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prompt + the x files!klaroline au that nobody asked for: conspiracy theorist klaus and realist caroline as fbi agents forced to work together and investigate unusual cases the us government would rather deny. (i don't know if you've watched txf but this needs to be written.)

It has been eleventy billion years since I’ve watched The X-Files so hopefully this suffices!

Upside Down

Caroline waited for a beat, mouth open and blinking, certain that Klaus had to be messing with her. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d gone out of his way to wind her up. Their partnership has been… bumpy, especially in those first few weeks when they’d been feeling each other out. He’d been close lipped and reluctant to trust her, she’d taken his long silences and clipped answers to her questions as proof that he was yet another condescending asshat who underestimated her. She’d thought things had been going pretty smoothly lately, that they’d built up a certain amount of respect, developed a camaraderie. Maybe she’d been wrong. Because seriously. Aliens? That was his explanation?

He seems perfectly unruffled, however. Calmly sipping his drink, the pencil he’d been sketching on a bar napkin with tapping out an even rhythm as he waited for her to gather her thoughts.

Caroline did the only thing she thought appropriate. Her laugh is practically a cackle, her head falls back and she sways on her stool. It ends abruptly, with a cough, when the wine she’d been nursing went down completely wrong. There’s a waitress clearing tables in a corner but the bar’s otherwise deserted so at least she’s not disturbing anyone with her loud incredulity and appalling manners. Clearing her throat she finally says, “You have got to be kidding me.”

Klaus observes Caroline with a placid expression, not a flicker of humor to be found. He leans down the bar to pluck a handful of napkins from a holder, offering them to her with a faint smirk, “You dribbled a bit, love.”

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Do you think they have a method behind having Felicity's hair down? I think she looks so beautiful and feminine with her hair down but they don't really do it as much as in the second season. Can we start a petition!?

LOL…I just love this. I love this fandom. I love how much we care…even about Felicity’s hair.

Ya know…here’s where I am on the hair. Which, having seen EBR in real life it’s like a freaking Vidal Sassoon commercial…she’s so gorgeous it’s a little ridiculous.  Ponytail Felicity is the signature look.  It’s sort of like Jackie O with her sunglasses. You cannot separate one from the other. 

But ponytail Felicity is everyday Felicity and/or all about the business Felicity. No muss no fuss. Those tresses must be pulled from that perfection known as her face so she can do her computer wizardry without distraction. Ponytail Felicity is practical. Ponytail Felicity has her head in the game. I also happen to feel it highlights her long neck nicely and I’m basically in favor of her exposing any body parts that can distract Oliver Queen. That’s right folks. I’m in it to win it.  I’ll play dirty if I have to. That means short skirt Felicity, braless Felicity and exposed neck Felicity. 

Hair down Felicity…well…she’s an entirely different matter. Yes, sometimes the hair is down in The Arrow cave but not as frequently. I tend to look at hair down Felicity as “special occasion” Felicity or Felicity OUTSIDE the Arrow cave. I’ve noticed she’s had her hair down a lot at her job at Palmer Technologies and she had her hair down a lot while working at Queen Consolidated. And nearly every fancy occasion has been hair down Felicity with varying styles but let’s just be honest…they were all perfection.

Quite frankly, I love Felicity’s hair either way. She is a golden goddess. However, Arrow has been more about the business than it’s been about the personal and that’s because the show is driven by Oliver Queen. Oliver Queen is focused on The Arrow which means most of his interaction with Felicity is in the Arrow cave. The stubborn jackass…I still love him…but stubborn jackass he is. That means Ponytail Felicity 80% of the time. That being said, we’re only 8 episodes in…plenty of time to add variety to the do.

***side note. I HATED her hairstyle on her date with Ray Palmer. What was up with the tail in the back? Up or down stylists. Make a call and stick with it. You wanna do half up? Well that’s fine and dandy but you need more than a TAIL. And yet the fact that I hated her hairstyle for her date with Ray Palmer, pleased me in a perverse yet understandable way. We all have our coping mechanisms people.

Consequently, I LOVED her hairstyle for her date with Oliver. Long, luscious, relaxed waves. It was almost like she just woke up that way but you know it took hours. That’s a damn good hairstyle when you can pull that off. Seriously she had Sleeping Beauty hair.

If you are wondering why I constantly reference Sleeping Beauty hair it’s because she’s one of my favorite, if not my favorite Disney Princess. Personally, Princess Aurora has the BEST hairstyle of any Disney princess and I will go to the mat with anyone who says otherwise. Yeah sure, Ariel’s nifty with the fiery red and she’s got the floaty thing working for her…but Aurora’s curls bounce and recurl to their original position all on their own. It’s magic hair. I also had this weird desire to have long blond hair as a little girl. Obviously, you can guess I don’t (short & brunette. It’s fine…my husband likes it) but suffice it to say, I was weirdly thrilled when my daughter arrived with perfectly white blond hair that’s turned a unbelievable golden color. Seriously, she’s that girl. She has the perfect blonde hair color. Something she and EBR share in common. It’s sun kissed. I’m growing it out. She’s my childhood dream realized. And she’s her father’s worst nightmare. Don’t even get me started on the blue eyes and long legs. She’s only 7 and he’s already freaked about boys.  And wow…this tangent went off in a rather strange and bizarre way. If you are still with me…I thank you for your patience.

One last thing…has anyone noticed the little spin they’ve put on the ponytail lately? It’s curled lately like in Season 1. I like it.

Also, I’ve put a lot of time and thought into this. I have thought about the hairstyle for when Oliver & Felicity first have sex. Now, for the Olicity first kiss I was all in favor of Ponytail Felicity. I felt a signature moment like that needed a signature look. But sex…is more intimate and I want Hair Down Felicity for sex. Who’s with me?

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Any ship involving Jehan and a flower/plant shop: misunderstandings in flower language AU.

Jehan knows one thing about Bahorel, and that is that he really, really dislikes someone, or several someones, but wants to express it in the classiest manner possible.

The first time he came in, he asked for a whole bouquet of yellow carnations, and when Jehan coughed and asked if maybe he wanted some other colors in there as well, Bahorel stared at him and then shook his head sadly, like he’d missed something very important. So Jehan makes a lovely bouquet of yellow carnations all wrapped in yellow ribbon, with a little baby’s breath to soften the rejection, and Bahorel leaves beaming.

Since then, he’s asked for every disdainful flower or plant in the books, from geranium for stupidity to hydrangea for heartlessness. Every time, he beams at the bouquet, and spends a long time puzzling over what to say in the cards he always attaches, and then beams at Jehan while he pays and walks out with it.

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i mean, she's not joffrey baratheon. so that's something?

part 1 of ?

warnings for like a half second of het-sex and also being a fucking douchebag

It starts out small. So small she doesn’t even think twice.

Mary Margaret leaves thirty-five dollars out on the counter, and after it sits there for almost a full day, Emma slips one of the fives up her sleeve.

Five dollars.  That’s it.  Five dollars that Mary Margaret, with her vintage designer clothes and her organic kale, doesn’t even notice.

It starts out small.

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