suffer the wrath

Stiles has a tendency to yell, “TRUST FALL!” and falls back onto members of the pack.
Derek catches him every time without fail.
Scott tries but it often just ends up with the two of them lying in a heap on the floor laughing at their failure.
Peter purposely steps aside to watch Stiles hit the ground. Isaac used to do the same but quickly learned his lesson when he did it one time in front of Derek and suffered the wrath of his alpha when Derek came to the defence of his mate (even though Stiles told him it was okay and laughed it off).

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Did I say FIGHT? I prolly meant fite. 

My one friend told me Sasster needed to go in the trash. Somehow Static and her weirdness obliged. Sorry for this terrible reply. I REALLY wanted to finish this and then of course I got hit by a stomach virus. FEEL MY SUFFERING WRATH U SASSY JERK <3

welp time for me Static to pay lol. @the-noise-maker hope you’re also enjoying this fiasco!

TFP Starscream was shown going online so I like to imagine him commenting on gossip blogs or pictures/videos and the like.

“Rihanna may wear whatever pleases her!”

“You cannot even comprehend how ‘on fleek’ my eyebrows are!!”

“Tell me where I may find the Rare Pepe or suffer my wrath!!”

“No one gives The Lego Movie the credit it deserves! That movie should reign over all the others!!!”

heads up im gonna be posting a few league clips soon because im too lazy to download a video editing program and make it one video but basically i was playing ori last night after we lost like four games in a row and i was good and pissed and therefore someone had to suffer my wrath

Rumplestiltskin had been ruling over this town for over a century, and he thought he did a pretty good job ruling over it. He was definitely an improvement over the last ruler… However every once in a while he lost his temper, and he took it out on his subjects. Today, the one that would suffer his wrath was the baker….

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for that last Yoi Bahamut AU. What if Viktor was the one to imprison Yuri in the ice... so No one would touch him and that he'd remain forever young and immortal like Magician!Viktor.... and that the person who came to save Yuri too... is going to suffer Viktor's wrath!!

You talk about Siroite’s art? :) I was also wondering if it was like that xD
but omg noooo viktor would never harm yuuri in any way ;v; 
I think he rather spend the sharing life they could have together than staying forever together but without being able to reach him……he would feel too lonely ;v;

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I want to bare knuckle fight with you.

“Not a horrible request, dear Vulkan. I may have some reach on your smaller hyuran arms though. Whenever you would like to do so, I am more than ready to suffer your wrath. Bring all that you have and I will make sure we end up with a few more scars to tell around the fire.” 


Humor and Hijinks Festival

Carmen, her sister Mallory, and nephew Oliver all headed to the festival together! Of course, Mallory ditched Carmen with Oliver to grab a drink but Carmen didn’t mind since Mallory has to suffer his wrath all the time. She spent some time showing Oli the fireworks but after about an hour he got really grumpy and kept pushing Carmen away, but she looked after him despite his childish antics.

“Aw, come here and let me love you, you little chub!”

tbh i just really want to know what revenge of cataclysmic proportions the outsider enacted on the men who sacrificed him to the void?? they were probably expecting gold and great gifts and instead suffered the wrath of an extremely pissed off 15 year old who just bonded with one of the most powerful forces of the world…like…you’re fucked 

Irreconcilability // Stripedsniper

        This whole situation was fucked.

    And Sebastian couldn’t even remember how he’d gotten himself into it. The last thing he remembered was setting up in that abandoned hotel, lining up his shot and then, nothing.

The next thing he knew, he was slumped against some alley wall. No doubt someone had coshed him in the back of the head, but while his rifle was gone, his SW9VE was still firmly in it’s holster, and he still had his knife as well. If someone had hit him to neutralise the danger, they certainly hadn’t done a very bloody good job of it. Perhaps they’d thought they killed him. Incompetents.

And so there he was, stalking down the streets of London in a foul mood, eager to retrieve his rifle and finish the job, else suffer his boss’ wrath and no small amount of personal embarrassment. He shoved a cigarette into his mouth, pausing in the action as he heard someone say his name.

His head swivelled around to the man, who seemed to be just passing through, and very clearly not even looking at him. Sebastian was a rare name to find out in the wild. He looked around for the poor bastard who got saddled with it.

Sebastian’s unlit cigarette nearly fell out of his mouth at the sight. Job and rifle forgotten, he strode quickly towards the other, before he could get away, “Oi!” He shouted, doing the only thing any reasonable, rational man would do in this situation, he threw a punch at his doppelgänger.