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So, someone mentioned how Andrew liked neck kisses and all I could think of was how that physical show of affection was perhaps one of the few things that wasn’t tainted enough for Andrew to be physically or mentally repulsed by it and I was suddenly drowning in headcanons. Allow me to indulge on the few I could think about without feeling that I might stumble upon a possible trigger:

  • Neil pressing his nose to the underside of Andrew’s jaw makes something stupidly warm and fastidiously content want to hug his not-boyfriend but he knows he doesn’t like feeling contained and he doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable but he’s moving away an
  • Neil using his fingernail to draw lines on the palm of Andrew’s hands as he lays on top of his other arm, making sure to assure him that he can take his hand away whenever he wants to, while staring dreamily at his hand makes it a little easier to associate softness and delicacy with his touch
  • Neil sliding his hand around the crook of his arm as their walking 
  • Neil tracing each line and curve of his countenance with delicate touches of his fingers as their siting astride the edge of the fox tower (i.e. thumb brushing softly and slowly across eyelashes as he stares blankly at the dazed look on his face, fingers curling as they follow the curve of the outer shell of his ear then to the line of his jawline, etc.) then slowly coming down to cup his jaw and ask for a yes before softly pressing a gentle kiss to the lips Neil had pointedly avoided touching with his fingers

Okay, but imagine…. possessed champions instead of blights….

hs au shitposting

ask @stubbornjerk​ and i about this beautiful and pure high school au. i have another post in my drafts about the basics of how shit goes down here but shitposting comes first, always

(also, i made a deal that if they could make aaron look good in ugly vaperwave aesthetic, i had to shitpost a little bit)

  • neil and kevin are roommates
    • this would not be a bad thing if neil wasn’t raised in direct contact of kayleigh day’s Angry Gaelic Mom Voice
    • the look of horror on his face when he heard That Tone when she found the pile of rocks he was throwing into kevin’s room through his window?
    • it was nothing compared to how he ran home at a dead-sprint, kevin following him and praying his mam didn’t kill him later
      • (he was not about to pick up neil’s mess when his mother was still in Murder Mode, oh no, kevin day is smarter than that)
    • this has escalated to kevin imitating That Tone whenever neil won’t do his chores around the apartment
      • neil: you’re becoming your mother
      • kevin: and you’re doing the chores so who’s the real winner here

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anonymous asked:

If it's ok, how about RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC w narcolepsy? I have it and I've never seen a request for it... lol

A/N: I only know the gist of what narcolepsy is so I had to research a little bit;;; I hope I don’t have a bunch of wrong information;;;; I tried to include all of the symptoms for some variety ^^;;; ~Admin 404


               -He always thought you were just really tired and was afraid you haven’t been getting enough sleep!

               -After a while, he started to think that maybe you were just… bored of him

               -You would agree to play some LOLOL with him but every time he needed you to help him or when the whole guild was in the middle of a huge boss battle, you always seemed afk?

               -But when he looked over to you, you were asleep on your keyboard and he felt bad. Maybe you didn’t want to play but did it just to make him happy? Maybe you haven’t slept recently?

               -Every time he saw you asleep he would just cover you with a blanket or his jacket until one day he couldn’t take it anymore

               -“MC, are you sleeping? Are you bored of me? Are you sick? Are you alright? Are you-”

               -You cut him off asking just what the hell he was talking about and when he told you he was concerned because you were constantly asleep and seemed to be every time he checks up on you

               -You honestly laugh because?? He’s cute??

               -Explaining that you have narcolepsy, which can come with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness(EDS), so you sleep a perfectly fine amount, just like he does, you just can’t control the timing

               -He feels /SO BAD/ because he didn’t know it was an actual… condition…. He’s apologizing /excessively/ and keeps a close eye on you from now on. If he notices you starting to go to sleep, he’s right there next to you, giving anyone who so much as breathes too loud his best death glare. He’ll let you sleep whenever you need to, he has your back


               -You tossed and turned constantly at night and he felt pretty bad

               -Were you uncomfortable? Did he need to move? What was it?

               -Often, he’d cuddle you against him and hope for the best

               -Then he’d see you constantly falling asleep during the day?

               -One time you feel asleep in the middle of helping him with a line from his script and he honest to god thought you had feinted. He was ready to /nyoom/ run straight to the hospital with you in his arms

               -You woke up in a hospital bed and were so confused???? He jumped up and held your hand in his own, dramatically dropping to the floor

               -“MC! I was so worried about you! What happened? What’s wrong? The doctors couldn’t figure it out!”

               -You looked at him with furrowed brows, completely confused

               -“Zen I took a nap what are you talking about???” he explained how you practically passed out in the middle of talking about how you didn’t seem to sleep at night and you had to explain to him that with narcolepsy, you have troubles sleeping at night sometimes and during the day you just… can’t stop yourself from falling asleep

               -He is always watching you from then on and makes sure he’s there  to catch you because!!! What if you fall!!! What if you get hurt!!!! If he’s not there, he’s begging you to watch your surroundings carefully and just lay in a safe spot if you need to sleep. You agreed just give ease his mind


               -She noticed there were quite a few times that you’ve been really excited and your knees would buckle

               -Or sometimes your bright smile would immediately droop

               -The day you kind of just… dropped to the floor and looked up at her was the last straw

               -She sat you down and asked you, very politely of course, what the fuck was going on

               -You explained your condition, how not everyone who has narcolepsy has cataplexy, but it’s still a sign of narcolepsy

               -For weeks after your talk, you would find books strung about the house on the subject of both illnesses, realizing that she wanted to learn every little aspect about your illnesses so she could understand you better

               -And that just??? Melted your heart??? She just wanted to help you???

