suffer on acid
Acid attacks are on the rise in Britain
Experts say that in the U.K., the perpetrators are mainly young men targeting young men.

Twenty people at a packed nightclub here suffered chemical burns from an acid-like substance thrown at them on April 17, an attack that authorities say reflects a frightening trend.

Toxic substances such as drain cleaner are being used as weapons more frequently, apparently as a result of a crackdown on guns and knives in recent years.

Metropolitan Police figures from March show attacks involving corrosive fluids in London jumped 74% from 261 in 2015 to 454 in 2016 — a huge spike from 166 in 2014. Across Britain, such attacks increased 30% between 2012 and 2015, according to the London Times.

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Hi bby! Can you tell us what Headcanons or fics you're working on right now?! Love you!! 🐳🐳

OOoo I like this ask!!! because it isn’t asking for MOre !! aaa thank u anon this is a very nice ask. 

Fics I’m working on:

  • I’m working on a nsfw fanfic of Saeyoung for @zens-ponytail
  • Saeyoung fic with him being an agent in a bar lol 
  • Saeran fic (can’t specify) 
  • I’ve got a few chapters of a slowburn romance for Zen and (you). They’re all short chapters that is all about from friendship-to-romance. I’m not very confident in it tho lmaoooksdfka

Headcanons I’m working on (I’m working on them all, but these are the big ones (like the very long headcanons I’m o so famous for)):

  • Saeran+V being proposed to by MC
  • some NSFW headcanons 
  • MC with an eating disorder
  • RFA tickling MC 
  • MC suffering from an acid attack 
  • camping with RFA
  • Like 50000 matchups 

ART I’m working on (tho u didnt ask lmao):

  • Song-comic for Saeyoung 
  • Saeyoung + Yoosung + MC selfie 
  • My MC character 
  • comic for Jumins route
Size may or may not matter
What you need to know:

A random pocket dimension where the players size continues to change randomly appears at the next door the players open.

How it begins:

The next time a player opens a door, maybe within a dungeon or a tavern, anything, they will see, instead what they expected, a random pocket dimension.


The sit above a planet, the atmosphere just skimming the horizon. The players view this world as if they are 100 kilometers tall and the door 1000 kilometers above the world.

  • -A-
    If players jump or climb out of the door, they fall 1000 kilometers to the surface of the world becoming a giant meteor crashing into the surface, leaving a huge creator and tearing up the planet for kilometers in every direction - which to the players, given their size, is the equivalent of 10 meters.
  • Every player who falls suffers D6 fall damage and sends a blast wave of ejects in the atmosphere only to rain back down a few rounds later, forcing all players in a radius to roll and avoid fiery rocks as they plummet to the earth and take X D6 fire damage.
  • -B-
    If the players stand, they cannot breath as there is no air at their height and begin to suffer the rules for suffocation, they also take X D6 cold damage as they are exposed to frigid temperatures.
    Note: crawling will avoid those effects.
  • -C-
    The world is a vast expense of forests, mountains and oceans the players can traverse with ease given their size -100 kilometers or 100,000 meters.
  • Examples:
    Mariana trench is 10,994 meters deep which would only reach the knees of a submerged player.
    Average ocean depth is 3,688 meters.
    Mount Everest is 8,848 meters, reaching only a shin.
    Average mountain is 4000-6000 meters.
    Airliners crush at around 10,000 to 11,000 meters.
  • -D-
    Give the players a few rounds to move about the world, splashing in oceans, crushing mountains under their feet before they start to shrink. As the players explore, every round of movement away from where the players landed, they begin to shrink by 1 kilometer till the players reach 10 kilometers in size and enter part 2.


A series of mountain ranges cross the players’ path.

  • -A-
    The players will begin to shrink for every mountain range they climb over.
  • The first range the player see is 10,000 meters tall and the mountains only 5000. The player can easily step over this range.
  • 2nd range - Players can still make it over this range without a climb roll. (Players are 7500 meters tall.)
  • 3rd range - Players make 1 climb check or suffer 1 D6 fall damage. (Players are 5000 meters tall.)
  • 4th range - Players make 2 climb checks or suffer 2 D6 fall damage. (Players are 2,500 meters tall.)
  • 5th range - Players make 5 climb checks or suffer 1 D6 fall damage. (Players are 1000 meters tall.)
  • -B-
    Once the players are 1 kilometer tall and climb past the 5th mountain range, they enter into part 3.


