Toby Stephens really deserves every single award for his portrayal of James McGraw/Flint. The range of emotion he can express with such minimal expressions blows my mind. (via @amuseoffyre‘s post <3)

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When Trini's family is too much Kim makes her coffe and brings her doughnuts

Lazy proofing, y’all should be used to my grammatical errors by now, anyway, I hope this suffices your donut and trimberly needs

Kim knew all about Trini’s bad days. She knew all about Trini’s home life. She knew about her coming out, how her parents brushed it to the side, how they said she’d marry a nice man when she was older, how her sexuality was a phase, she’d grow up eventually. Kimberly knew about her over protective mother, who would say things and do things to drive Trini away. Those were the days Trini wouldn’t come home, she’d spend time at Zack’s trailer, helping take care of his mother and take care of him, she’d ditch school, do tai chi or yoga above the space ship, on the cliff’s face. Today was one of those days.

First Trini didn’t show up for school, that was the first tell. She wasn’t in bio, one of the only classes they had together, one of the classes Kim looked forward to most of the day. Kim knew she had a crush on Trini, which was not helpful. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed and sad that Trini wasn’t in bio, or that she wasn’t in school at all. The day dragged along, a pit growing in Kimberly’s stomach, which she avoided, her little crush wasn’t going to get in the way of school, no matter how sad or slightly betrayed she felt about Trini not showing up.

The second tell was Trini not replying to Kim’s texts. The girls texted back and forth often, and very rarely did one of them not text back. The pit in Kimberly’s stomach grew a little, was Trini mad at her? Did she say something to put her off? Maybe Trini realized what a horrible person Kim was and decided not to deal with her outside of being a ranger. Kim tried remembering if there was anything she had said, but she fell short. Maybe Trini had realized how horrible she was and started ignoring her, she wouldn’t be the first. Kim went on the rest of the day feeling guilty and pitiful for herself, but there was some worry beginning to bubble in her stomach.

The third and final tell, which put everything into place, was when Kim called Zack, asking if he had seen Trini at all. Whenever Trini was having an off day, a day fighting with her parents, or a day were she just needed an escape, she’d go to Zack’s trailer, or hike the cliff faces, but she wouldn’t ever leave without dropping by to see Zack, who spent most of his time at the abandoned trains. So when she called Zack, his response is what caused the seed of worry in her stomach to grow.

“I saw her climbing the cliff faces today, but she looked different, she didn’t look sad, she just looked lost, afraid, confused almost. She didn’t say anything to me, I don’t even think she knew I was there. I’m worried Kim, that isn’t like her.” Zack said, Zack Taylor, the embodiment of the 100 emoji, his voice trembling with worry. Kim knew she had to see Trini, she had to know she was okay, she knew she had to make her feel better, she wanted to at least comfort her.

That night, Kim bought a pack of powdered donuts from krispy kreme, and poured hot chocolate into a thermos, and drove to Trini’s house, making sure not to alert Trini’s parents, Kim took the donuts and hot chocolate, and climbed up to Trini’s bedroom window. She could see Trini lying on her bed, clad in black sweatpants and a yellow t-shirt, typical. Trini’s eyes were open, and she was staring at the ceiling, seemingly lost in thought. Kimberly lightly knocked on the window, trying her best not to alert Trini’s parents. Trini’s head snapped to the window, visibly startled, but her expression softened quickly once she realizes it was only Kimberly. Kimberly could see the smallest smile on Trini’s face, just thinking about how her presence made Trini soften and smile, made Kimberly’s heart swell twice its size. Trini slowly got off her bed and opened the window, immediately asking.

“What are you doing here?” Her face is throughly perplexed but her eyes land on the donuts and hot chocolate and something flashes in her eyes, something similar to astonishment. It is gone as soon as it appears, but Kimberly finds herself still staring at her warm brown eyes, and the small smile playing on her lips, which look so soft and welcoming, Kimberly could feel her body moving closer, but she stops herself when she realizes she had been staring without saying anything.

“Hey um I..uh..I brought donuts.” Kimberly manages to say, her voice stuttering. Trini’s eyes widen as she lets Kimberly in. Kimberly knows not to ask about what happened during the day, she knew not to press, knowing that Trini would wall up and retreat into her shell, so Kimberly just gave her the hot chocolate as they ate the powdered donuts, laughing softly, putting powder on the others faces. Kimberly just stared at Trini, the powder sprayed across her warm brown skin, her dark brown locks curled around her small face, and Kimberly could think of nothing else besides kissing off the powder smeared across her face and lips, but that could wait, that could wait for another day, so she just stared and ate donuts, both of the girls in their own bliss, as the night faded away.