               -Mother Hen Jaehee™ to the rescue, when the two of you go out anywhere, she’s latched onto your arm

               -Everyone thinks the two of you are absolutely adorable, just showing your love and walking close with one another, but in reality she’s just holding you up in case your knees give out

               -At first you were afraid to fall and potentially drag her down as well, but sure enough, when your knees buckled the moment you heard about Zen’s new role, you expected to hit the floor but you were at the exact height as before? You looked over to find her holding you up- you completely forgot she does judo; of course she can hold you up! And she will from now on <3


               -Often when you wake up, you seem to think there are things there when there aren’t

               -This time, you had hallucinated that there’s a dog next to the bed when /obviously/ there isn’t

               -Why would he let a dog into his penthouse let alone the bedroom, where his dear Elizabeth lives?

               -He wrote it off as you were still dreaming, but it happened… a lot more than seemed normal?

               -It happened when you woke up, when you went to bed, and when you’re tired in general

               -Whatever it was you saw would frighten you to the point that you’d cry, sometimes a scream would leave your lips and it frightened him?

               -Instead of asking you directly, he called multiple doctors and experts hoping to get a clue as to why this would be happening, he didn’t want to ask you straight, just in case it upset you to talk about it

               -Once he got his answer, he sat you down for a talk. He gently explained that he now knew what you were suffering from, and he presented you with a slideshow what a NERD

               -He suggested talking to a professional, trying out some medications (which he had so many slides explaining the benefits and downfalls he had found in each and different kinds), things of the sort

               -But overall, he held you close because he wanted you to know that you were the most important person in his life and he needed to show you that he was there for you, no matter what. You stuck with him through his struggles and he wouldn’t even think about not being there for yours. When you have your hallucinations, he’s there to calmly talk you through it and remind you that he’s there, and that it’s just an illusion, no matter where you are and no matter when it happens to you


               -He worked all through the night every now and then, usually up several days in a row

               -At night he’d put you to bed, watching you fall fast asleep in almost an instant

               -But it seemed as if you would come into the computer room about 10 minutes after?

               -The timing was infrequent, but without a doubt, you would wake up often and come in to sit with him

               -Every single time, he would put you back in bed and watch you fall fast asleep, checking if you were actually asleep. You were but? Why were you waking up?

               -Maybe you couldn’t sleep without him there? He moved his work to a laptop, sitting with you, hoping his presence would calm you enough to sleep through the night

               -You still woke up though? And you were completely fine each time, too. As if you had been awake all along, though he knew you weren’t

               -So with a quick background check of your medical records /thanks saeyoung/ he noticed you suffered from narcolepsy, which is associated with sleep disruption, meaning you’d constantly wake up and would usually have terrible sleep quality

               -Every time you woke up, he woke up. He didn’t want you to have to suffer through it alone!

               -Of course he offered to take you to get medication or something to help, but if you didn’t agree, he would do whatever he could to make sure you weren’t alone! He just wanted to help! And if that meant he missed out on sleep too, then so be it. It’s not like he hasn’t been up for weeks at a time before anyway!


               -The first time he woke you up, he noticed the absolute terror in your eyes and how you struggled to breathe

               -“MC? MC are you alright? Sweetheart, what’s wrong?!” he panicked, trying to get you to say /something/

               -It was an agonizing few minutes until you could take a full breath, sitting up suddenly, almost colliding your forehead with Jihyun’s jaw

               -Your heart was pounding and your breath was ragged, he held you close and whispered comforting words, rubbing your back gently

               -Once you’ve calmed down, he was ready to hear your explanation

               -You have narcolepsy, and sometimes, that meant you would wake up or fall asleep with a burst of sleep paralysis and it was terrifying

               -He felt?? So bad??? He knew he couldn’t do anything to prevent this from happening, but he was still upset for his love!

               -From then on, whenever you fall asleep or whenever you wake up, he’s right there, ready to hold you close and comfort you

               -He’s always making you some tea to help you relax before bed, and he wakes up early just to make you some in the morning

               -Not once does he ever push you to even try talking or moving when this happens. He’s researched many times to understand this phenomenon of yours just so he wouldn’t make the wrong move and make it worse!


               -The first morning you had a hallucination he jumped straight out of bed and was ready to Fight™

               -You scared the hell out of him?? Why the fuck were you screaming??

