2" Sufganiot Pins
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Hanukkah Sameach! This sweet sufgania pin is printed on wood with a spot gloss finish on the tiny jelly heart. Each one comes with a pin clasp on the back. A perfect holiday addition to your bags, hats, jackets, sweaters, scarves! Tragically not edible! ✧ @ thedrawingduke on

Finally working on restocking my store! I’m excited to share these cute lil’ sufganiot that I’ve been hoarding…just waiting for the holiday season <3 

Hogwarts House Hannukah Aesthetic
  • Gryffindor: the feeling of gathering in front of the menorah with your family, singing Al Hanissim in front of the menorah, when the filling of the sufgania drips from the corner of your mouth, seeing other menorahs through the window, menorah decorating contest, unwrapping the chocolate coins
  • Hufflepuff: seeing the candles melt, unwrapping your present, the sizzling sound of latkes frying, the contrast of the snow and the menorah, the menorah when all the lights are out, spinning the dreidel too fast
  • Ravenclaw: the warm feeling in your heart when you hear the shehecheyanu before lighting the candles, hearing and telling the story of hannukah (and the dreidel) to younger members of your family, the feeling in your mouth after giving the latke a bite, creative menorahs, eating oily food and drinking warm tea
  • Slytherin: seeing all 8 candles lit up on the last night, getting a present for each day of the week, winning the chocolate coins when playing spin the dreidel, sufganiot fresh from the oven, warming your hands with the menorah, hannukah wrapping paper

anonymous asked:

What is a sufgania?? 😱 I've definitely seen it before but I've no idea what it actually is.

Sufgania/sufganya is a traditional Jewish holiday food! They are made seasonally in Israel, so usually towards the end of November and through Hanukkah and the rest of December, there are sufganyot EVERYWHERE. Every shop gets them. Like latkes, the sufganiot are a traditional fried food that hearkens back to the temple oil, etc. They are best served warm, and you’ll see people with fresh, steaming donuts walking around come Hanukkah. Also everywhere smells like donuts <3 

 They are basically a jelly donut with powdered sugar on top. You can get custard ones, but the jelly ones are the most /iconic/. If I see them in North America, they tend to be fairly small??? But the ones in Israel are ginormous! Kind of like North American cinnamon rolls are now. I was never super into eating them, but I think they smell amazing and I loved going to the store and bringing boxes of them home, fresh and warm, for the holiday guests. Fun fact: my baby brother ate two of them in one sitting–both sufganiot were almost the size of his head :0

I also can’t hear “sufgania” without hearing the song from Shalom Sumsum…