A range of primordial earth extends to the horizon. Volcanoes, geysers and pools bubble with spewing magma, forming 500 meter flows of lava that cover the surface of the world. The players can see dry lands between the flows of lava.

  • -A-
    Players will being to shrink for every lava flow they jump over.
    Note: Flows are 500 meters wide, but only 10 meters deep.
  • 1st flow - the players being 1000 meters tall will walk over the magma with ease.
  • 2nd flow - the players being 750 meters tall can hop over the flow without issue.
  • 3rd flow - the players being 500 meters tall need to roll a basic jump check to succeed. Failing results in suffering minor burns to their feet, suffering 1/10th lava damage or 1 D6 fire damage.
  • 4th flow - the players being 250 meters tall need to roll a moderate jump check to succeed, failing results in the player falling ankle deep into lava, suffering only 1/5th lava damage or 4 D6 fire damage.
  • 5th flow - the player being 100 meters needs to roll a very high jump check to succeed. Failing results in in the player falling waist deep into lava, suffering only ½ lava damage or 10 D6 fire damage.
  • -B-
    After the 5th flow, the players reach a set of stairs leading up the side of a 6000 meter tall volcano spewing molten globs of rocks. At the end of the stairway is a 100 meter tall obsidian doorway.
  • As players climb the steps, they must roll to avoid the hurling molten rocks or suffer X D6 fire damage.
  • -C-
    The door is locked and needs to be picked or brute forced to open all while the players dodge molten rocks.
  • The doors leads to part 4.


A 100 meter tall, 100 meter wide and 1000 meter long obsidian hall extends before the players, ending at a 30 meter iron door at the other side.

  • -A-
    Every 10 meters the players move, they shrink by 1 meter till reaching the door only 1 meter tall.
  • -B-
    The door is unlocked and the players must push open the door, needing a high strength roll to succeed.
    Note: this should require the effort of all the players.
  • The door leads into part 5


The obsidian hall starts off at 100 meters tall by 100 meters wide, but shrinks 1 meter by 1 meter every meter in length.

  • -A-
    The players do not shrink as they move through the hall and remain their 1 meter size.
  • -B-
    The hall ends 10 by 10 centimeter in size with a 10 centimeter size door blocking the way.
    Note: The players, even at 1 meter, are too tall to enter the door.
  • The door leads to part 5.
  • -C-
    There is a secret panel in the hall the players must find that opens to a lever that when pulled shrinks the players to 10 centimeter in size.


The door opens to the inside of the wall where the players are only the size of a mouse. The mouse hole leads out of the wall and into a cottage where a man can be seen sweeping the ground. Across from the players on the other wall is another mouse hole. A mousetraps with a key instead of cheese is by a giant table near the person sweeping.

  • -A-
    If the players leave the hole, the person will react to the players as if they are rats or mice and begin trying to swat the players for X D6 damage.
  • -B-
    The 2nd mouse hole contains a locked door which can only be opened with the key on the mouse trap.
  • The door leads to part 7.
  • -C-
    The key on the mousetrap, if touched or moved, springs the trap resulting in a player having to roll or be struck for X D6 damage by the wire. The player, if hit, then must roll again or become pinned under the metal wire.
  • Any players pinned in the trap must roll escape artist or dexterity to become unstuck.


The door opens to a field of grass where the players are only the size of ants.

  • -A-
    Past the grass, the players reach a pond where fish swim below the surface and frogs sit upon lilies.
  • Floating in the center of the pond upon a lily, a wooden door is built onto the side of a small stone.
  • -B-
    Traversing the pond requires the players to avoid being eating by the frogs or fish.
  • Any player hit by the fish or frogs results in being swallowed whole.
  • The player then suffers X D6 acid damage as they are digested.
  • The player can cut their way out of the stomach by either doing X damage or needing X rounds to create a hole, whichever you as the DM deems more appropriate for the moment.
  • -C-
    The door on the stone is unlocked and leads to part 8.


The door opens to the inside of an artery where the players are the size of a cell. Red and white blood cells tumble together as the sounds of a heart beats in the distance.
Note: the players are not required to breath from here on.

