Bang Pd knows how artists tend to feel miserable and lonely at a certain point, especially when they achieve great things. And that fame and success tend to become a big burden to a human. So in a moment where he could just tell them “Look at you, you made it”. He is telling them to keep being humble and search for happiness. 

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BTS’s “Love Yourself In Seoul” Concert Film Hits No. 1 In Real-Time Box Office Rankings

BTS has taken over the box office rankings once again.

According to the Korea Film Council, the “Love Yourself in Seoul” concert film was the No. 1 film in real-time ticket sales on January 19.

“Love Yourself in Seoul” is a film that captures performances from BTS’s “Love Yourself” world tour kickoff concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Seoul in August 2018.

This is not the first time BTS has invited fans to the big screen. In November 2018, “Burn the Stage: The Movie” premiered in around 70 countries and recorded over 2 million moviegoers worldwide. Based on the group’s original YouTube Red series, this film featured interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from “The Wings Tour.”

Completely different from the first film, “Love Yourself in Seoul” is in a format where fans can enjoy the performances from the concert. The “ARMY bomb showings,” where ARMY can fan chant and sing along with their light sticks, sold out in Korean theaters almost immediately after the tickets were released.

“Love Yourself in Seoul” will premiere on January 26 in 95 countries worldwide. Check out the trailer here!


BTS Reaction to: Bad Things Keep Happening to Their S/O and They Finally Just Come Home Crying

Authors Note: Thank you so much for the request! You know, you’re best friend saying that is a whole ass mood. Same, all the time. I hope you like it!!! ^_^


          Seokjin is horrified when you enter the house after a long day at work, slamming the door shut. You stomped over to him, laying down and crying into his chest as his mouth dropped, not knowing what to say. Instead, he ran his fingers through your hair, and frowned.

          “Bad day, huh?”

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          Yoongi, being the workaholic he is, was at his studio when he heard it beep. You walked in, tears streaming down your face and sniffling. Yoongi would immediately open his arms, you walking over and onto his lap, crying into his shoulder. He continued to work, knowing you’d speak when you were ready.

          “Jagiya, it’s alright. I’ll take you home in a while, make you some dinner to calm you down….”

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          Hoseok was dancing in the studio, music blaring, when a body slammed against his. He was a bit frustrated as he stopped, but when he saw you, he’d stop the music and throw his arms around you in a deep hug.

          “Jagi?! What on earth happened?!”

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          Namjoon would be reading his book on the couch when you entered. You’d just stand there, stray tears falling down your cheeks as you deeply frowned. Namjoon would stand up, walking over and holding your shoulders just as you broke down.

          “Y/n, what happened baby…?”

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          Jimin would just watch you run to him, crying into his chest and telling him all about your day. From the spilled lunch to your tripping up the stairs, he listened so carefully, kissing the top of your head as you sobbed.

          “I’m sorry…. Do… you want to cuddle? You love cuddles…?”

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          Taehyung would immediately try to make you smile. Once you had calmed down enough, he’d start kissing all over your face and smiling big, hugging you until you get too hot. This is the best thing Taehyung can do, and he has you laughing by the end of it.

          “Ohhhh, there’s that beautiful smile!!!”

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          Jungkook would drop everything when you walked into the house crying, running over and holding your face, the pads on his thumbs wiping the constant tears. He’d be very worried at you being so upset, and would be wide eyed in concern.

          “Baby, why are you crying? Did someone hurt you? Did you get hurt?”

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