Caught them peeping behind the door while you were naked

(I assume that you and they are just people sharing an apartment ( just to have a new kind of reaction xd )

Jin: No?.. I-I didn’t stare at you… *avoids eyecontact* I was searching for my comb…

Rap Monster: *tries to explain it but fails*

Suga: OH MY GOD NO! I wouldn’t do that ! I was just walking by the bathroom… IT’S YOUR FAULT THAT YOU LEFT THE DOOR OPEN!!

J-Hope: Girl, I was just washing my teeth !! *smirk*

Jimin: *still amazed about the feminine curves* Eehh… what was your question?

V: I’m sorry~~~ *goes out but takes a last look on her*

Jungkook: *hides under something* ' I hope she didn't see me… Just wait until she gets out'

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