So I know Stretch likes lollipops. Usually the Orange or Raspberry flavored ones. Not typically the soft sweet ones, but the ones that have a bit of bite. If without lollipops, he likes the Hersey’s Oreo chocolate bars!
Blue loves cotton candy! He loves the taste, the fluff, the look, the smell! All of it! If he doesn’t have any, he usually likes fruit flavored candies. Like gummy worms, or lollipops.
Sans likes chocolate. It’s not his favorite food, but he’s not much of a sweet eater. So chocolate suffices. Usually dark chocolate though. The less sugar, the better. But he doesn’t like fudge that much. Just like… 40 to 45% dark chocolate is good for him.
Papyrus LOVES chocolate too. But he likes the much lighter, sugary, milky chocolates. The less percentage of chocolate there is, the better. But he doesn’t like white chocolate. He doesn’t like the after taste.
Boss likes Cinnamon Drops. ‘Nuff said.
Red likes chocolate covered cherries. If you can’t find those, you should get him Twizzlers. He appreciate their existence.
Puppy prefers energy drinks. They don’t affect him much. Caffeine doesn’t do much for him, and he’s not a coffee drinker. If anything, it makes him tired. So just get him a Monster.
Raspberry likes cereal bars. Every cereal bar you can come up with. As long as none of them contain mint. He hates mint.

short Alpha!Atsumu + Omega!Reader (SFW)

surprisingly SFW lmao

Ever since you found an alpha that you can trust, he’s been helping you ween off your suppressants. “A regular cycle is a healthy one,” he’d said, his finger tracing a tempting trail down your jaw.  Something so natural shouldn’t be dictated by man-made hormones if one’s schedule could help it.

“But,” Atsumu amends, “no harm in staying on birth control.” He waggles his dark eyebrows at you then, simultaneously ridiculous and erotically promising.

You laugh, then, because it’s one thing for an alpha to “go with the flow” of their rut, but it’s a completely different matter for an omega to be swept away by the crashing tide of their heat.

So, suffice to say, you don’t recognize the beginnings of your heat just yet. Before work, Atsumu spends an indecently long time with his nose buried against your neck and his lips sucking tiny marks just below your neckline. Your whole body tingles, but that isn’t exactly new when it comes to him

When you finally pry yourself away from his wandering hands, that tingle becomes just an itch that won’t go away, steadily growing more bothersome the more you try to alleviate it. When you’re out to lunch with your friend and coworker Motoya, you’re uncomfortable enough that he takes notice.

“Hey, ______, is everything–”

“Yeah,” you interrupt. You shift in your seat and cross your legs, trying to find a comfortable position. When you rub at the back of your neck, you find it covered with fine beads of sweat. 

You don’t catch Motoya tilting his head upward as he subtly sniffs the air. 

“Maybe you should go home early. I can help you out–”

He reaches for your wrist, but before his fingers completely close around it, you jolt away.

“No!” Your knees bump the table, clattering the dishes and silverware embarrassingly. “No, it’s okay.”

You give him a smile that convinces him to stop his line of questioning, but the rest of lunch still manages a slight awkwardness.

It isn’t until your finally seated back at your desk after lunch that it really hits you, in full force.

just a quick psa

today I finally realized that my free trial on (the website I use to make my storyboards) is expiring and I can’t get the full subscription for various reasons.

And after a lot of anxiety and panic I have figured out a new method to share my boards. It’s not as elegant, BUT .. it will suffice until I find an even better solution.

I just really wanna keep making these storyboards and share them with you guys!!!

From now on you can access my existing boards via google drive (I’ve already swapped the links if anyone wondered) and I will take pictures/scans of my template pages (bc I just love doing these things on paper sorry).

The only problem might be the marginal notes … I will do my best so you can decipher them, I SWEAR 

Sorry for all the inconveniences, I hope you guys will still continue to enjoy my stroyboards, despite the ‘new’ format. 

I love you guys so much! Thanks in advance!

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im just going to confess something here: i love when misha or jensen starts a joke and then the other one finishes it, in a way. i don't know if you get me? thanks for reading this tho :)

Oooh no – I get you! And I love it too!

Like when one says something snarky,  so the other plays right along …

Or when they tell that same damn story a million FUCKING times, and the other always has to give a performance just so we all know what they’re talking about …  never realizing that YES, WE ALWAYS KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!

Or when they just forget that other people are around at all …

Or when they take turns telling the same story, finding new ways to tease each other as they go …

Or when they use props to help make a joke …

Or the times that you’re pretty sure they scripted something– just for an easy laugh …

Or when they actually have a script right in front of them,  but they both get the same idea on how to make it funnier …

But most of all,  I love the times when it’s obvious that they know the other so damn well,  that they don’t even have to be making eye contact in order to make us crack up…

So yeah,  Nonny– I totally get you.


