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I didn’t think I was going to wind up writing a post about this because usually I find that ones that have been going around suffice, but I’d like to address this specifically in light of the fact that the bet neutrality tag has started being automatically unfollowed, and share some information that will help those who are interested in protecting net neutrality.

1. Don’t be a dick to the politicians who are still saying no to net neutrality– in written letters nor on social media. It makes you seem petty and certainly does not further the cause in any sense. You have to remember that you are addressing a human (albeit, probably a little out of touch) and consider what you’re saying and how it would sound if you were in their shoes.

2. Don’t use neutrality bots, at least Ajit Pai has started ignoring them entirely, and I imagine the others are probably going to follow suit. You are best off hand-writing a letter to the representatives from an email account that includes your full, legal name. Even if it’s something short– make sure you research and make points about why ending net neutrality is NOT going to benefit them or the policies they stand for.

3. Include a few personal reasons why ending net neutrality will harm you personally, or if you own a business, how it will negatively affect your business.

4. YES, YOU CAN EMAIL REPRESENTATIVES IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, in fact, it’s one of the few ways that minors can actively get involved with politics in the country. In fact, please do, sometimes hearing from younger children and teens can help to swing representatives– it helps to keep in touch with a younger generation.

5. If ending net neutrality does wind up happening– DON’T LET IT REST, continue to petition, speak, and resist it through legal means. It doesn’t always work, but the more kickback that representatives see to a vote can also influence their opinions on how they may vote if it comes up again.

6. Reblog posts that you see that don’t advocate the use of bots and that spread factual information about what’s happening. Which, guess what, means source checking your info of what you’re recovering. I CANNOT stress how important this is.

So you may still be asking why net neutrality is so important, which, I suppose is fair. The best answer that I can give is to do the research yourself, so that you have direct information, but I will give you a few reasons as to why it’s so important to be involved:
-Content creators, including artists, musicians, writers, etc will be impacted because internet providers can choose to charge extra money to use sites which host their art– meaning self supporting artists will lose traffic and visibility.
-Companies can limit our access to sites via pay walls and slow speeds, which can make it harder to contact family and friends in other parts of the country and world.
-Low income households may struggle to fund internet use, and many will lose it entirely.
-It inhibits the creation of jobs in internet based ventures because it is harder for companies to fund and advertise– especially when companies can choose to exclude them from their searches.
-You could lose access to certain browsers without paying for them. Ex: Yahoo, whom is owned by Verizon, may force you to pay to use browsers that are owned by other companies– such as google and fire fox.
-You may have to pay to use services such as steam, iTunes, google play, dropbox, google drive etc.
-Unemployment will rise because job searching websites may be placed under a pay wall.
-Homeless housing, libraries, and other free Wi-Fi establishments may no longer be able to provide internet because of the price jump.
-College tuition may jump in price– and instead of the funding going towards better housing or facilities, it would need to be used towards functional internet because of how much of today’s schooling requires the use of the internet.
-This could lead to a decrease in safe spaces for many people, including but not limited to– LGBT individuals, people of color, assault Victim support groups, and groups coming from certain political views.
-Many countries may look at the political process in the US with Net Neutrality and be influenced to get rid of it there as well.

… and I’m sure there are a lot more I haven’t thought about or read about. Please spread this information if you can, it does matter a great deal.


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When a suitor tries to climb the hair to meet her, she willingly cuts it off to let them fall to their deaths.

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American novelist Christopher Bollen has been awarded this year’s “Bad Sex in Fiction” award, in recognition of a sex scene from his novel The Destroyers that read in part: “The skin along her arms and shoulders are different shades of tan like water stains in a bathtub.”

The following sentence is a little spicy for NPR, but suffice to say that the narrator compares his own anatomy to a “billiard rack.”

Those ill-advised analogies earned Bollen the dubious honor of being granted the Bad Sex in Fiction award by the Literary Review. The prize was announced on Thursday; Bollard “was unable to attend the ceremony,” the Literary Review writes.

Bollen beat out stiff competition for this year’s prize. Laurent Binet described a graphic action taken by a “mouth-machine”; Venetia Welby used the phrase “diabolical torso”; Wilbur Smith used blurred watercolors as a metaphor for sexual congress.

But Bollen’s beachside scene won out.

‘Bad Sex In Fiction’ Award Goes To Novelist Who Compared Skin To Stained Bathtub

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im just going to confess something here: i love when misha or jensen starts a joke and then the other one finishes it, in a way. i don't know if you get me? thanks for reading this tho :)

Oooh no – I get you! And I love it too!

Like when one says something snarky,  so the other plays right along …

Or when they tell that same damn story a million FUCKING times, and the other always has to give a performance just so we all know what they’re talking about …  never realizing that YES, WE ALWAYS KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!

Or when they just forget that other people are around at all …

Or when they take turns telling the same story, finding new ways to tease each other as they go …

Or when they use props to help make a joke …

Or the times that you’re pretty sure they scripted something– just for an easy laugh …

Or when they actually have a script right in front of them,  but they both get the same idea on how to make it funnier …

But most of all,  I love the times when it’s obvious that they know the other so damn well,  that they don’t even have to be making eye contact in order to make us crack up…

So yeah,  Nonny– I totally get you.


Stress Relief

Moon, Mars, Saturn, Ceres, 5th house cusp, or 6th house cusp may apply.

The majority of these things may work for everybody but I’m listing them as most effective for specific signs based on their rulerships & such.

