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Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge’s King of the Hill is a satire show about a bunch of white conservative rednecks and their life in the small Texas town of Arlen. 

In the show we watch Hank Hill, a well meaning conservative man who is kind, but is honestly unable to face and accept the various changes of the world. We also meet his neighbors and former high school chums: Dale Gribble(the president of the NRA and conspiracy theorist who suspects everything), Bill Dauterive(a depressed and lonely divorcee and ex-pretty boy who lives in his own filth), and Jeff Boomhauer(a motormouth playboy who loves his cars). This is their, and their families, story.

season 1
Pilot || Square Peg || The Order of the Straight Arrow || Luanne’s Saga || Hank’s Got the Willies || Westie Side Story || Hank’s Unmentionable Problem || Shins of the Father || Peggy the Boggle Champ || Keeping Up With Our Joneses || Plastic White Female || The Company Man || King of the Ant Hill

season 2
How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying || Texas City Twister || The Arrow Head || Hilloween || Jumpin’ Crack Bass (It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas) || Husky Bobby || The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteberg || The Son That Got Away || Bobby Slam || The Unbearable Blindness of Laying || Meet the Manger Babies || Snow Job || I Remember Mono || Three Days of the Kahndo || Traffic Jam || Hank’s Dirty Laundry || The Final Shinsult || Leanne’s Saga || Junkie Business || Life in the Fast Lane, Bobby’s Saga || Peggy’s Turtle Song || Propane Boom - Part 1

season 3
Death of a Propane Salesman || And They Call It Bobby Love || Peggy’s Headache || Pregnant Paws || Next of Shin || Peggy’s Pageant Fever || Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men || Good Hill Hunting || Pretty, Pretty Dresses || A Firefighting We Will Go || To Spank, with Love || Three Coaches and a Bobby || De-Kahnstructing Henry || The Wedding of Bobby Hill || Sleight of Hank || Jon Vitti Presents: ‘Return to La Grunta’ || Escape from Party Island || Love Hurts and So Does Art || Hank’s Cowboy Movie || Dog Dale Afternoon || Revenge of the Lutefisk || Death and Texas || Wings of the Dope || Take Me Out of the Ball Game || As Old As the Hills

season 4
Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall || Cotton’s Plot || Bills Are Made to Be Broken || Little Horrors of Shop || Aisle 8A || A Beer Can Named Desire || Happy Hank’s Giving AKA The Hank’s Giving Episode || Not in My Back-hoe || To Kill a Ladybird || Hillennium || Old Glory || Rodeo Days || Hanky Panky || High Anxiety || Naked Ambition || Movin’ On Up || Bill of Sales || Won’t You Pimai Neighbor? || Hank’s Bad Hair Day || Meet the Propaniacs || Nancy’s Boys || Flush with Power || Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy’s Magic Sex Feet || Peggy’s Fan Fair

season 5
The Perils of Polling || The Buck Stops Here || I Don’t Want to Wait for Our Lives to Be Over… || Spin the Choice || Peggy Makes the Big Leagues || When Cotton Comes Marching Home || What Makes Bobby Run? || Twas the Nut Before Christmas || Chasing Bobby || Yankee Hankee || Hank and the Great Glass Elevator || Now Who’s the Dummy? || Ho Yeah! || The Exterminator || Luanne Virgin 2.0 || Hank’s Choice || It’s Not Easy Being Green || The Trouble with Gribbles || Hank’s Back Story || Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Story

season 6
Bobby Goes Nuts || Soldier of Misfortune || Lupe’s Revenge || The Father, the Son, and J.C. || Father of the Bribe || I’m With Cupid || Torch Song Hillogy || Joust Like a Woman || The Bluegrass Is Always Greener || The Substitute Spanish Prisoner || Unfortunate Son || Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret Hill || Tankin’ It to the Streets || Of Mice and Little Green Men || A Man Without a Country Club || Beer and Loathing || Fun with Jane and Jane || My Own Private Rodeo || Sug Night || Dang Ol’ Love || Returning Japanese