  • -A-
    Any player who enters the artery is immediately pushed through the veins by the force of the heart.
  • Players must roll strength or dexterity to maneuver through the veins.
  • Any player who fails is tossed about against the other cells, suffering X D6 crushing damage.
  • A 2nd consecutive fail results in players being sucked towards the heart and a third failure results in death as they are crushed by the heart.
  • -B-
    The veins should be a small maze the players can explore, trying to find the end.
  • -C-
    The white blood cells will attack the players.
  • They will have the stats of oozes and deal X D6 acid damage as they try to engulf a player.
  • -D-
    At the end of one of the veins, the players can find a door.
  • The door is unlocked and when opened leads to part 9.


The door opens to a realm of atoms where the players are the size of electrons.
  • -A-
    Immediately when the players enter, they are bonded to an atom nucleus flying around the atom as an electron.
  • In order for the player to move form atom to atom, they must use force of will or roll wisdom, finding their own internal energy and changing it.
    Note: There is no real threat here, just let the player enjoy being atoms.
  • -B-
    After jumping a few times, the player enter in a vortex, becoming even smaller, entering the realm of strings, quantum foam and points, this starts part 10.


At this level, the players no longer have a size tossed around in the foam of space. They eventually see the foam bubble, vibrate until it explodes creating before their eyes a big bang. The players hurl through the space of the universe until they once again reach the very door where this all started, their hands on the handle just before they were about to open it.

The door will no longer open into the dimension and instead open to where it was previously intended to.


There is no treasure or big boss. It was an experience, but what impact did it have on your players?
Maybe they all gained points in wisdom or intelligence, learning things about their world they never knew.
Maybe it left them fearful of size changes and in the future anything that can change its size will result in the player rolling fear.
Maybe the experience changed the fabric of the players, resulting in the players being able to change their size to that of a giant or mouse a few times a day, week or month.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.

Pregnancy is amazing and weird. I’m definitely enjoying it more this time around, the first time (last year) I was freaked out by everything as it was leading up to this mystery of birth. It was all so unknown and out of my control. I didn’t know what to expect at all and everything changed from month to month. I know what I’m in for now and the worst has passed in terms of pregnancy. The first trimester was fucking terrible for me. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and was throwing up everyday, sometimes twice a day at the peak of it. My insurance coverage was all fucked up and I wasn’t able to get my meds. It felt like being sea sick or carsick 24 hours a day. If I wasn’t violently puking my guts out  I was suffering from acid reflux. My throat was burning and I could not sleep. Pain on top of pain. Thank fucking god that shit is over. I’m definitely more tired now, being pregnant two years in a row is taking its toll on my poor body. I wish I could sleep for 12-14 hours a day. I can’t though, I have to wake up and take care of my little girl. 19 more weeks to go. The last trimester has its challenges too but it has more to do with decreased/awkward  mobility and the side effects of swelling. I developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome last time and it will most likely return with this one. Carpal tunnel is fucking awful. It also gets worse after you deliver. My carpal tunnel didn’t go away for 8 fucking weeks after I had given birth. The pain of that combined with the slew of other horrible postpartum symptoms (hot flashes, headaches, crying for no reason, body aches) made that period of time not so fun. Babies hurt their mothers so much coming into this world. I can’t wait to be past all of this and move on with my cute little ones.

I think God creates writers with porous souls and eyes like black holes that absorb everything. And before a writer can become a bona fide writer whose work touches souls and transcends time, they are made to suffer. They dissolve in the acid of apathy of people. The world in its entirety seeps through their encased ego by brsouls are borne out of the world and not into it, and they are essentially catapulted out of this dimension.

I don’t know why, maybe it’s because they pen thoughts and thoughts are the building blocks of worlds and souls? And to discover what to write about, they have to use their own soul as a laboratory?

Ellen Page opens up about representation at SXSW

Ellen Page’s new travel show Gaycation, despite its light title, isn’t just about her and her best friend taking a few trips. It’s indeed about gay life — but across the globe, including in countries where being gay is punishable by death. In the trailer alone, Page and co-host Ian Daniel see a man who suffered acid burns for his sexuality.

It’s not every day an Academy Award-nominated actress takes on a documentary project that puts them in danger for simply being gay. But Page, who has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights since coming out, isn’t an ordinary actress.

Question for Fellow Dragons

I suffer from significant acid reflux. I have heard one other dragon mention this, and suggest that she believes it to be a physical manifestation of draconic nature in a human body.