~ SPN 12x15 coda ~

This is my voicemail. Make your voice…a mail.

Dean pursed his lips and pulled his phone away from his ear. Three missed calls…where was Cas? 

Usually, if he was not back home by this time – Dean tapped his screen. 10:47 pm – then he was at a hotel for the night. By now, Cas would have texted Dean to check in. To let him know that everything was all right. Maybe he was too tired to carry on an actual conversation. Maybe that’s why he sounded off on the phone earlier,

After a moment of staring at his phone, Dean opened it up and found the messages between himself and Cas. No reason he couldn’t text Cas first, right?

10:48 pm // Any more news about Dagon?

He stared at his screen until it went black. Sighing, Dean set his cell down on his nightstand and pulled off his flannel shirt, tossing it on the foot of his bed. He toed off his heavy boots and kicked them away before he tugged off his jeans. As he sat down, he glanced over at his phone.

Still no notification. Maybe Cas’ phone was dead?

Dean slipped under the covers and sat still for a second before reaching under and yanking off his socks. He threw them across the room and rested his arm behind his head. He stared at the ceiling for a long while, watching the shadows from the lamp creep over the popcorn ceiling.

His phone buzzed. Twice. 

Dean jolted up and rubbed his eyes with one hand and grabbed his cell with the other. His shoulders sagged as he rested his phone on his knee. It was only Crowley. If he actually wanted to talk to Dean, he would call him – several times in succession until Dean picked up, judging by past experiences. 

Dean unlocked his phone with a swipe of his thumb and his eyes fell to Cas’ contact picture. It was one that Dean took who know how many moths ago during a lull in a research session. In the picture, Cas was glaring over the top of Sam’s computer at Dean in response to his endless attempts to get his attention. 

“Hey, Cas,” he said, clearing his throat. He glanced up at his closed bedroom door before continuing. “I…I know it’s been a while since I’ve prayed. But that’s because you’ve been here. And, well…you’re gone now.”

He frowned, tapping his phone on his knee. Yes, Dean talked to him today – just hours ago, even – but something was wrong. Sam did not seem to notice, but Dean did. “I don’t know what to do,” he said, though not necessarily to Cas. 

“I need you here, man. You help me, you know? More than I’ll ever be able to say.” His eyes darted up to the ceiling and back down to the phone. “I’m over-reacting, huh?…You’re probably just tired.” Dean gave his phone a half-hearted smile, his eyes drooping in exhaustion. He really should try to sleep soon.

12:12 am, his phone read when he tapped the screen. He hesitated for only a second after unlocking it before he decided to call Cas again. Dean’s fingers tightened around his phone as he raised it to his ear. “Come on, buddy. Pick up.” 

His plea was answered by the trilly dial-tone, which rang three times before there was a soft click on the other end. Dean’s breath hitched in anticipation as Cas said, This is my voicemail. Make you – 

He hung up the phone and tossed it away. It bounced off the pillow next to him and onto the bed. Dean rubbed his hands over his face, sighing. “Where are you, Cas?”


Sam/Jack + similarities | part 2 of 2


Look! It’s Bendy, that little dancin’ devil darlin’ and Boris the Wolf, here to sing a silly song! I wonder what wacky adventures those two will end up in today! 

Love this game and these two <3

Pregnancy starters!
  • “How did this happen?”
  • “Oh my god!!”
  • “Is it mine?…”
  • “Honey… We’ve never had sex.”
  • “What am i gonna tell —?…”
  • “My water broke-!”
  • “I AM PUSHING!!”
  • “Stay calm?! STAY CALM?!”
  • “You’re not the one holding a dorks baby.”
  • “Can i feel it kick?”
  • “I’ve never been happier!”
  • “What if mom/dad finds out?!”
  • “I.. Don’t know if i can stay with you now, —…”
  • “Look! You can read it right there, it says positive!”
  • “Don’t you DARE walk out after making me this way!”
  • “Come here, I’ve got a surprise for you.”
  • “So.. ..We’re gonna have a baby?…”
  • “I-I’m not crying!”
  • “I’ll take good care of both of you.”
  • “Aw, what are you going to name it?”
  • “God, I’m so sore.”
  • “How is it this big?! I’m only two weeks in!”
  • “Honey, can you make the food tonight? Again?”
  • “Well, are you gonna get rid of it?”
  • “Well, YOU gained weight.”
  • “Can’t get me back! I’m pregnant!”
  • “We’re not naming it after your dog.”
  • “How is this even possible?!”
  • “We can all take part, who said a mother and father were the only ones able to raise a baby?”