               -Looking at you like you were crazy, he was attempting to wake you up fully, only to make you scream again


               -Now you were awake, but still screaming because this time your damn boyfriend scared you to death

               -Once the Scream Fest™ was over, the two of you sat in bed, now just staring awkwardly at each other until you spoke up

               -You told him that you get these hallucinations sometimes when you’re exhausted due to your narcolepsy. Not to mention you tend to… fall asleep often during the day because you don’t sleep well at night

               -Which he understood, but it took a very long time for him to get used it. There would be times that you had screamed and he’s almost screaming right with you. But he did get over it and now he just runs his hand through your hair and coos at you softly until you calm down

               -During the day, he makes sure you take some naps throughout the day because he knows you aren’t sleeping at night and he’d rather avoid you passing out on him randomly through the day. He read online that napping could help!

               -He uses it as an excuse to take a nap as well. He says he’s holding you because he wants to make sure you actually take a nap and not just pretend, but in reality he wants to make sure you’re okay and he wants to be there when you wake up so he can comfort you


i can’t stop thinking about jesper reading to wylan headcanons. not even just him reading the important, work related documents. 

  • but late night when the work is done, jesper reading the stories wylan always wanted to read growing up, the stories his peers raved about but he would lie about being too swamped by his music lessons to read them too. 
  • jesper’s soothing tone replacing the bad memories of jan van eck reading to wylan in that same impatient tone he used when he called wylan a useless disappointment
  • i’m picturing wylan sleepily smiling, laughing softly every time jesper changes his voice for the female character. 
  • wylan’s relief when he realizes where certain popular references have come from. 
  • wylan closing his eyes bc jesper’s voice makes the words come to life and wylan can see the scenes like a movie. 
  • wylan hogging the blanket they’ve been sharing as he gets more and more sleepy
  • jesper finding a smile on wylan’s sleeping face and feeling so pleased with himself
  • and sometimes jesper falling asleep sometimes with the book on his face and wylan uncontrollably laughing when he finds him that way in the morning
Otayuri HC (Stainless Steel)

Yuri and Otabek are making a name for a name for themselves as figure ice skaters. They’re rivals in competitions and friends out of the ice rink, both of them are doing their own competitive career simply great, but the one who’s living what it seems to be his best skating season is Otabek: he gets the best scores of his life and so much inspirations that makes him improve more and more. Yuri laughed at him when Otabek said once, this is almost too perfect. Maybe something bad is gonna happen sooner or later.

“It sounds like a cheap slavic soap operas that my grandpa used to watch: your evil twin with mustaches is gonna steal your gold. Come on!
Be a fucking realist, Beka.”

“You’re right. I’m probably exaggerating.”


Maybe it was just a sad coincidence, but his sensations was just right.
That day, when Otabek was just riding his bike on the road that brings to Medeu, an almost deadly accident changes his life forever.

When he wakes up in the hospital, he realize almost immediately that something was very wrong with him. He ignored the fake cheerful cries of his mother and sister, and just get straight to lift his head: he was right. He was damn right on everything.

Yura, I hate to say it but I was right.

"Äke! Call the nurse, call someone!”
“Don’t look, Zhanym…!”

Life just gives and takes. But if it is so…then, why it didn’t take it all?

He lost his left leg from the knee and his right arm  from the elbow.

Why am I survived?

Otabek was a simple kind of guy. Words like “trauma onset OCD, PTSD” and “psychological rejection of getting synthetic body parts” sounds so stranges to him. If he have to describe how he feel, and how it feels, he can just say “I don’t want to do see anyone or do anything than waiting. Waiting until everything’s done. Maybe if I stop eating it could speed up the process, who knows?”

“I mean, what’s the whole point? I can’t be the hero of my country anymore.
“I can’t be a friend and a rival for Yura anymore.”
“I can’t ride my bike anymore, feel the wind through my hair.”
“Or bring my way too lazy sister out for a run anymore.”
“Or be myself, not anymore.”


He was not surprised when a few weeks later, Yuri rushed to his home in Almaty even though he was in the middle od the skating season.
He was his friend, but unlike the friends who quietly respect Otabek’s desire to be in solitude for a while, Yuri was different. Of course he didn’t accept to let him alone in a situation like that. But that go away, just let me die alone from his friend’s closed room door was the drop that spilled the cup.

Kick after kick, Yuri Plisetsky forced that door open, and Otabek Altin will never thank him enough for doing that.

“Get the fuck up, Altin.”

“Of course you can, asshole. You just can’t stand up properly.”

“That’s right. See? Even if I’m not holding you… hey, don’t fall. Got ya.
See? You just need to learn how to. What’s with that "let me die” bullshit? I dare you to say that again to me.“

”… No, I… I don’t know why is this happen to you.“

"No, don’t cry please”

“I- Yes. I’m standing here.”

“That’s fucking right. You will make it. I know you can do it.I’m gonna do my best for you in the skating season. Just- promise that you’re gonna did the same. That you gonna stand up for me. And for you.”

Life gives and life takes. But it left me at least my life, and a friend who’s gonna break all the doors I could use for hiding from all this.

Now I understand why.

“…I guess we have a deal, Plisetsky.”

He and his big mouth.

It was HARD, but as he promised he just sweats his ass out for manage how to balance himself and make his prosthetics leg and arm work more than good.
Of course, Yuri was always at his side. Not like in person, because he promised to Otabek to gave his best, but everytime he have a short week end or few free days from his goddamn hard training schedule, he just fly to Kazakhstan for spend some time together.

In the end of the skating season Yuri gets gold, and Otabek asked to his therapist if he can still ride bikes. Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle at it.