season 7
Get Your Freak Off || The Fat and the Furious || Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do || Goodbye Normal Jeans || Dances with Dogs || The Son Also Roses || The Texas Skillsaw Massacre || Pigmalion || Megalo Dale || Boxing Luanne || Vision Quest || Queasy Rider || Board Games || An Officer and a Gentle Boy || The Miseducation of Bobby Hill || The Good Buck || I Never Promised You an Organic Garden || Be True To Your Fool || Racist Dawg || Night and Deity || Maid in Arlen || The Witches of East Arlen

season 8
Patch Boomhauer || Reborn to Be Wild || New Cowboy on the Block || The Incredible Hank || Flirting with the Master || After the Mold Rush || Livin’ on Reds, Vitamin C and Propane || Rich Hank, Poor Hank || Ceci N'Est Pas Une King of the Hill || That’s What She Said || My Hair Lady || Phish and Wild Life || Cheer Factor || Dale Be Not Proud || Après Hank, le Deluge || DaleTech || How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Alamo || Girl, You’ll Be a Giant Soon || Stressed for Success || Hank’s Back || The Redneck on Rainey Street || Talking Shop

season 9
A Rover Runs Through It || Ms. Wakefield || Death Buys a Timeshare || Yard, She Blows! || Dale to the Chief || The Petriot Act || Enrique-cilable Differences || Mutual of Omabwah || Care-Takin’ Care of Business || Arlen City Bomber || Redcorn Gambles with His Future || Smoking and the Bandit || Gone with the Windstorm || Bobby on Track || It Ain’t Over 'til the Fat Neighbor Sings

season 10
Hank’s on Board || Bystand Me || Bill’s House || Harlottown || Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown || Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana? || You Gotta Believe (In Moderation) || Business Is Picking Up || The Year of Washing Dangerously || Hank Fixes Everything || Church Hopping || 24 Hour Propane People || The Texas Panhandler || Hank’s Bully || Edu-macating Lucky

season 11
The Peggy Horror Picture Show || serPUNt || Blood and Sauce || Luanne Gets Lucky || Hank Gets Dusted || Glen Peggy Glen Ross || The Passion of Dauterive || Grand Theft Arlen || Peggy’s Gone to Pots || Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow || Bill, Bulk and the Body Buddies || Lucky’s Wedding Suit

season 12
Suite Smells of Excess || Bobby Rae || The Powder Puff Boys || Four Wave Intersection || Raise the Steaks || Tears of an Inflatable Clown || The Minh Who Knew Too Much || Dream Weaver || Doggone Crazy || Trans-Fascism || Three Men and a Bastard || The Accidental Terrorist || Lady and Gentrification || Behind Closed Doors || Pour Some Sugar on Kahn || Six Characters in Search of a House || The Courtship of Joseph’s Father || Strangeness On a Train || Cops and Robert || It Came From the Garage || Life: A Loser’s Manual

season 13
Dia-BILL-ic Shock || Earthly Girls are Easy || Square-Footed Monster || Lost in MySpace || No Bobby Left Behind || A Bill Full of Dollars || Straight as an Arrow || Lucky See, Monkey Do || What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis, Stays at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis || Master of Puppets || Bwah My Nose || Uncool Customer || Nancy Does Dallas || Born Again on the Fourth of July || Serves Me Right for Giving General George S. Patton the Bathroom Key || Bad News Bill || Manger Baby Einstein || Uh-oh, Canada || The Boy Can’t Help It || The Honeymooners || Bill Gathers Moss || When Joseph Met Lori, and Made Out with Her in the Janitor’s Closet || Just Another Manic Kahn-Day || To Sirloin with Love

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: DaiSuga
A/N: late valentine’s day thing because @makariaartsabout wanted some wintery fluff. inspired by #14 and #25 of this list. happy born day, little fry! ♥

“That’s strange,” Suga says, flinches when something cold lands on his cheek, eyes turning toward the sky. “The weather report didn’t say anything about snow.”