The thought being that dragons have exceptional digestion as a part of the process which allows us to breathe fire.

My question is whether or not this idea makes sense to anyone else.

Let's talk about Metroid stages.

‘Hoy there, folks! It’s Wander again, for one more Stage Select article.

So here’s the thing. Here are some of the stages Smash has had to represent Metroid:

Notice any trends? Yeah, acid/lava seems to be a big thing with Metroid stages. Even when the lava doesn’t actually interact with the players (like in Pyrosphere), you know it’s there. To be fair, there have been Metroid stages based around things other than lava:

…specifically, spinning the stage around. Preferably with some large monster in the background (and even one of these still has lava in it!). You know, Metroid is famous for its atmosphere; for its distinct alien worlds and memorable locales. We’re sure that it could lend some fantastic stages to Smash that are a bit different from what we’ve seen before. That’s why we’ve made a list! Yep, this time it’s a…

Metroid Stages!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

All of us say that we’re going do extraordinary things in our life and that there won’t be any regrets thereafter.
We all say that we’re going to do better than what most did.
But every single day,
We wake up in the same bed staring at the same wall.
We get up and go in the bathroom to stare in the same mirror looking at the same face as always. The same face that’s fed up with hatred and disgust of the society we all live in nowadays.
We go outside and it’s the same blue skies and the same air blowing in your face.
And it makes us wonder, will something actually change?  
Will everybody finally get together as one and unite?
Not all of us are lucky enough to experience something truly different from everybody else. Some of us are just meant to be clerks who work from 9 to 5 until finally putting a gun up our heads.
I guess sometimes we are just too much up in our imagination and dreams that we forget that one day we’ll have to go back to reality and suffer till we die.
Drink acid and see god.

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You do realize that people need to eat meat to survive and its very hard to get the right nutrients for some people if they dont eat meat plus its really expensive to eat vegan for people who cant afford it, i respect the fact that youre vegan and kudos to you for being vegan but i dont think you should shame people for eating meat it would just be respectful of you People respect what you eat you should What they do making comments on everything that doesnt support being vegan is unnessicary

yes, humans need meat to survive, that’s why i have been vegan for over a year and am not dead or on any supplements. that’s why vegetarians are alive, because they don’t eat meat but they defs need it to survive but are not dead. (??)

also, meat is far more expensive than grains, bread, veggies, nuts and fruits.

that’s why humans are the only “omnivores” that NEED to cook their meat before consumption or they will get sick and/or die. that’s humans have digestive systems pretty much identical to all HERBIVORES. that’s why humans are the only “omnivorous” species to contract high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity amongst other things just from eating meat and other animal products.

that’s why humans have the tiniest canines and are not like any carnivores or omnivores. that’s why humans find the scent of a rotting animal carcass’ repulsive whereas all carnivores and omnivores are naturally drawn to it and want to eat it. that’s why humans wouldn’t eat road kill unless we were real carnivores, we’d be like “yum! free dinner!” and bite into it without cooking it.

that’s why humans wouldn’t eat their pet dog or cat but would pay someone to slaughter a cow or chicken for them. (species-ism).

that’s why humans need tools to hunt and cannot do so with their bare hands, like real carnivores and omnivores are designed and equipped to do so by nature. that’s why humans EVOLVED from apes that ate 90% plants exclusively and only resorted to meat in dire times.

that’s why meat and dairy gets stuck and clogs up our intestines that are specifically designed to pass plant foods through wonderfully, whereas carnivores and omnivores have short digestive tracts so that meat can pass through quickly and not rot in there like it does in humans (another reason carnists shit stinks so bad, they’ve got a big ol graveyard in their guts). humans lack the enzymes and bacteria that breaks down rotting flesh, like carnivores and omnivores do.

so, if meat and dairy is so perfect for humans why are there so many supplements on the market? are they ALL just for vegans? why are there so many ads on tv for vitamins and meds? are they too, all just for vegans?

all 8 amino acids and vitamins and minerals are found in numerous plant foods. (yes, including protein, iron and calcium)

my sister is iron deficient yet she consumes A LOT of meat and dairy and i am not. at the young age of 24, i had very high cholesterol and used to suffer from acid reflux. now i no longer have either of those issues and have lost quite a bit of weight in the process just from going vegan.

ok, enough ranting, my point is, i DO NOT hate/dislike meat eaters etc. my entire family and all my friends eat animal products. however, if you challenge my lifestyle and/or try to defend animal cruelty because of your taste buds without actual facts (like i just provided), or if you spew myths about animal products being a necessity for human survival etc. i will have to correct you to the point of pwnage.

i know the whole world is not going to go vegan but if i can help someone see the truth and save one baby animal, then it’s worth it to me.

