Şimdi sessizce gitmeliyim
Kemiklerim uzanacak ve uyuyacak bir yer buldu çünkü


It’s a journey of the soul
learning how to forgive
Letting go of self blame
Its about finding strength within pain

They may have stolen your innocence
Eliminated your pride ,
Suffacated your self esteem
Divested you of your hopes and dreams
Leaving you to feel empty and alone

Remember your soul no one can take
After you’ve survived hell on earth
What else is there to fear?
If you take time to sit still and quite
YOU’LL realize a greater force
That RESIDES deep witin you

Through your darkest hours
Search the depth of your core
And allow the bright light
Of your SOUL to SHINE through!
© BRL@amyisjustme please leave my credits