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im about to be kicked out of my apartment. in other words, im extremely desperate.

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if you can donate, please do, if not, it’s totally okay. everyone has issues, i know im not the only person, but i’ve tried to figure this out by myself but im literally about to be homeless.

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Hi 😊😊😊 can I request a headcanon about the lords reacting to MC who is being so sassy and snappy to them for a week. But they didn't know that MC is just having a bad period.

Lords reacting to MC suffering through a bad period

  • Nobunaga is Offended because excuse you, that’s his role, don’t steal it! You’re supposed to be the nice one! Grumbles a lot to himself, but he waits it out semi-patiently.
  • Mitsuhide is very confused and concerned. He keeps thinking about it and gets distracted at the worst moments. Send help.
  • Yukimura is intimidated by your snappishness. Immediately backs off anytime you show even a hint of irritation. That makes you even more annoyed. Things degenerate from there.
  • Saizo understands female woes. He cuts down on the teasing for the week and doesn’t take it personally. (Also, he probably knows your period schedule better than you do.)
  • Masamune is puzzled at your abrupt personality change. Did he do something to offend you? How can he turn things around?? He frets until Shigezane and Kojuro sit him down and make him spit out his worries. Then they laugh at him.
  • Kojuro has a sister; he’s not a stranger to period problems. He prepares a hot water bottle for your cramps. You are mollified.
  • Inuchiyo tells you to stop being ridiculous, and you two get into a fight. He loses because you start crying. He’s screaming internally the whole time.
  • Hideyoshi is 90% sure what’s going on, but he doesn’t want to bring it up because it might make you feel bad. Plus it’s not like you’re doing it on purpose. He’s not the one suffering, so he can damn well put up with it for a while.
  • Mitsunari tells you exactly why you’re being so grouchy. Your mood is not improved by his observations. The conversation goes downhill rapidly.
  • You unleash your temper on an overjoyed Tadakatsu. Ieyasu is slightly amused by your display. Toramatsu is a little shocked.
  • Kenshin is patient and unruffled. A bad mood that lasts only a few days is nothing to get worked up about. More importantly, is there anything he can do to help you?
  • Shingen informs you that orgasms are known to soothe cramps and offers his assistance anytime you need it.

Can you imagine a tiny Romanian Svlad Cjelli learning that he’s going to be moving to somewhere called England very soon, so he devours all of the Enid Blyton books because they’re some of the few English-language books that his local library stocks.

And can you imagine still-tiny, avowed Anglophile Svlad Cjelli hearing that he’s going to be going somewhere called Blackwing with a lot of other special children like him, and he assumes that it’s going to be a boarding school like in St. Clare’s and Mallory Towers where he’s going to be solving mysteries and having delicious midnight feasts with his macap new friends in gorgeous ramshackled old houses.

And can you imagine his crushing disappointment when he discovers that he’s never going to be elected School Monitor, there’s no all-school lacrosse games, and no-one seems interested in sneaking out at midnight for lashings of ginger pop.

So I think we can all agree that the ship names you can make out of Sloane and Hurley are frankly atrocious - Hune? Sloarley? No, those will never do. So obviously the next course of action is to name them by their Battlewagon aliases, the Ram and the Raven, right? Hmm… we need something quick, something crafty, something zesty… you know what I’m getting at, right? Say it with me y’all: Ramen.

I don’t usually post personal stories in such rapid succession, but it’s April Fools Day, which means it’s the thirtieth anniversary of the day my mother found out she was pregnant.

For those of you playing at home, my birthday is in mid-April.

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*Runs in* G, D, R, Y — JUMIN.

This was from 3 weeks ago lolol I’ve only just had time ahaha.. anyways I skipped a question because I have zero knowledge/experience/ideas o~o

Character: JUMIN HAN

How does he flirt?

Honestly, he doesn’t. He can be quite oblivious to his own feelings at first, so he doesn’t really understand why he keeps asking you out for dinner… why he keeps calling you in his spare time… why he’s so interested in learning more about you… He just falls in love and it’s so damn obvious, the way he would lose focus on your words because he’s too busy admiring your features, or the way his entire face lights up at the sight of you. But he’d be the last one to realize his own feelings and by the time he finally TRIES to flirt, he ends up stuttering and messing up his lines, utterly embarrassing himself in front of you… It’s okay, Jumin, you’re still adorable.

How does he react to being flirted with?

Although many assume that Jumin doesn’t recognize when he’s being flirted with, he’s always aware when a woman approaches him to flirt. (side note: he always assumes it’s a friendly exchange when a man tries to flirt with him, because of Seven lolol jsyk) When it’s a woman he doesn’t care for, Jumin acts dumb, maintaining a nonchalant expression as he brushes aside the comments thrown his way. But… if it’s someone he held feelings for, his cheeks would turn a faint pink, and he’d struggle to come up with a reply. He’d look almost vulnerable as he glanced at you unsurely, almost confused as to why you were flirting with him. But most likely, he’d just end up mumbling, “Is that so?”

What is one question he’s always wanted an answer to?

When will Father acknowledge me as his son?”

Since his childhood, Jumin rarely met with his father, let alone spend time with him. Jumin was often left at home, with a nanny, sometimes his (step)mother, and rooms upon rooms of toys that were meant to entertain him. And yet none of them were able to satisfy his desire for a parent’s love. All his mother seemed to care about was her looks, her reputation, and money… She would tell Jumin how lucky he was for being born into a rich family, even though he hardly understood its worth at the time. Jumin didn’t like her. 

Sometimes, he would ask his nanny or bodyguards about his father’s whereabouts, but everyone would just smile politely and reply that Mr. Han was busy at work. Jumin didn’t understand. Work? Was “work” the reason he always saw his father on the TV more than he did at home? 

What would it take for his father to pay attention to him? Even as he grew up, it seemed that nothing he did would catch his father’s attention. Earning the best grades in class, winning awards, receiving praise… Even when Jumin began to work at C&R and he led his team to make high profits, his father hardly blinked an eye, except to say that he was glad Jumin didn’t disappoint the family name. Alas, he was only left to wonder, “When will Father ever acknowledge me?

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im about to be kicked out of my apartment. in other words, im extremely desperate.

my paypal is

if you can donate, please do, if not, it’s totally okay. everyone has issues, i know im not the only person, but i’ve tried to figure this out by myself but im literally about to be homeless.