ARIES: physical activity / physical exertion through sports, fitness, or sex; thrill & excitement, adrenaline; creativity; dynamic motion (not necessarily of the body, sometimes even driving in a car suffices); decisive action & choice.

TAURUS: relaxation, luxury, indulgence, physical pleasure, sensory stimulation; creativity, art in general, working with the hands; nature, animals; making or listening to music, singing; physical comfort and affection; sleep.

GEMINI: speech, conversation, jokes & humor; variety, distractions, multi-tasking, activating & challenging many parts of the brain/mind at once; absorbing new information, methods, technique, trivia, and so on; background noise.

CANCER: emotional expression (crying, yelling, venting, etc).; nurturing / taking care of others OR being nurtured / taken care of; cuddling, physical affection, cradling / being cradled; sleeping; soft, safe, and comfortable atmospheres.

LEO: no-pressure performance; self-expression in any form (fashion, speech / conversation, creativity & art, etc); praise & encouragement (given or received); self-esteem exercises; positive energizing interpersonal connection.

VIRGO: problem-solving, puzzle-solving, rationalizing, analyzing; cleaning, organizing, doing chores, practicing good hygiene; self-care, nurturing the physical body, making healthy decisions; relaxation, breathing exercises.

LIBRA: expressing their thoughts; beautification (of self or surroundings); partnership, teamwork, receiving or giving advice, harmonious cooperation; diplomatic debates, peaceful social interaction, pleasant conversations.

SCORPIO: intimacy, sex / sexual release, safe emotional bonding; much alone time, privacy, peace & quiet; expressing their emotions somehow, sometimes vicariously; actively debilitating and/or healing the source of their stress.

SAGITTARIUS: getting away from the source of stress in big or little ways (vacation or even just taking a walk); finding meaning in the situation / their feelings, philosophizing; humor, release through laughter, playful banter.

CAPRICORN: dealing with & reducing the source of stress directly; support, encouragement, warmth & attention, being reminded of their worth; concrete rewards; planning, having solid goals & safety nets, priorities; delegating tasks.

AQUARIUS: community, teamwork, widespread cooperation, a large support system, sharing their circumstance with others somehow; knowing their place & value; having an important purpose & a clear vision; understanding, awareness.

PISCES: removing themselves from reality to recharge through dreams, fantasy, art, or substances; creativity, imagination; emotional expression, often through creativity; crystal healing, meditation, chakra readjustment; sleeping.

When you get that random urge to research your gods, listen to it. You may feel like you’re well versed in the mythos (and maybe you are) but there’s always something to learn and, more often than not, that feeling is the gods wanting you to find out some new bit of info or look at a different perspective. What I love about the gods is their fluidity and how much they can change in your eyes.

My 10 yr old nephew’s thoughts on Reylo while watching The Last Jedi


I took my 10 year old nephew to see The Last Jedi and he is s very fun and vocal little boy. When explosions happen in movies, he yells with excitement, when the bad guys are on screen, he says “That guy is MEAN!” making the whole theater giggle. So suffice it to say he had a lot of things to say during The Last Jedi. Mostly about Kylo Ren. And you’ll note he really likes saying “Oh snap!” LOL!

It was a blast watching Star Wars with a kid. And it’s proof Star Wars really is for kids and understood best and most simply by their little minds!

Here is what he had to say!

When Kylo Ren goes to kills Leai:

Nephew: “Is he gonna kill her? That’s his mom? Oh he’s a bad guy.”

When Kylo doesn’t kill Leia:

Nephew: “Oh no he’s a good guy!”

About Snoke’s first scene with Kylo Ren:

Nephew: “Why is he so mean to that guy.”

Me: “That’s the guy that didn’t kill his mom. Kylo Ren”

Nephew: “Why is he so sad?”

About the second force bond scene between Rey and Kylo:

Nephew: “Do they like eachother?”

Me: “ya.”

Nephew: “Gross.”

When Luke walks in on Rey and Kylo:

Nephew: “Are Skywalkers good or bad?”

Me: “What do you think?”

Nephew: “I don’t know.”

When Rey attacks Luke:

Nephew: “Oh Snap! SHE’S MAD.”

When Rey and Kylo are in the elevator:

Nephew: *loudly* “Oh great! They’re gonna kiss! Gross!”

Me: “ SHHH

Theater: *laughing*

When Snoke is torturing Rey:

Nephew: “Oh no! Why is he hurting her? Is she going to die?”

Me: “Just watch.”

Nephew: “I can’t! Kylo! Help!”

*theater laughs again*

When Kylo kills Snoke and saves Rey:

Nephew: “OH SNAP! I knew it! I knew it! He’s a good guy!” *eyes glued to the screen jumping and cheering as Kylo and Rey work together*

When Kylo reaches his hand out to Rey asking her to join him:

Nephew: “Awwww. He’s just lonely.”

Me: “So is she.”

Nephew: “Ya.”

When Luke dies:

Nephew: “He’s not dead. He went into those suns!”

Last force bond scene when Rey closes the door on Kylo:

Nephew: “That’s sad.”

End of movie:

Nephew: “That was awesome!!!”

Me: “Who was your fave?”

Nephew: “BB! And Kylo Ren.”

Me: “Do you think he’s evil?”

Nephew: “No he’s just sad.”

Me: “The girl made him happy.”

Nephew: “Ya because they like eachother.”

My 10 year old nephew gets Kylo Ren. Gets Reylo.

Kylo’s not evil, he’s just lonely. He’s just sad. And Rey makes him happy.

My work is done here.

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