I hope everyone who has finished uni for the year is enjoying themselves over the holiday period, and that those of you still in classes/exams are taking care of yourselves 💛✨I’ve started reading Lawrence Stone’s “The Family, Sex and Marriage in England 1500-1800″ because I know it’s an option for one of my essays for next semester (and it also might be helpful for my dissertation – yes I am sometimes this organised ahah). 

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The Librarians is the Most Important Show on TV....and It Needs to Stay on TV

Hello friends! Let me start by saying, as I hope you’ve heard, that The Librarians Season 4 has had a schedule change again! The first 6 episodes will now air in doubles! So December 13th, 20th and 27th will air two episodes each! Make sure to set your DVRs Accordingly!!!!

Now, onto the point of the post. This is the second time TNT has changed the schedule for the 4th season. There’s something fishy going on here and I don’t like it!!!! Pair that with how Dean was pushed to make the show darker for S3(of course the last line of S3 was such as jab at that that it’s not even funny but I digress), how long it took us to get S4….it’s clear TNT might be trying to manipulate the ratings.

But I, a fervent lover of The Librarians, know that we, the dedicated fans, will not let that happen!!!!! So how do we do this? FILL social media with Librarians posts during the episode. Tag TNT, tag the show accounts, I mean SWARM TNT with our love. But again, that’s not the point, I’m just gonna say that on every post to make it well known.

There is a reason why I’m campaigning so hard for this. The Librarians needs to stay on TV. It is, and I’m phrasing this more strongly than I normally do…the most important show on television. Let’s talk about that.

I have said it 100 times and I’ll say it again….The Librarians changed my life. Absolutely transformed it. Without it, I would not have the level of self-confidence that I now have. Without it, I would’ve spent my freshman year in bed hating my life rather than making happy memories despite my depression. Without it, I may never have been able to make peace with changing my major from theatre to education…a change that set my life in the right direction.

And there are reasons why. No other show on TV, at least that I’ve seen, behaves like The Librarians. Most every show has nerdy quirky characters sure, but they’re always the butt of the joke. Their personality is made fun of to the point where….we’ve just sort of come to accept it as a society. We don’t see it as wrong in any way simply because it’s not malicious and tbh….that’s kinda fucked up.

The characters in the Librarians are super super smart, super nerdy, outcasts, and quirky and eccentric in any way that a person could be so. And it’s never made fun of. Like never. And if it is, it’s rare, happened before the characters knew each other well, and is contrasted with validating monologues that I cannot even begin to describe in terms of beauty.

Where else on TV do you get this? Where else do we have a romantic relationship between an eccentric person and a not as eccentric person where there’s no teasing, and instead explicit speeches about loving each other for who they are? Where else are quirks never made out to be flaws? Where else on TV do characters just get to be the way they are without outlier characters who are “normal” making fun of them? Answer….not many places.

And you know what, beyond that, the quirkiness of the characters is just how I connect. But like….this show is so diverse in every way. And every character gets to be loved. Like really, seriously loved for who they are. No stigma whatsoever. I mean, let’s take a look at some of our main characters.

  • Ezekiel Jones, A POC who is obnoxiously self-confident and just loves himself so wholeheartedly? But at the same time he learns that he can love other people too.
  • Cassandra A bisexual(as far as we know rn, she’s expressed interest in both a man and a woman), disabled, neurodivergent woman who is all kinds of eccentric and adorable and no joke about her being annoying has ever come close to being made. She’s also a survivor of mental abuse and neglect by her parents.
  • Jacob Stone, another abuse survivor(yes we have 2-he was canon mentally and physically abused and arguably neglected as well) who literally had such a bad situation that he felt he could never trust anyone. He loved, but he didn’t trust. That dude learns to trust, lets go of connections to his father that held him back… MY DUDES
  • Said two abuse survivors have been given a special relationship on the show that some argue is romantic and everyone agrees that they are very close friends. They openly talk about what they went through on screen, multiple times, and help each-other overcome their personal pasts.
  • Oh and then there’s Eve motherfucking Baird who DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HER. She’s your typical tough-girl who like to kick ass and prefers a jumpsuit to a dress….or SO YOU THINK. Because yes she’s all that but she’s also really really emotional, and flirty, and really smart in her own right and from a lot of her backstory we can kind of surmise she was also an outcast/ “quirky” kid. I love her. I love her so much
  • Flynn Carsen, an arguably neurodivergent man who is pretty much the most eccentric out of all of them. He has a lot of abandonment issues and we see the real effects of those issues in his life and relationships. And he makes mistakes. But he’s constantly reminded that even though the mistakes he makes are not okay, that the people who love him understand that said mistakes are a result of his issues and that they love him for who he is.


Seasons 1-3 are on Hulu and that’s unfortunately the only streaming service where they’re available right now. But seriously, if you can….go watch that shit. THE LIBRARIANS DESERVES SO MUCH LOVE.

There was a good month or so between when Lup told Taako of her intent to become a lich, and the actual event. During that time, he takes her old IPRE robe from her room– the one she’s intending on becoming a lich in. She and Barry are both going to wear those, so they can remember their roots if they ever get close to a breakdown.

Lup asks why he’s taking that, and he says, “I’m not letting you become a lich in this drab garbage.” And he vanishes with it, and she lets him, because maybe it’s something for the “best day ever.”

He doesn’t give it to her on the best day ever. He’s doing one of the only slow-process, time-consuming skills he’s learned aside from cooking, and damn, he’s taking that time.

He knocks on her door the night before she and Barry become liches. He says, “I know there’s been this unspoken rule about keeping these dumb old robes the way they were, for the memories and shit, but… listen, who gives a shit about permanent things when we’re a bunch of permanent people?”

And he hands her the robe, and searches her face for any hint of discontentment as she unfolds it. (There is none; she’s astonished and delighted.)

The hems of the coat are embroidered with intricate golden patterns, and the back has a golden pheonix taking off, shimmering even in the ship’s dim light. They hug. And when she becomes a lich, the light dances on her robe like fire.

Decades later, Taako steals an umbrella from a skeleton in a cave. He sees a red robe. He doesn’t pay the patterns any mind– he can’t– and doesn’t mention them to the director, either.

And then, further along, he snaps that umbrella over his knee. And there is an explosion, and lup is there: phantasmal and resplendent, with just as much fire shimmering over her form as there is flying from her hands.

She gets a new body months after the battle, and Taako’s there at her Undeathday with a gift.

“Found this sick robe in a cave,” he says. “Whoever made it must’ve been the coolest dude ever.”

“Wow, I’m only worth some stolen goods to you?” she replies, already putting it on, already starting to cry just from the feeling of being able to feel again.

“Hey, I only steal the best goods,” Taako grins, and they hug, and god did she miss the feeling of a good brotherly hug.

The pheonix on her back sparkles as they step out into the daylight. One would think she’d get tired of it after so long wearing it as a lich, but she keeps that robe on for a while afterwards.

Fun facts about Beeswax

- Beeswax is made by the worker bees and is produced by the glands (WoWee!)

- It is estimated that honey bees eat 8lbs. of honey to produce 1lb. of wax (That's a LOT of honeyy ;) )

-It is used by the bees to make the honeycombs which store the honey 

- When the bees have filled each cell in the comb with honey, they cover all the cells with wax caps. (Even MORE honeyy ;) )

- At harvest time, the beekeeper cuts off the wax cappings and extracts the honey (This is then cleaned and packaged and sent out to eat…)