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do you have any pipercy headcanons? i'm deprived

‘oh yes, i do!! - i’m writing it as a romance, but you can see it as platonic pipercy too (well, most of it, i think)

  • they love the beach. figures. percy loves it for obvious reasons, and piper loves to surf!! they spend a whole day there, surfing, having ice cream, kicking sand on each other. and at the end of the day, they take their sufboards, go to the sea, and watch the sunset together
  • piper stays at percy’s house in every opportunity she can. she loves it there. she loves sally. cause she never had a mother, it’s nice to have that feeling, to at least, see it. she really loves it
  • movie marathons. since she was a little kid, piper was exposed to a looot of movies of all types. she has knowledge in that - tho she really doesn’t brag about it cause, in her mind, is not something worth bragging about. and percy, he’s an movie enthusiast as well, he just enjoys it. they go from really old stuff to the new ones all night. 
  • skateboarding!! nothing else to say but pipercy and skateboarding
  • they use each other’s clothes all the time. piper wears percy’s stuff without even a warning, and he’s pretty used to it. percy wears all of piper’s baseball caps and shirts and also her jackets. once he found a leather one - it was a gift from one of her dad’s friends who works in fashion - piper never really uses it. percy tried it on and smiled ‘sweet. that’s mine now’
  • v i d e o g a m e s. percy has this big collection of sick games and piper loves beating him at everything. cause percy is that kinda guy who, when he’s defeated at videogames, he starts to say things really loud and uses his hands a lot to speak and piper thinks that’s hilarious
  • they’re that kinda couple that, out of nowhere, 3 am, wants some junk food. they go ‘hey i wanna eat that burguer from that little place we went the other day’ ‘and i’d kill for a mango smoothie’ ‘let’s?’ ‘yep’
  • they get a lot of ‘omg you guys look like siblings’ and that happens so often that, when people see them kissing, they go ‘oh shit’. so sometimes they do it on purpose just to see their reaction and laugh
  • they’re not the kind of couple that feels the need to tiptoe around delicate issues such as moving in together, wedding and stuff. they’re like ‘if we ever move in together someday and i get home to find your shoes laying on the floor, i’m breaking up with you’ ‘same for you, if i get home and find out you ate my last muffin’. they just take it as a normal talk
  • they love mamma mia. they watch it a lot. and when ‘lay all your love on me’ starts, they interpret it
  • ‘doooon’t go wasting you emotion lay all your love on me’ it’s the cherry on top of their mamma mia nights
  • and piper always winks at the ‘a grown up woman should never fall so easily’ part cause percy always grins in return
  • they’re just that chill and easy going couple who are also each other’s best friend

 kairi week 2017!!

day 7, what character(s) relate to kairi/character crossovers:

i love namine and i love xion and i want them to come back and i want them to meet kairi and i want them to get along and be a super awesome team and i have entirely too many feelings about my lovely daughters so have lots and lots of rambling and assorted headcanons under the cut

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