(i honestly don’t give 3 shits about peoples health. if animals didn’t have to be raped/slaughtered for “food” then i would not care if someone got sick from consuming it, but that is not the case and my fellow earthlings are being tortured exploited for human greed so, i have to point out that animal products do in fact cause significant health problems.)

(ps; there are a million scientific studies and information done on all my claims, i didn’t just make this shit up heh, i have a few links on my vegan blog if you’re interested) shingekinovegan

ps2; Einstein was a vegetarian (;

TLDR;; humans DO NOT need animal products of any kind to live/survive and there is tons of scientific proof to back that up.

Roleplay Ramblings: Cosmology part 2

Outer Planes

So last time we looked at Inner Planes, which seem to focus on pale reflections of material reality, or to be the source of a certain fundamental property that makes up the material plane. Now, we look out further, to what are commonly called the Outer Planes.

These are places of spiritstuff and living morality, wellsprings of power from which the majority of outsiders come from, their specific philosophy not only on their lips and on their minds, but running through every fiber of their being. As such, they defy many of the needs associated with mortal creatures, being self-sustained avatars of belief. Of course, as with all things, oftentimes even these beings defy such simple explanations.

The outer planes are often called such not only because of their metaphorical and literal distance from the material world, but also in that they can seem utterly alien to mortal visitors. Yes an outer plane may have grass and ground and even animal life that resembles mortal counterparts, but a closer look can reveal how strange they really are, being made from matter entirely different than what is found on the material or even the elemental planes.

The exact number of these esoteric planes varies by cosmology, but traditionally there is at least one for every alignment combination. Additionally, unlike most inner planes outer planes often have “layers” or something like sub-planes that might be visible from each other, or seemingly separate, but accessible from each other through the right channels. These layers may have very different planar properties compared to each other, or their division might be esoteric and formal more than anything else, but separated nontheless

Typically Lawful Good is depicted as some combination of Abrahamic heaven and Mount Olympus, being an impossibly massive mountain whose slope is divided into 7 layers, the 6th usually being the peak, and the 7th being some mythical place in the upper atmosphere of the plane, some secret garden that few are ever allowed into.

Neutral Good, on the other hand is typically a pastorial place where the spirits of goodly mortals, and their agathion guardians, live in relative peace, cooperating as need be, but otherwise leaving well enough alone.

Chaotic good, of course, is even more wild, and certainly more disorganized, and those within simply cooperate when need be, but otherwise do as they will without harming others.

Lawful neutral tends to follow one of two concepts, either a colossal central city surrounded by perfectly ordered nature beyond its walls, or else a void filled with planet-sized cogs, shafts, and other evidence of machinery, where civilizations spring up on the constantly rotating gears, dimly aware of the true purpose of their home component world in the impossible machine of perfect order.

True neutral has been both a concordant place that is at once disconnected from, but also at the center of all other outer planes, or else a place of quiet death, a last stopping-off point on the journey of souls before being judged and moving on to their final reward.

The Chaotic neutral plane is difficult to describe in any words other than cacophony, discord, and disorder. Some might mistake the plane for an elemental plane, that is until the truly strange things happen in the ever-changing void. Planetoids form and discorporate, matter transmutes into other forms and even energy freely, and so on, subject to random chance or the will of powerful entities.

The lawful evil realm typically resembles the Hell of Dante’s Inferno, a great pit nine layers deep, each with its own methods of causing suffering.

The neutral evil plane has occasionally been a place devoid of all life and love, sucking the vitality of visiting mortals if the denizens don’t kill them first. Alternately, it is a place of hungry death, built to consume all that enter it.

The chaotic evil plane is truly erratic, with supposedly infinite demon-infested layers, each one with unique features of harshness and suffering. Skies that rain acid, black seas with unknowable horrors lurking below, harsh deserts that dessicate the unprepared unnaturally fast, and so on.

There may be more or less outer planes than those listed here, but we’ll talk about that later this week. Tune in next week for thoughts on past multiversal arrangements of planes!

