omg there’s all these feel good fluff reunion fics about suffpsii but like…did you ever consider the idea that the psiioniic might feel some resentment or anger or even hared against signless if he ever saw him again??

let me explain why

  • signless convinced psiioniic to run from his slave master. when they got captured, everyone else was lucky enough to be killed but he was stuck as a slave for centuries afterwards. there’s literally no question about it. the psiioniic had it much worse than signless, and a majority (if not all) of his suffering was caused by him.
  • y’all dont think?? for a minute?? that CENTURIES of manipulation from highbloods and hic HERSELF convincing psiioniic that signless left him here, that this was all his fault, and that he should have never joined the rebellion wouldn’t get to him?? like at least a little bit?
  • after his torture the signless was killed almost immediately. do you really believe someone who went through thousands of years of physical and mental abuse would feel the same way about the people who left him there? especially knowing that the disciple was alive and never came to save him (and tbh there’s no way hic didn’t rub it in his face that no one attempted to come help him when he gave up everything for them??)

so yeah plz put all my points into consideration and write more fics where signless is expecting to be greeted with his wild and cool best bro  and all psyched up for hugs but psiioniic doesn’t!! exactly feel the same way!!! you know :^)

omg saucy Gemini boys are SO MUCH FUN, OTP RP my god

half the time you give me all the feelings,

half the time you give me all the boners.

all the time you make me so happy i have the best damned moirail on the planet, and we do awesome roleplaying together

glorious, glorious saucy Geminis. Sollux and Psi are so quality, my god they’re so fun AND I LOVE HOW THEY MESS WITH KARKAT AND SIGNLESS IT IS SO WONDERFUL THEY JUST TURN THEM INTO LITTLE FROTHY RAGE MACHINES, OTP.

Cherii I love you and your saucy golden boys so much…

oh my god they are literal golden boys

this calls for some art

Okay this is 2 months old so I’m going to snippet the tale of its ending up here.

I was looking through my old art, right?

[10:34:29 PM] Choco: thing I don’t think I posted or sent to you even wwoah
[10:34:35 PM] Ashkatomb: :o
[10:34:40 PM] Ashkatomb: I feel so rejected
[10:34:50 PM] Choco: you were asleep if I didn’t send it <_<
[10:35:32 PM] *** Choco sent super lame thing I never sent you.png ***
[10:36:06 PM] Ashkatomb: :O SHIPPY ART
[10:36:10 PM] Ashkatomb: SHIPPY ART <33333
[10:36:15 PM] Choco: do you remember seeing it
[10:36:17 PM] Ashkatomb: NO
[10:36:27 PM] Choco: memory serves correctly then
[10:36:41 PM] Ashkatomb: WHY
[10:36:47 PM] Ashkatomb: WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS
[10:36:53 PM] Ashkatomb: NO IT’S NOT

And then
[10:38:05 PM] Ashkatomb: shippy aaaaart
[10:38:12 PM] Ashkatomb: shippyyyyy aaaaaaart
[10:38:32 PM] Choco: would you like it tumbld?
[10:38:36 PM] Ashkatomb: yes.
[10:38:44 PM] Choco: cod