“Seriously? That’s basically the reason why you’re-”

“I can’t help it.”

“If you say so. What did he said?”

“How about some definitely more safe ice-skating?”


“That’s what he said.”

“Ah. Well, how do you feel about it?”

“About me skating?”


“In Medeu, where everybody can watch me? Hell, no.”

“…If the problem is assholes who could stare at you, how about a place where you can just skate in peace, away from fuckers?”

It wasn’t the first time that Otabek visited Hasetsu. Even if the place gaves him painful memories about the days of the person that he used to be, he didn’t make any protest when Yuri proposed to him to spend his vacations together, with a trip to Japan. They ate Katsudon, dives in the hot springs, laugh on stupid things like Victor’s forehead, like in their latest trips. The only thing missing was the visit to the Ice Castle.

“So, are we doing this?”

“Yeah. ”

“Sure you don’t prefer a ride on a bike? We can rent one.”

“Don’t tempt me, Plisetsky.”

“I was just kidding, idiot.”

His first time again on the ice gives tears to both of them.
Otabek glides slowly on the cold smooth surface, feeling alive again. Of course he falls at a certain point, but Yuri’s arms wrapped around him tightly, so it didn’t hurt that much. He left out a sob at the sensation.

“It hurts so damn good. Yuri, damn. Not you too. Don’t cry.”

“If you just lift that fucking iron knee from my crotch- maybe I stop!”

Two days later, they discovered that the  Nishigori Triplets recorded “the thing” and posted it online. Old habits die hard, I guess, that’s what their parents says to them when they saw the video. You both looks cute!

Yuri was sure that the worst was yet to come since the video became VIRAL since it was the first appearance of Otabek on the ice after almost an year. Contrary to his predictions, Otabek wasn’t that pissed about the video. Actually, it made happen a very interesting thing.

Otabek gets a mail from a kazakh guy named Timur Niyazov.

Timur was a student of biomechanical medicine that he recently lost his brother Bulat for a bone cancer. Bulat wanted to become a figure skater, but because of his illness he gets one leg amputated, but Timur promised to create for him a sperimental prosthetic for make him skating. However, Bulat’s illness started to grew and spread again in all his body, and he died before Timur could finished the prosthetic. He was at the point of gave up to his project, until he saw Otabek’s video at the Ice Castle. Timur noticed that he have a very great balance on the ice, even if he was just wearing a regular skate to the end of his prosthetic leg, and he wondered if Otabek wanted to be part of a project that is not gonna be just an appreciation to Bulat’s memory, but also a great change in the life of many aspiring skaters or people who’s just like Otabek.

Otabek answered yes to him.
But before sending the text, he asked to Yuri to give him a pinch.

“You just pinched my iron elbow?”
“I’m being funny. It’s humor, Altin!”

Since Timur was graduating in S.Petersburg, Otabek moved to Russia.
And honestly, he didn’t have idea that it could be so damn painful.
Timur was a genius. His plan was making an hell of a job with him.
The three of them starts to work VERY hard: Otabek standing the pain of few tests for make his body match perfectly the high-tech supports, Timur that was just sweat his ass out for his creation, and Yuri who was just moral support, like the awesome something that he is.

“Something” because at some point, Otabek couldn’t say what Yuri was for him anymore. He wasn’t obligated to make Otabek to stay at his place for the time he was in Russia, but he did it. He wasn’t suppose to be hold Otabek’s hand anytime the neurologic exam tests was so painful to bring Otabek to tears, but Otabek couldn’t recall an exam where Yuri didn’t hold his hand tight. Suddenly, weeks becomes months in a very short time, and he just realized that their cohabitation had reached  nearly 5 months.

One night after they come back home, he tried to get things moving.

“That girl was just looking at you in that way, Yura.”

Yuri seemed to get caught off guard.

“I’m sorry?”

“I’m just saying that you probably didn’t realize that you still don’t noticed obvious things. That girl in the Pub who asked you that ridiculous question… She wanted just to strike up a conversation.”

“…Oh yeah? I barely noticed.”

“You’re 21, ya know.”

“Who cares. By the way, she wasn’t anything special”

“Beauty is not the only virtue.”

“And I said who cares. Can you just drop it?”

“What I wanted to say is- until I stay here in your apartment you will never get the change of bring girls here since you don’t have any privacy. That’s okay with you?”

Yuri replied with a bitter blank look, like he was almost hurt by his words.

He doesn’t know how it turned out to be a bad fight with screaming and insults, most (all) of them was from Yuri. It’s not your fucking business, I don’t need any fucking advice from you, and you can just fucking leave. They doesn’t realized who said that first since both of them get so carried away with their words and feelings that they just end up to screaming to each other almost the same stupid thing.

“It’s not like I don’t want you to leave because I love you or something!”
“It’s not like I want to leave because I love you or something-”

The room turned so quiet that they could hear the soft buzz of the kitchen light.

“…The hell you just said-”

“I’m saying that I’m in love with you.”


“Leaving was never my intention. Neither give you bros advices about chicks. I just wanted to make sure about you feelings.”

“You didn’t know that I was aware of you all this time?”

“I wasn’t entirely sure.”

