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It’s official! I have an announcement to make, guys. I’m partnering with @cookie_wear to bring vintage, modern and retro fashion, handmade accessories, and local artists’ work to our new shop in Hyattsville! We’re going to spend the next few weeks getting set up, and aiming for a soft open by the second week in August. This is something I’ve wanted to do forever, and I’m so so SO excited!!!

deannatroi  asked:

Also do you think you've got steampunk-acceptable clothing at your vintage shop?

I do have some actual Victorian and Edwardian things but they’re mostly too fragile to wear. Not sure what else might work, off the top of my head. I definitely have plenty of jewelry, though!

And if you want to wear an actual 1870s chemise, that one’s probably sturdy enough and just needs a good soak.