Daichi glances at him and Suga curses himself for choosing that moment to work through a palpable shiver. “Jacket not warm enough?”

With a quick shake of his head, Suga pats Daichi’s arm, easy smile in place. “It’s fine, Daichi. Besides, if I take yours, you’ll freeze to death and then it’ll be on my conscience.”

“How’d you know–”

“You’re much more of a gentleman than you give yourself credit for.” With a laugh, he links their elbows together and marches on despite the increasing snowfall. “We’re near your house anyway. Would your parents mind if I wait out the storm?”

“They’re out until tomorrow; Valentine’s Day plans, remember? It’s just us tonight. But I’m sure they won’t mind,” Daichi says hurriedly, cheeks pink from the cold or something else. “I can lay out the extra futon. If you want.”

“Oh, extra futon,” Suga replies, biting back the twinge of disappointment, “sounds great. I’d forgotten it was Valentine’s Day.”


A few hours later, with both bellies full and some sort of romantic comedy flickering on the screen, Daichi stretches out on the futons he’s laid out side by side on the living room floor. A drawn out sigh escapes  before he reverts to his previous position, back pressed up against the front of the couch. He seems a little more fidgety than usual and Suga wonders about it, pushes back the sliver of hope weighing in his chest. 

With his legs straightened toward the television, Suga sits on the futon’s edge, a bowl of popcorn precariously balancing on his knees. He tries to focus on the movie, tries to pay attention to the story because, after all, he’d been the one to convince Daichi to watch it in honor of the holiday. But every so often he would glance to the side. Catch a glimpse of Daichi’s smile, the crinkle of his eyes when he laughs.

“You’re awfully quiet,” Daichi remarks, reaching over to grab a few kernels. “Are you getting tired? We can finish the rest of the movie tomorrow and just, I don’t know, talk? Or sleep?”

Suga laughs and shakes his head. “Stop trying to get out of watching the movie, Daichi.” At least someone’s getting a little romance tonight, he silently muses.

“Hey.” Daichi bumps their knees together, the unexpected contact causing Suga to still. “Is something wrong?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Sad smile.” And suddenly Daichi is fully turned toward him, fingers brushing away the crease between Suga’s brows. He lifts an arm and Suga sinks into him; easy and familiar, but difficult all at once. “No one should be sad on Valentine’s Day, Sug.”

The endearment tugs at something inside him that he doesn’t notice Daichi reaching for something until it’s right in front of his face. 

“What’s this?” he asks, blinking at the small box before he opens it at Daichi’s insistence. When he sees what’s inside, silver band glinting against the light of the television screen, his eyes widen, heartbeat quickening while he attempts to figure out if this is actually happening or if he’d somehow managed to fall asleep. “Are you confessing or… proposing?”

Daichi laughs, deep and rumbling, as he hides his face in Suga’s neck. “Confessing. Promising, too, I suppose. Though, really, I don’t know how you didn’t know by now.”

“Know what?”

With another nervous chuckle, Daichi clears his throat before he whispers, “that I maybe… kind of… love you. Duh.” Then he says, “you don’t have to answer right away. I’ll even wait until White Day. Longer, if you need it.”

“Hm,” Suga murmurs, looking at the plain silver ring with wonder. He tucks the blanket up around them, says nothing else as he processes, but makes no move to extract himself from Daichi’s side. 

When the movie ends a short while later and sleep calls for the both of them, he burrows closer, feels Daichi’s arms tighten around him, breath warm against his neck. It’s then that he slips the ring on, his sleepy smile sidelined by his own sighed confession. “I maybe… kind of… love you, too.” He pauses, then with a quiet laugh, says, “duh.”

“Is ‘duh’ our new ‘always’?”

“Don’t make me take it back.”

“Okay, okay. just asking.” Daichi chuckles, goosebumps rising where he presses his lips against Suga’s nape. “Good night, Sug. Happy Valentine’s Day.”