“Now you’re sure. Hey, do me a favor.”


Yuri suddenly got closer, closing the gap between them, placing his hands softly on Otabek’s chest. For a moment he dropped his head, bewildered. But the moment he raised it up again he looked to Otabek so vulnerable, his expression open, and searching. As if he had as thousand things to say, to question, but in the end he asked just one, feeling almost ridiculous for suddenly using that so low and suggestive tone even with a spreading blush that he felt on his cheeks.

“Tell me what you’re gonna do about that.”

Otabek Altin was a man who like simple things. But it turned out that Yuri Plisetsky, despite his so extra attitude, was just the same as him.

Kisses who becomes more and more enraged and desperate, undressing each other piece by piece like the fires of desire was consuming  not just their fears but also their clothes, making love with forehead pressed together, declaring how much they wanted this and cared for each other from like a lifetime.

They’re that kind of guys.

Timur’s university graduation came up few weeks later.

Part of his graduation thesis was the prosthetics he made for Otabek, and of course it was a great success. It seems that and american team wanted him to work on a massive project, and of course he accepted.
Timur’s has great plans for his future, and so Otabek.

He revails them to Yuri when they was just cuddling in their bed.



“Let’s make a promise.”

Otabek explains to him that, when they was together in the competitions, both of them just gave their best because that’s what the life of a skater is. After the accident he couldn’t skate anymore, and it just felt like the possibility of living was denied to him.

Of course, Timur made skating possible again, but the one who gives him a motivation for living again was Yuri. Otabek started living again because of himm and gets to the point that he was again craving for competitions.

Of  course he will never compete against Yuri or other skaters like Yuri, but he can still compete with skaters like him. His new goal now is starting a new sport that could give the chance to skaters like him to compete again.

“You’re just saying to me that you want to…”

“Become the first paralympic ice skater in the world, and manage to get Ice Skating a paralympic discipline. Since I’m still young.”

“You’re really something, Beka.”

“It’s all because of you, Yura. I want you to make you proud of me.”

“I’m already proud of you.”

“Well, maybe more proud of me?”

“Okay, but that was quite impossibile.”

“Well, I’m good with impossibile things.”

“Well, why don’t you try to ask me again how I feel about marriage?

Life just gives and takes, and even if so many years are just passed I still don’t get it how it works, or if things happens for a reason or not.

My husband just says that life sucks, and when it gives you lemons instead of making lemonade you can just threw them in life’s face.

I think that he was right. Feeling sorry for yourself or trying to be cheerful about your desperation is the worst. The best you can do is fighting.

Break the doors where you hide from the shame and the sadness.
Scream and cry, that’s a proof that you’re alive and still breathing.
Accept the help from people who worth to give your trust.

That’s what I did for be here today and opening the first Paralympic season with Ice Skating as a paralympic discipline.

The skates that are attached to my body are stainless.
And that makes the proof that a man can become stainless steel.

Thanks to @victuri-oh-nice for listening to this and be the amazing mutual that she is :3

An idea I will never have time to write

Consider this: a miraculous ladybug wizarding world au that takes place at hogwarts in the headmaster snape time period

-Adrien (a Hufflepuff) and Marinette (a Ravenclaw) both independently decide to take a stand against the oppression by the death eaters that have taken over the school

–This is in the very beginning of the school year, before the resurgence of the DA, so they’re very much on their own

–Whenever a death eater is hurting a student they sneak off and cast a charm over themselves that obscure their faces/cloud the mind of those nearby to protect their identities, then rush to aid whoever is in need

–They’re both INSANELY good at magic so they always manage to escape, though sometimes it’s close. It only takes a few weeks for them to catch on to each other, and then they start depending on each other for help despite not knowing who the other is

–The death eaters try to cover this of course (don’t want to look like they’re not in total control) and announce that they’ve been caught and punished severely

–But it doesn’t take long for the stories of the two vigilante students to spread, and they develop a cult following in the student body

–Neville has been doing his own badass thing, meanwhile, and slips away from sight to restart the DA and recruit new members. Adrien and Marinette eventually join up, but as themselves.

–Of COURSE the love square is a thing in this au. I imagine the pureblood Agreste family is a huge name in the wizarding world, as big as the Malfoys. Draco tried to stick his flag on Adrien the second they had finished crossing the lake, leading the Marinette instantly hating Adrien (she had run into Draco at Diagonal Alley and he so kindly gifted her her very first experience of being called a mudblood. So Marinette instantly disliked Adrien by association (not noticing that Adrien was incredibly uncomfortable as Draco tried to butter him up). Only later that week does she change her mind. When she is late running to herbology and it’s pouring rain, he happens to be outside on his free period. He comes over and casts a water repulsion charm on her, drying her off instantly. BAM. INSTANT LOVE

–Oh my god I’m going soooo overboard here haha

–So anyway of course Adrien is oblivious to her feelings but they stay friends all throughout school, even becoming prefects together later, and were on track to becoming head boy and girl if the world hadn’t gone to shit their last year of school and led them to become vigilantes

–They end up becoming very close as vigilantes, and call each other by the code names the DA has been referring to them as for lack of knowing their names. Ladybug and Chat Noir.

