countdown to super junior’s 11th anniversary
↳ Super Junior’s

We’re Super Junior if we succeed. We’re Super Junior even if we fail. We’re Super Junior even if we fight. Even if we hate it, we’re still Super Junior. Even after marriage, we’re still Super Junior. We’re Super Junior if we have a lot of fans. We’re still Super Junior even if fans leave. We have already come to this stage where we’re stuck in the mud, you have stopped spouting nonsense right? What you have seen is getting better and bettter, let’s walk to the end together and you won’t be seeing a 2nd group like us. We were together at our most difficult time, we were also together at the time when we received our highest award. Fighting day and night for over 10 years and once we hug and encourage each other, we revive immediately. We have been acknowledged as king of hallyu. No matter how difficult the road is, as long as we are together, we will have everything - Heechul


“I used to wash cars for such little money just so I had enough money to buy my football boots. My family was so poor that football for me was about survival. I told my mother from a young age, ‘Don’t worry, I will become a football player and get us out of this situation’. There were no rules when you play football on the street, no coaches to protect you. Because I was so advanced I used to play with the big kids and they used to try to kick me all over the street. I learned to be tough, and you can only learn that if you grow up in that environment. Football saved me.

Ich trinke auf, auf gute Freunde, verlorene Liebe, auf alte Götter und auf neue Ziele.
Auf den ganz normalen Wahnsinn. Auf das, was einmal war. Darauf, dass alles endet und auf ein neues Jahr.
Auf ein neues Jahr!
—  Böhse Onkelz
It’s crystal clear; Sasuke isn’t happy.

I’m still pissing myself over the fact that Sakura had to stick herself onto a picture where Sasuke was. 

Like, he couldn’t even take one picture with his “beloved” wife when he knew he wouldn’t be able to see her (and their daughter) for a really long time? 

Obviously not. But he was totally fine to take a picture with Naruto and Boruto (and other kages). 

And quite frankly, he looks much happier in this picture than he looks here:

Or here:

The glare he gives them is just so cold and hateful. Not to mention that he has his back facing the two of them.

I guess Kishimoto is sending us a clear message here. Sasuke is not happy.


Javier Mascherano before El Clásico.

“It’s a different game from all the others because there’s are a lot of things going on but it’s also just a football game. Like other games, there are 3 points at stake. The repercussions of the pre- and post-game are what make it truly special. Above all, in recent years, during which there has been 2 very strong teams. Teams who have won a lot and that creates big expectations from people.”


((i wanted to make this blog in 2012-2013 but i never did; and i decided a few weeks ago to actually do it, since you guys are always so excited about my baby suff doodles on my art blog (@milkyol) . so here it is!! my pride and joy!! i know i won’t be able to be consistently active because of school, but truth be told, i really missed running an ask blog.

this is going to mostly stick to canon but also pull a lot from headcanon, based on some other ancestors stuff i’ve been working on, and from years of rping the dolorosa. i think you guys are ready for my advanced, spooky cryptid trollmom headcanons………..

and i added a music player! enjoy!))