Scope Dogg’s Mecha Showcase: Armored Trooper: VOTOMs

This is part of a series of reviews I plan on doing on various mecha franchises. The only rule is that I’m not touching the three franchises I think are the most well known (Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, Gundam) in an effort to spread the love towards some series that I feel fly somewhat under the radar for non-mecha fans. Any spoilers will only be very minor and will typically only concern the very beginning of the story.

Why you should watch it, in brief:

Intrigue and mystery in a hard-nosed, gritty sci-fi universe, intermeshed with a different take on mecha combat.

The setting:

In the far-flung future, two space empires, the Balarant Union and the Gilgamesh Confederation, have been locked in interstellar war for a hundred years. The chief weapon of the conflict is the VOTOMs, (Vertical One-man Tank for Offense and Maneuvers) better known as the Armored Trooper, or AT for short. Wherever conflict blooms in the Astragius galaxy, Armored Troopers are guaranteed to be at the front lines. Mercifully for the wartorn galaxy, the conflict is finally coming to a close. However, for Gilgamesh soldier Chirico Cuvie, a whole new secret war is about to begin. He is unknowingly enlisted into a secret mission with a renegade unit who stage an attack on a secret asteroid installation - belonging to Chirico’s own Gilgamesh faction. There he sees something he wasn’t meant to - a mysterious and beautiful woman, sealed away in a glass tube and immersed in a strange glowing blue substance. He is betrayed and left for dead by the renegades, but Chirico is nothing if not hard to kill. He survives and is recovered by a Gilgamesh warship, only to find himself in the hands of cruel interrogators who refuse to believe his story and believe him to be one of the rogues. Escaping from captivity, Chirico is now an outcast, on the run from his former military. However, he is fated to cross paths both with the mysterious woman and the shadowy organisation that orchestrated that fateful attack once again. His journey will take him across the galaxy, and will haul him back into the jaws of conflict once again in his quest for answers.

Why you should watch it, in full:

When Mobile Suit Gundam arrived in 1979, it represented a branching-off of the mecha genre. Up until then, most mecha shows were Super Robot affairs, followed in the influential shoes of Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z, amongst others. They typically featured a lone hero in their outlandish and unrealistically powerful machines against an unambiguously villainous antagonist - one way to think of Super Robot shows is to think of the “super” as being the same kind of “super” as in “Superhero.”  Gundam’s Universal Century setting represented something different, where the machines, rather than being super-powered titans of justice, were nothing more than tools of war, used by both factions in a desperate solar-system wide conflict. While the story followed protagonists fighting for the Earth Federation, their adversaries in the principality of Zeon were far from unambiguously evil. Instead of glorifying the battles, there was a strong focus on the human cost of warfare, and instead of indestructible fighting machines, the mecha on both sides were specialised into distinct roles, just as they might be in a real military, and while powerful, they typically were far from invulnerable (With the series’ namesake machine serving as something of an exception.) It was the birth of a new subgenre, known as the Real Robot genre, defined by greater nuance and a larger focus on plausibility than the Super Robot shows of old.

When Armored Trooper VOTOMS rolled into town in 1983, it represented the concept of the Real Robot genre evolved to one of its logical conclusions. However, at the same time it’s so much more than just that - more after the break.

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for all my friends out there who also suffer from heart burn and acid reflex. 
half a teaspoon of baking soda in half a cup of warm water stir, drink, relief 

anonymous asked:

Ok no wonder Pakistan is suffering so many disasters because looking through these pics you can easily see how bad we've become as Muslims by dressing up so modern. It's ridiculous, these "celebs" should have a mere decency to at least cover up a bit. They put Pakistan to shame

You’re so right. 

Electing corrupt leaders is not the reason Pakistan is suffering. Allowing terrorism is obviously not the reason Pakistan is suffering. Having no solution for load shedding is not the reason Pakistan is suffering. Shooting a teenager in the head because she wants education is not the reason Pakistan is suffering. Killing minorities is not the reason Pakistan is suffering. Acid attacks or honor killings is clearly not the reason Pakistan is suffering. But yes, a harmless celebrity wearing a sleeveless dress is the reason Pakistan is suffering. Thank you for figuring out the cause for Pakistan’s problems. 

With your logic, the western world should’ve been suffering a lot of disasters but poor Pakistan is suffering the most because of celebrities.