May 29, BTS_official shared the timetable for FESTA 2017 (BTS anniversary event) why did they make us do puzzles again??? . This post will help you understand the elements used in the timetable better and heal your headache given by BigSh*t too ^^ (If you scroll down you can find the timetable too)


No More Dream Released in 2013 as their debut song in 2 Cool 4 Skool

The bus symbolizes how you move forward (and sometimes backwards) in your journey of life. It is also an attempt to fit in “with the crowd”. As they just debuted after years of training. Succeeding ain’t easy in a market full competition knowing that they came from a small company. It took them a long time to fit it.
In this song BTS invite people to dream again. They also say to anyone who doubted them “ Why’re you telling to go a different path? Take care of yourself“.
This song was the start of an incredible journey that even BTS couldn’t believe back then.


Boy In Luv Released in 2014 in Skul Luv Affair

The guorilla hit their chest as a warning signal to the younger gorillas to back off or they will be engaged in a battle! Gorillas also beat their chest for a victory to show their dominance. The choregraphy of the song was inpired by this, as the guys confess their love in an enraged state. Boy In Luv is about experiencing those feelings for the first time: the confusion and the madness that love can get you in. I quote “ You make me so angry and mad for no reason. I’m serious but you make me into a loser “.


I Need U: Released in 2015 in The most beautiful moments in life part 1

The symbolism of anxiety, depression and health in general. As the boys were emotionally ill due to the stuggles that came their way from a very young age. Jhope will be seen in a number of MVs holding pills or sick but he will dispose of them in later ones, meaning that he/they is/are now fine with no medecine. The pills here are for the times they suffered from fame and life the most.


Whalien 52: Releassed in 2015 in the Most Beautiful moments in life part 2. 

The title is a mixture of alien, to mean not fitting in society and the 52-hertz whale, which is an individual whale of unidentified species (calls at the very unusual frequency of 52 Hz. This pitch is a much higher frequency than that of the other whale species). It appears to be the only individual emitting a whale call at this frequency. It has been described as the “world’s loneliest whale” as no other whale can hear it. 
The title seemed fitting for this song where BTS  described loneliness and being alienated. 


Run:  Releassed in 2015 in the Most Beautiful moments in life part 2.

(I choose it because the events of the MV happen in different houses but also because Jin built a tower of cards that can symbolyse their other song “House of Cards”)

The house as a universal symbol, and also in the experiences of the individual relative to the house.  The song was written at a time the boys were all suffering as it was hard to reach their dreams “ No matter how far I reach for you,It is just an empty dream. No matter how crazy I run,I remain on the same place"
It was also a time where BTS had doubts about their career I quote from house of cards “A house made of cards, and us inside even if you say you see the end, even if you say it’ll collapse soon. A house made of cards, and stupidly, us. Even if you say it’s a useless dream, just stay a little more like this” 


Young Forever Released in 2016 in The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever

The balloon is a double-archetype of childhood innocence and total freedom. … Supporting this approach is the fragile nature of the balloon which can ‘burst’ or become ‘lost’ at any time. I quote “ Even when I fall and hurt myself. I keep running toward my dream”
It is a beautiful era and song where BTS hoped for the best while being scared, they reached for their dreams.


TWO! THREE! Hoping For More Good Days: Released in 2016 in Wings

It stands for a road with no problems, where everyone knows where they are going.  Most people always tell us “Only good will come from now on”. However, BTS are being thruthful to ARMYs, telling them that there will not only be good days because we can’t decide the future. I quote “Let’s only walk on flower trails, I can’t say that …Saying that there will only be good things from now on. Saying that you won’t get hurt. I can’t say that. I can’t lie like that”. But they say that hand in hand we can erase the past and the bad memories, erase the times we were hurt by people and life and hope together for more good days.   


