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How do you feel about Infinite?

BEFORE THE DAWN IS MY SONG!!! They have so many jams tbh! And they’re amazing dancers. AND HAVE YOU SEEN MYUNGSOO??? He is 👏👏👏👏👏 I’m actually gonna watch sufbb just because L is in it tbh idec!!!
And tbh I always call Sungkyu ‘Augustus’ and I always call L ‘Pastry’ (because he looks like a pastry in human form)

You can tell a lot about a person by the music the listen to. Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs!
Then tag 20 people!

tagged by backwadzsandwich thank you dear!!

1. A Favourhouse Atlantic - Coheed and Cambria

2. Not in Love - Lee Minki (SUFBB OST)

3. Sex - the 1975

4. Brothers on a Hotel Bed - Death Cab for Cutie (Twoven Bootleg Remix)

5. Electroworld - Perfume

6. Hyde - VIXX

7. Bodyguard - SHINee

8. There is a Light that Never Goes Out - the Smiths

9. Airplane - f(x)

10. 오늘 밤 (Tonight) - Hyolyn

11. Dead Wrong - FEMM

12. Voodoo doll - VIXX

13. Jelly - Capsule

14. Stand By Me - SHINee

15. A Little Pain - Olivia inspi’ Reira

16. Love and Some Verses - Iron and Wine

17. Break the Border - YOHIO

18. Menswear - the 1975

19. 왕자님 - 야광토끼

20. 02시 무지개 - Achime

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