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Dr. William Sack on Kip Kinkel
In his psychological evaluation of 15 year old mass shooter Kip Kinkel, Dr. William Sack cited paranoid schizophrenia as a psychological disorder that Kinkel suffered from, as well as a contributive factor to his crimes. He noted that Kinkel also experienced prominent symptoms of depression that often worsened his schizophrenic psychosis as they arose.
Kinkel had evidently been hearing voices consistently since he was twelve years old. He told Dr. Sack that there were 3 different male voices that he heard regularly. One that would insult and berate him, another that encouraged him to kill, and a third that would repeat or respond to the other two voices. Along with his hallucinations, Kip Kinkel also developed delusions that were paranoid in nature. Dr. Sack recorded a total of five main delusions that he observed in Kinkel, all of which made him paranoid. The most noteable delusion was his belief that there was a chip implanted in his brain. This delusion derived from an attempted rationalization of the voices that he’d been hearing since age 12.
Dr. Sack concluded that Kip Kinkel’s schizophrenic tendencies directly influenced his crimes. He felt that the buildup of stress and the development of the psychosis had overwhelmed Kinkel’s self control.
After being convicted of the murder of his parents and those killed in the mass shooting, along with attempted murder of those injured, Kinkel was sentenced to 111 years without parole. He was put on atypical antipsychotics and antidepressants including Olanzapine. Dr. Sack reported a positive response to the medication on his visit ten days into treatment, as Kinkel told him the voices became much less aggressive and persistent.

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That night, you found yourself wide awake in bed. Your mind had been bombarded with everything Kylo had confessed to you. The only thing you could see in your mind was how he treated you. Nothing but Kylo took over your thoughts. It got to a point where all you wanted was Kylo there to put you to sleep…

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Something I’ve noticed a lot is that when we go through really tough times, we always question God. Did you know that God loves all of us and only wants the best for us? He is all-knowing, he knows everything that will happen from our first breath to our last. We go through these trials and tribulations so we grow to realize that we need to rely on him more and strengthen our faith in god, not because He hates us. We were given free will but, we were made to follow him from the beginning. Always keep in mind that the next time you are going through a really rough and hard time. Nothing on this earth lasts forever. God’s love for us is FOREVER.