“May our shahadat be accepted, for the sake of our Shaykh. We’re not going to trust in our shahadat. “I’m leaning my faith and my shahadat on him. May Allah not judge me according to my shahadat, or according to my actions, or according to my ibaadat. And I’m asking for the intercession of the Holy Prophet (asws), and Awliya-Allah.” Because if Allah is going to judge me according to my…, we’re no good for nothing anyway; but if we say we want to be like dust under their feet, although we are not so good; we are dirty useless ones; but dust under their feet, if they’re going to enter paradise, they will bring this dust to paradise. If they’re going to be next to the divine presence, they may brings this dust there too. It’s very dangerous when you start thinking, “No. I’m going to depend on my own faith.” Don’t depend on your own faith. Work everyday to make your faith to become better, but ask for the mercy of Allah. Don’t ask for the judgement of Allah.”

-Shaykh Lokman Effendi Hz.