Power Trip- Suffer No Fool


Power Trip - Suffer No Fool

All I need -
Is something, to keep me movin’ on
In a world where violence reigns
And everybody seems so strange to me
Said the man
Who feel him a fool -
He be the wise man
For the man
Who don’t feel him a fool, he
Control his destiny
But he’s too cool for himself.

This weapon of destruction
Swallows people’s suffering
And oh, the confusion
You ain’t winnin’ if you’re losin’
We don’t need -
Said the man
Who feel him a fool, he -
For he be the wiseman
For the man
Who don’t think he’s a fool he
Control his destiny
But he’s too cool for himself

—  Slightly Stoopid - “Wiseman”

anonymous asked:

Did Swen really do all that they are blaming us for, like harrassing Sean and making Lana cry and hating On Jen and the writers, and getting photoshoots cancelled? Is that all true?


Some fans behaved poorly with Sean Maguire but even he would tell you (and he did me) that he knew it was a handful of people and not the fandom.  The photoshoots had nothing to do with fan protests and everything to do with the con announcing them before checking with JMo.  

Lana is a tough Brooklyn girl who has absolutely no trouble defending herself and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.  She has repeatedly embraced all of her fans as hers.  JMo is a reserved woman who had poor experiences with fans on House and is practically allergic to ship wars because of it.  She’s never called out SQ shippers.  She has called out others.  

And everyone harasses the writers from all parts of fandom because the writers are to cowardly to tell us all that we have no influence on the story.  Which we don’t.

anonymous asked:

Hi Puffy, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your cheeky sense of humor. I also appreciate that you don't suffer fools gladly. I've blocked you know who so I can't see her bile, but I gather she's all over you today with her "minions." Hang in there lady, your fans are counting on you to keep on keepin' on! Public service announcement: This comment was not written by Puffy.

Thank you!!!

anonymous asked:

What is this spirit guide of yours?

A spirit guide is usually an animal mine is the raven. A guide comes in dreams and visions. In my opinion they are probably part of our race memory from a time when our ancestors lived among them. I do not believe that they are supernatural in origin. I think they are archetypes manifested in our dreams. A vision is a kind of waking dream. All societies have recognized them, the Romans, Greeks, Celts, Africans, Indigenous Australians, Norse and Native American tribes all had totems.

Raven is a trickster. He is a bit of a smart ass and on the sarcastic side. His advice is usually good but he does not suffer fools gladly. He has no patience for self pity. He can even be mocking and occasionally cruel. He does not come when summoned. He comes when he comes. Often in times of crisis.

I know this sounds crazy coming from someone who has very little good to say about new age nonsense but I have seen what I have seen. I do not argue with experiences out of my normal range of experience. I just accept them, try to make sense of them the best I can and then leave it alone.

The team-bates blog got this Anon, and I’d rather my rambles be contained in this blog so here we go:

Anon: “Just curious, why do you like Anna and bates so much?”

I was intrigued by them from the very first episode. Bates came to the house just looking for a job and trying to live his life quietly and everyone was against him - except Anna. Anna has always been kind and caring, and I was immediately drawn to that. When she shakes his hand when O’Brien wouldn’t, right at their introduction, I had a feeling that they’d be love interests. They are as Joanne says, “good people:” Anna is compassionate, strong-willed, brave, dedicated, and hardworking, but yet sassy and doesn’t suffer fools gladly; John is devoted, protective, respectful, gentle, loyal, and passionate, but yet self-deprecating.

Their relationship starts off as friends, grows into more, and when Anna proclaims, “Because I love you, Mr. Bates. I know it’s not ladylike to say it, but I’m not a lady and I don’t pretend to be,” (and he replies, “You are a lady to me. And I never knew a finer one.”), that just stole my heart away and they become my favorite fictional pairing of all time. In a time when it’s not proper for her to express her feelings, she does so anyway, and he loves her even more for it.

They have this alchemy that shows just how in love they are with each other throughout the years. They have gone through a lot, but their love for each other is so strong, and they have supported each other through everything. They have a marriage of equals, and you can see how much they admire one another. They are each other’s best friend, and are extremely loyal and willing to sacrifice themselves for one another. It’s so unconditional and almost too hard to put into words. 

I shall end my rambles there before I go into a fully detailed essay. :)

anonymous asked:

I keep seeing all these posts and messages and everything saying that Tom is a gentleman. You've met him more than once, is it true? I don't just mean nice to fans (which he clearly is), but just being around him, his mannerisms and everything, is he a gentleman?

I have met him twice now within the last year, and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) in December too. EVERY single person I have ever spoken with/read the testimony of regarding meeting and spending time with Tom has said how nice he is. Even people who met him randomly and weren’t really aware of him as an actor, and a lot of these are other men. I’m sure he is a normal human being with faults aplenty, but he really seems to be a genuinely nice and polite person, the kind that opens doors for others and sees good in everyone, and gets it back in kind. I betcha bottom dollar that he doesn’t suffer fools gladly though, as he’s pretty astute.

He has the “je ne sais quoi”, the “va-va-voom” - basically he’s the dog’s bollocks.

Haha I’ll try to crawl out of his backside now!! XD

Haha just really not suffering those fools today.

Looks like a pajamas and popcorn on the porch sort of night. Is there some kind of alcohol that starts with P I can drink to keep with my theme? Pwhiskey?