^ω^ )←

Next time I’ll ask MaiMai to teach me the right way of doing a capture!! lol

Well then, sweet dreams!♪