sufinning forever

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okay but drunk nordics playing hide and seek, den is the seeker and when he can't find anyone he just kinda starts to crie

oh god i seriously just laughed so much because DAMN DENMARK xD imagine him just sitting on the floor, crying, because he can’t find them until norway feels sorry for him and crawls up to him, sits down on his lap and strokes his hair reassuringly like “shhhh den, look you found me, you’re so awesome you instantly found me okay, shh don’t cry please” 

iceland also comes out of his hideout and clings to denmark while starting to cry as well because denmark’s crying and is sad, and when ice’s drunk he basically turns back into a 6 year old and he doesn’t want to see denmark being sad. 

meanwhile sweden fell asleep in his stash while finland lies on the floor next to him and laughs at denmark like the little shit his drunken self is. uwu     

Hetalia/Love Actually AU Please

Any or some or all of these scenarios!

France/Jeanne d'Arc - Francis as the man whose wife (Jeanne) has just passed away and he worries that their son Matthew hates him. But actually, Matthew is hopelessly in love. Well, that’s something that Papa is an expert on and through helping Matthew, Francis starts to heal.

GerIta - Ludwig is the newly elected chancellor/prime minister/president whatever and he’s inconveniently attracted to his cheerful household staff helper Feliciano, whose mouth doesn’t seem to be able to stop but he’s such a sweetheart.

SuFin - heehee Berwald and Tino are sex scene body doubles who connect comfortably and fall in love while filming and rehearsing.

PruAusHun - Gilbert organizes his best friend Elizabetha’s wedding to Roderich. Roderich and Liz thinks that Gilbert hates Rod, but when Roderich comes over to get an acceptable wedding video from Gilbert, he realizes the truth. Cue Gilbert serenading Roderich with a Christmas Carol via flute with silly signs and then walks away so he doesn’t ruin their happiness.

Giripan - Kiku is in love with his coworker Herakles and is urged by his boss (Yao) to do something about it for everyone’s sake, but Kiku is the caretaker of his younger sister Mei who requires constant care in hospital. For the sake of fluff, how about Herakles be the good guy here and decides to stay.

DenNor - Matthias can’t believe that people aren’t falling all over him! Clearly that’s just because they’re all stuck up. He’s going to travel and bring back his hot soul mate…except maybe it turns out he’s just attracted to the cold type?

This movie!! So many options! So many possibilities! (I would really love the person who wrote the SuFin one forever :P)