–They start hanging out together after fleeing battles sometimes, though they decide not to reveal identities to each other, in case one of them was ever caught and tortured for information

–And… Of course Adrien fell in love with Ladybug the VERY first time she showed up and saved a student from being tormented.

–Dont look at me I’m not crying you’re crying

–Just IMAGINE death eater Hogwarts but with Adrien and Marinette risking their lives to protect their friends and the younger students

–Mari joining the DA and making a rousing inspirational speech about doing what’s right that moves them all the tears

–Mari convincing the other members to invite Adrien, because it doesn’t MATTER that he’s a pureblood or that his father is a known death eater, he’s not one of them, he’s a wonderful person and he’s incredibly talented and he would be invaluable to the cause. Because despite how scared she is at the prospect of putting him on danger, she knows he would want to be a part of it

–Adrien being so impressed by her bravery and strength when Mari comes to explain the DA to him and ask him to join the DA, and moved to tears that she trusts him that much despite his family name

–Them becoming closer friends than ever as Adrien and Mari because of the DA, and struggling to keep their identities a secret as they spend more and more time fighting the death eaters as Chat and Lady

–Fighting together at the battle of hogwarts.


–They battle in the guises of Ladybug and Chat Noir, purely because the sight of the two vigilantes is so inspirational to the student body and professors alike at this point, they’re an immovable symbol of the rebellion, they’re like mythical, and some of the death eaters even sort of fear them, having heard stories through the grapevine

–The reveal would be. So. Heavy

–Maybe someone is about to kill Chat Noir and injures him badly enough so that his ‘identity’ spell drops. Ladybug doesn’t see it’s Adrien yet but she flies into a rage of curses to protect her partner

–The death eater recognizes Adrien as the son of Gabriel Agreste, a death eater himself

–“Why bother fighting us?” The death eater cackles. “You’re a pureblood, you fool. You only stand to BENEFIT from this new world the dark lord is giving you, free of muggles, free of mudbloods–”

– “I DARE YOU TO SAY MUDBLOOD ONE MORE F U C K I N G TIME.” Mari curses him so hard he does not get back up. “That’s right, you just got wrecked by a MUDBLOOD you little shitbitch”

– Adrien looks up in total awe, “Marinette??” he realizes

–She finally sees that it’s him and breaks down into a TOTAL MESS because holy shit the two boys she loves are one and he almost just died

–Cue the ‘I love you’ reveal right then and there, shouted over the sound of rubble falling and curses glancing off marble walls as they continue to fight, because dammit they’re not gonna die with that unsaid

–After the war they both become aurors, and their code names from when they were vigilantes at wartorn Hogwarts just sort of stick because they’re freaking legends

–P.S. Adrien’s patronus is a cat. 🐈(And Mari’s is a swarm of ladybugs?? 🐞🐞🐞 Idk lmfao)

–I’m literally never ever ever going to write this. But that won’t stop me from thinking about it and sobbing

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Hello I am heartless, but I had this fic idea and wanted to throw it out to such a rad blog. Imagine Matt and Sam Holt get back, but Sam (bless his middle aged soul) has sustained some pretty awful trauma to the parietal lobe, meaning he can't recognize faces and has trouble with memory. He can't tell Matt and Katie apart, he won't stop asking where his daughter is.


So consider this:

Ravus is a mortal. He has a good heart. He has good intentions. He may be tough and not show his care so openly, but he is always ready to jump in front of his loved ones. He protects all. He loves the one who he can’t save. He is always gravitating towards him. As much as his lover does bad things, he can’t leave him. Even if the person he loves hurt him he still would love and die for him.

Ardyn is an immortal. He has seen everything. He has felt everything. Good and bad. He fell in love countless times for the same person. He lost his lover all the times. He never had much time to fully appreciate the best of his lover. Every single time his loved one reincarnated he had killed him. He is in a loop of pain, suffering, rage and seeing his beloved one die all over again. Forever.

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andrew/andreil through the eyes of the foxes? all of them maybe? :D

sure i’ll write abt each of the foxes’ povs but like…. this would get 2 big so here’s dan’s!! i’ll probably make this a 6-parter in ao3 or here idk. if i do here’s the link for ao3

i based this off this post from nora’s extra content

The first time Dan had seen the cousins, she’d been reasonably hopeful. She wasn’t a hopeful person per se; she’d had to fight tooth and nail for everything she had of positive in her life and had learned prayers helped only in spirits. Still, the Foxes had been in need of a better defense line and the cousins were offering exactly that. Dan had been willing to see past their risky files if it meant a chance to help the Foxes up the rankings and out of rock bottom.

It took only a few minutes for Andrew to extinguish that hope inside her. He hadn’t been aware of her presence on the booth behind him but he’d hit all the right spots past her defenses. And it wasn’t just because he’d hurt her; it was because Andrew honestly didn’t care about the game or about getting lifted up by a team that needed it. He was high risk even then when she didn’t know the extent of his apathy and the insanity his meds could raise out of him. Still, Dan had gotten past her prejudices and accepted the cousins into her lineup. She hadn’t even accepted the team’s insistence of calling them monsters until halfway through their first season.