Outro/ Interlude Wings: Released in 2016/17 in Wings and YNWA

The eagle with its keen eyes symbolized perspicacity, courage and strength , but is also considered “king of the skies” and messenger of the highest gods. 
Just like a bird BTS reached naturally for the sky. they dreamed of flying when they were told not to and they succeeded. I quote “(Like a bird) I went on the road that I was told not to go”. BTS who doubted their path at times but choose it anyway. Finally decide to gather courage and try their best to fly “ I’m breaking up with regretting with age. I made a decision. I will have unconditional trust. It’s time to be brave. I’m not afraid because I believe, because I’m different from before. I won’t cry on my path”


Spring day:  Releassed in 2017 in Wings You Never Walk Alone.

The symbolism of the train are:It is a powerful machine which allows you to travel faster in the picture it is flying which double up the meaning. It can go only on rails … it limits your freedom to a great extent (like fame does) and it is usually transporting large numbers of peopleyou are never alone there, it is a means where people meet and sometimes get acquainted.
This song served as a final wind-up of the narrative of loss and growing up. They bids goodbye to their youth toward a new journey. while riding a train together.


Not Today:  Releassed in 2017 in Wings You Never Walk Alone.

Climbing over one or passing through a range indicates overcoming obstacles or making progress. The thing that BTS showed after each comeback: rising higher every time and breaking their own records. It also often indicates spiritual or mental “rising” or improvement. That means that BTS are advancing as a group but also maturing and improving individually.


Fireworks symbolize flashes of illumination, such as from sudden inspiration. They can also indicate sudden events that seem surprising or unlikely. This is usually a positive sign, and can indicate fame and recognition for BTS accomplishments.  BTS play with fireworks in the MV of I Need U but the use of it here is more to symbolise their 4th anniversary (FESTA 2017) and what they achieved so far


The sea is used as a symbol in literature to represent life and its hardships.  The sea, with its daunting width and depth, simply stands for life itself. It may be quite calm, but it become raging and even deadly in an instant, with the waves representing the sudden obstacles life throws our way.  So the fact of having aaaaaalllllll those elements under the sea just showcases how these events are part of their life and it is a picture to summarize it so far. 


After reaching for the sky and flying what is next? Space obviously. Maybe this is for their next comeback? One of the planets is not so clear but the other is Saturn for sure. The planet is associated with ambition, authority, commanding status, discipline, patience, honor, toughness, but also with pessimism, hardships, and fatalism.

I haven’t looked into the stars and numbers yet but I may upload this post if I do later. I hope you liked it ^^. 
Love you ARMY / By @mimibtsghost

Bts sexually punishing their baby girl for being pouty

Seokjin: “Don’t test my patience, princess or do you really want to explain all of your coworkers why you’re walking kinda funny?” Rough sex

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Namjoon: Are you for real? Say one more thing and I’m gonna slap that sexy ass so hard, you could see the imprint of my hand for weeks.” Spanking

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Yoongi: He just watches you calmely and says: “It seems like you never learn. Get on your knees and don’t you dare making a sound.” Moaning Denial

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Hoseok: “Please behave. I really don’t wanna punish you” you don’t listen to him. “Okay, I have no other choice” Overstimulation!

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Taehyung: “I’ll give you 3 seconds to change your mind and apologize…3..2..1.. Okay so if you insist on staying bratty-” Rough Doggy Style while pulling your hair

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Jimin: “You little brat. I’d reccomend an apology. No?! Well than that’s your own fault.” Choking!!

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Jungkook: “Say ‘I’m sorry, daddy’… What? You don’t want to? I warned you!” Ties you to the bed while eating you out. Orgasm Denial

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  • Bang PD Nim : So for this year's Festa
  • Jungkook : Ayo
  • Bang PD Nim : ??
  • Jimin : Hitman Bang
  • Bang PD Nim : .......
  • Taehyung : Introduces Hit It
  • Bang PD Nim : Oh God Why..
  • Yoongi : The Second Audition
  • Bang PD Nim : Can't you forget..
  • Hoseok : Rap Dance noraero
  • Bang PD Nim : It's been years..
  • Namjoon : sangdaebang-ui
  • Bang PD Nim : Stop..
  • Seokjin : giseon-eul jeaphae
  • Bang PD Nim :
  • Bang PD Nim : Save_me.mp3

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