sufer dude

Cultural Appropriation

Everyone always asks why its bad…The answer is deeper than “because we said so”…or…“because its not your culture” (which ARE sufficient answers)

Cultural Appropriation in the long term causes damage to the actual creators of the group.

So listen up white folk and other folk who think cultural appropriation is okay…but mostly white folk

When you think of a person who says things like “Bro, or Man” very often you get a (white)skater dude/sufer dude image. But these phrases originated from black men in Harlem. It was a sign of respect to call them man or brother because white people at the time still referred to black men as “boy”. So this culturally significant thing has been turned into a small nuanced warped by the face of a generic white guy. Thats why we say dont use our words.

The phrase trap queen has some hood significance, none of which is related to trans* people, yet white people with their fuck logic have taken the word and coined it a slur….a ‘slur’ mind you THAT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE NEVER FUCKING USED.

Fuckboy is another good example somehow white people got it into their heads that it had something to do with homosexual rape in prison when in actuality its used to describe a person who has no goals, morals, poor judgement, or generally is always fucking people over. Yet and still that post circulated for months on white tumblr before Black Tumblr could ever set the record straight. Yall have a bad habit of taking words WE CREATED then trying to tell us what they mean…… Stop speaking in AAVE, yes you can appropriate language and this is how.

Buddhist monks very peaceful sign was turned into a swastika and a forever reminder of the hatred and geneocide that took place during the holocaust all because some white guy wanted to use a sacred peace sign of a religion he didnt practice. They used that symbol for YEARS befor Hitler’s parents where even a thought but they had to give up THEIR symbol because it was now desecrated and tanged with the evil memories of the past. Thats why we say dont use symbols of religions and tribes you dont belong too.

This is what prolonged appropriation does. So yes, it IS a “Big deal” when you wear our cultures as costumes or fads because while you’re dabling in your newfound hobbie,MY culture, Im being persecuted for it…