Andrew had been quiet throughout most of the year, even towards Nicky and Aaron. It was a silent agreement between the upperclassmen and him; Andrew would not turn his blades in their direction unless they gave him a reason to. In Andrew’s mind, that meant his teammates needed to keep quiet about his temporary withdrawals during games and occasional violence. Dan had thought she could run the team like that. Nicky was a decent peacemaker and could convince Aaron to try. The Foxes were slowly making their way through the ranks. It had been years but still Dan couldn’t completely understand why Andrew had chosen that moment, in the exact middle of their season, to act out against the upperclassmen. Giving Matt drugs at Columbia had only been the first thing he did to change her mind about him. She still remembered what Matt looked like in those first few days he started using again. She’d never forget the desperate look he had whenever he’d come down from the high. She’d never forget Andrew’s apathetic face as he watched it.

It seemed incomprehensible to her that Neil Josten—who had experienced all things bad in his entire life and was just now letting himself choose the good stuff—had chosen to be with someone like that. He asked them time and time again not to call Andrew a monster, saying that the upperclassmen didn’t know who he really was under his mask, but was left speechless whenever Dan retorted that was how Andrew wanted them to see him. It wasn’t like Dan thought Andrew was being cruel to Neil, because she trusted Neil not to let himself get into that situation—and Andrew had gone through too much abuse in his life to flip sides. But Andrew was not good enough for Neil Josten. Neil needed something solid to lean against, not a bodyguard who’d fight his battles for him and fuck him to let out frustration. Dan had asked Neil before why he kept by Andrew’s side when he knew Andrew didn’t love him. Neil had simply smiled softly and said she wouldn’t understand it, which made Dan even more furious about the entire situation.

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Sinse you're craving some fic of that sweet, sweet purple boy, I'd like to make a request. Maybe he's had a large lunch or something and whatever it is, his stomach isn't sitting too well as he's flying his ship. It gets progressively worse until he has to quickly switch onto auto pilot and scramble out of his chair, only to barely get his helmet off before he's hurling onto the ground. You can ignore this if you want to, friend, but I thought I'd share an idea

i’m glad you did :) second round of lotor misery coming right up! 

His fingers trembled as they hovered over the controls, concentrated exhales doing absolutely nothing to steady his grip.

His panting breaths were humid inside the helmet, fogging up his visor every few seconds before his temperature regulated armor could clear it again.

Another queasy bubble of air squirmed up his throat and he swallowed several times to keep it down. They could hear him over the intercom, every labored breath and suppressed hiccup.

Lotor had never been prone to motion sickness. But then again, he’d never been forced to eat before flying. It would have been perceived as incredibly disrespectful if he had refused the meal offered during negotiations. He made a mental note to have one of his generals carry out proceedings with that particular clan in the future.

Whatever they’d fed him was stubbornly refusing to settle. And the fact that they’d run into an inconvenient gaggle of mercenaries wasn’t helping his finicky digestion. 

Normally, something so trivial wouldn’t have been much of a problem. Eliminating the threat of space pirates and their sloppy attempts to commandeer his ship was a common occurrence; an inconsequential nuisance, really. Target practice. But this lot were taking their dear-sweet-time dying.

Lotor’s stomach sloshed and rolled precariously with every evasive spin and lurch of his fighter as he dodged yet another smattering of gunfire. Acxa was in his ear, providing cover fire and location data.

“Two approaching from your rear, twelve kilometers right,” she said, voice cutting out for a moment as static crackled in his ears.

“I see them,” he assured, dipping his fighter into a steep nosedive and pulling up just before his fighter skimmed the face of the rock. Adrenaline flooded his veins as he saw the two ships collide with the rogue meteor he’d angled them towards and explode into a brilliant mushroom cloud of fiery debris.

He leveled off and searched his tracker, using the brief moment of reprieve to press one hand to his roiling stomach. Cold sweat had caused the under armor beneath his suit to stick to his skin, creating an uncomfortable cocoon of clammy warmth. Lotor’s gut emitted a low whine, coaxing up a thick belch that he didn’t have enough foresight to stifle. The aftertaste nearly made him gag.

“Prince,” he heard Acxa demanding, concern evident in her voice. “What was that?” In the background he heard Ezor asking if the control board was malfunctioning again.

Lotor grit his teeth, clearing his throat as he struggled to swallow down a residual hiccup. “It was - hicc! - nothing.” He swore under his breath, could practically feel the puzzled looks his generals were giving each other. “Enemy status!” he growled into the com.

“One approaching rapidly, banking left,” Acxa informed, resuming her former composure. “All the others have blinked off my radar, Sir.”

“Fucking finally,” Lotor hissed after he’d clicked off the intercom. The last ship was obviously on a kamikaze mission and because the pilot was desperate, Lotor surmised that it shouldn’t be much of a problem to take him out.

But desperation often fosters insane decisions, especially in the air. The pilot banked unexpectedly to his right, swooping below him to get a target on Lotor’s tail.

“Cheeky bastard,” Lotor smirked. He inhaled a deep breath, forcing himself to focus, although his mounting nausea was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

Lotor initiated his turbos, slingshotting out of range and tipping the nose of his fighter straight up until he’d climbed into a backwards spiral. He ignored the dizzying pressure of the G-force and dove directly on top of the other ship, blasting it’s haul with a merciless barrage of gunfire. He quickly switched gears and pulled up, leveling off at the last second just as the ship exploded behind him.

