The animal I am about to show you is one of nature’s most skilled predators. So ruthless, so prolific, and so cruel that some have called its species “nature’s little serial killers”. This species’ entire relationship with humans was founded on how damn good it is at killing pest animals. Suffice to say, there is graphic content ahead.

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Do you have any stories about your grandpa?

My grandpa was usually the only person to see me ice skate or motivate me to keep skating. I remember him recording my first jump. Donno if that suffices but.. I thought I would share why he is my agape. He always helped me up when others pushed me down.


So one of the larger things to come out of the Death of Superman was John Henry Irons, Steel, who I’ll talk more about later. But suffice to say that his life sucks. His grandparents were murdered, his parents died in a car accident, and his brother was killed in a drive-by. “JUST BECOME A SUPERHERO ALREADY!” the DC Universe screams as it prepares to run over his dog.

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🔞 Because of course ;)

“In another of my more… Suggestive outfits?

Very well.

I -suppose-, should the mood take me, and simple undressing simply will not suffice… I’m no stranger to dressing in something a little more… Difficult, to remove. Suspenders and a corset call to my more… Ah.. Dominant, tendencies in the bedroom. I’ve always been told that i’ve a certain look in my eye, when i crave such matters…

And i hear no argument, from my Husband.”

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On the subject of your theory that Euron will die at the God's Eye, would the Duel over the God's Eye be foreshadowing? A one-eyed kinslayer (I know Euron has both eyes but you get the idea) met his fate there, as did Daemon, who has some similarities to Euron. And of course two dragonriders. Any other similarities?

There’s also the nearby presence of Harrenhal, a testament to grandiose Ironborn ambitions cut short by the arrival of a dragonriding Targaryen. Suffice to say there are many different resonances here that make me think this is where Euron and Dany are headed. 

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U have a therapy license?

I don’t feel comfortable disclosing any aspect of my education or certification history, some of y'all get a little wild cuz u can’t handle being wrong, but suffice to say I’m college educated, the end 💘

Infinite- Contrast on dA

The last of Infinite girls!  The gang’s all here~  Evy belongs to @syntaxeme

Encouraging, resilient, open-minded. Evy is a role model and confidant to her three much younger step-siblings, a job she takes very seriously. Being Afro-Latina and having gone back and forth between her parents after their divorce, she’s come to recognize and appreciate the difference between the two cultures, as well as the things they have in common. Growing up this way also taught her not to dismiss someone else’s perspective just because it comes from a different place. She has no tolerance for willful hate, but she does her best to meet ignorance with education rather than shaming. Her position as a cheerleader makes her very easily-accessible to the rest of the student body, which she embraces. Suffice it to say she can’t really go anywhere on campus without seeing someone she knows.

Evy is currently on her third major, still figuring out what she wants to do. She’s studying early developmental education and enjoying it more than expected. However, she holds her extracurricular activity in nearly as high regard as her academics; she’s been a cheerleader (a base and a tumbler) since high school and loves being part of a team, being relied on by her flyers, etc. There are certain girls on the squad who consistently ridicule and ostracize her for being a lesbian, but she’s still trying to patiently educate them rather than retaliate with more negativity.

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When Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had already been there a long time, he said to him, “Do you want to be healed?”

John 5:6 

“Do you want to be healed?” 

For the invalid man at the pool of Bethesda, the answer may seem a bit obvious, making Jesus’ question seem a bit… unnecessary? He’s been invalid for 38 years. He’s been regarded as cursed by God for the majority of His life. Does he want to be healed? Just three letters will suffice to answer this question:


But underlying this obvious question and its’ seemingly instinctive and obvious answer lies many weighty implications. Being healed means a change in status for this man. It means readjusting to a society that has shunned him for so long. It means returning to an estranged family. It means a complete paradigm shift in lifestyle and function. It means more work, more worry, & more responsibility. 

What about us? What are the areas of our lives where the cross of Christ is inescapably shouting to our weary hearts this very question:

“Do you want to be healed?” 

How eager are we to respond:


But being healed means a change in status for us. It means forgiving people who have wounded us deeply. It means loving the unlovable. It means extending grace to those who do not deserve it. It means sacrificial living. It means covenant-loyalty to our covenant-King. It means carrying our cross.

This question is intentionally loaded. The maker of every heart just so happens to be the best heart surgeon in the business. 5 stars on Yelp. So beware how you answer it. But let’s be honest. The truth is that in our selfishness, we prefer being comfortable over being cured. Sometimes, it’s just simpler and easier being an invalid. 

So what will swoon this selfish heart? What will make the payout greater than the price to pay? What will melt our hearts to willingly and joyfully accept the price of our healing?

The price of our healing. We will only joyfully submit to the cost of being healed when we deeply understand what it cost to heal us. 

So what did it cost Jesus to heal us?

Healing us meant the ultimate change in status - that Jesus did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a servant. It meant forgiving the very people who would wound Him, by bearing their wounds. It meant loving the unlovable and taking on their ugliness to make them lovely. It meant embodying and becoming the extended Grace of God to those who did not deserve it. It meant sacrificing His life. It meant covenant-loyalty to covenant-breakers. It meant carrying the cross, in our place. 

“Do you want to be healed?”


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The Larents, part 5. Bedtime Stories.

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