The intercom crackled back to life and Axca’s voice flickered on the other end, mechanically providing the final status report. Lotor barely registered her words over his own ragged panting and the deafening buzz in his ears.

He sagged over the controls, swallowing desperately as his mouth began flooding with watery saliva. His stomach gave a powerful lurch and he instinctively brought a hand to his mouth. Lotor experienced a momentary swell of panic as he realized that he was still wearing his helmet. He’d run out of time. If he didn’t act quickly, he was going to be sick in his own fucking helmet.

Lotor kept his mouth stubbornly closed as his throat constricted with a forceful gag. He switched the controls to autopilot and scrambled out of his harness, tripping gracelessly out of his chair in his frenzied haste.

The prince landed hard on his knees, fumbling for the trigger to release his helmet from his suit as the overwhelming urge to retch intensified. Finally, he heard a soft click and pulled the damn thing free, his long hair falling untidily over his shoulders.

No sooner had he discarded the helmet than his entire body lurched with a deep gag. There was a nanosecond of anticipatory silence, strings of drool dripping unhindered from his parted lips as he clumsily gathered back his hair and hovered on his hands and knees. Then his stomach muscles contracted and a guttural retch propelled a revoltingly warm mouthful of sludge onto the floor. 

Lotor shuddered, another wet burp causing his shoulders to tense as a much thicker wave of his stomach contents spewed from his mouth, landing with a sickening splat to join the spreading mess between his knees.

“Oh, god,” he panted, coughing through a violent dry heave. Lotor collapsed unceremoniously onto his ass, legs sprawling on either side to avoid the pile of vomit. He reached up to wipe the remnants of sickness from his lips, grimacing as he swallowed the bitterness coating his tongue.

He sat up, chest jolting with an unexpectedly sharp hiccup. He gulped, pressing a fist to his mouth just in time to burp up the rest. Fuck, his stomach was a wreck. But at least he felt empty, no longer struggling to breathe past the tumultuous maelstrom in his belly.

Now that his head was a little clearer, he could detect multiple voices shouting into the mic of his abandoned helmet.

He muffled another involuntary belching hiccup into his balled fist before speaking into the com.

“Well, that was unpleasant,” Lotor chuckled hoarsely, expertly schooling his silky tone to one of mild annoyance. The voices on the other line abruptly fell dead silent.

“Highness,” Acxa asked urgently. “What the hell happened? Are you hurt?”

Lotor sighed, regarding the puddle of sick with a sneer. Though he may as well have been speaking about an inconvenient change in the weather when he replied, “I’ve had a little…accident.”

And he fully intended to blame his humiliating lack of control on a sudden bout of the flu.

868. Hermione and Ron were engaged for five years before they got married. That's because they weren't ready to get married when they got engaged but Hermione suffered from PTSD after the Battle and was so afraid every time Ron left her alone, scared that something bad would happen. So he decided to propose to her to ensure her she'd never be alone again and that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her.

People keep rbing all my cishet Zarkon posts and adding Lotor to it but!!! Here’s what I think. Zarkon is a smelly Cisgendered Heterosexual Greasy Fuck. This is obvious?? And I dont understand why its still being debated!!! BUT! I believe/headcanon Lotor is a closeted gay. He surrounds himself with (probably, but I mean cmon) lesbian generals for comfort. He’s the Epitome of Extra, his voice?? His hair?????? Bitch is literally the white lady in the L’ Oreal comercials whos smiling because shes better than you. The way he carries himself, his twink (if your a fool twunk) body, his snarkiness. I beleive hes evil because zarkon is a “i tolerate my gay son” dad and Lotor is internalizing a lot of homophobia. Quintessence is what makes zarkon inherently evil, besides being cishet. Lotor might be salvageable but hes a greasy “masc4masc, no fats/no fems/no asians gay youd see on grindr or scruff regardless, and doesnt deserve to be shipped with anyone but a grave. Greasiness and smelliness runs in the family. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk

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since link understands zeldas suffering i hc that when they are in the springs and zelda is asleep, when link is pretty sure that zelda is safe and asleep ,he sneaks off to the waters and offer a prayer for zelda.he doesnt know how to place his words but he is just begging the goddesses not to prolong zelda's struggle

c r y i n g 

To add onto your hc… I feel like Link might not be a particularly religious guy. Spiritual, sure - his sword talks to him and his very soul reincarnates - but if Hyrule did a church on sundays type deal, I don’t know that he would join everyone. So I think that, if he did make a prayer for Zelda, it would be all the more poignant as a result? Like nothing else up to that point had really caused him to want to pray for anything, even himself. It’s just because it’s her.

headcanon that whoever came up with wolfsbane potion was actually a werewolf himself who couldn’t stand the thought of his kind being labelled dangerous and evil, so he created the potion in hope of helping himself and his kind. he prayed it would break the stigma, allow more magic folk to have a relatively normal life. and it did, but only for the rich. the poorest werewolves, which was most of them, continued to struggle. except it was worse, because now they knew they had a cure but society made it too hard for them to get it.