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I loved sung joon in INR3 too! I kind of imagine the chaebol daughter's character will more like his SUFBB character. Poor, proud, but vulnerable underneath? Idk, i just want him to see him in a drama.

I haven’t watched that one yet (unbelievable I know lol) but I think his character will be quite similar. It’s going to be his first lead role on a broadcasted tv channel so I’m so happy for him!
I’m quite upset though that they’ve already posted so much on the male leads and their characters but nothing about the ladies :((

Jihyuk is k I l l I n g me

I hate seunghoon!! Stop grabbing suah and telling everyone she’s ur gf she doesn’t even like you! Also you’re a sociopath!

I vaguely want wookyung and doil to hook up?? I got a vibe during that scene when she was crying and shoving 8000 chocolates into her mouth

Okay my birthday is gonna kinda blow bc i just got home from work and i have to go in again tonight and be alone but I’m gonna take a long bath, do a face mask, put on 800 pounds of lotion, get into comfy jammies in my nice clean bed and watch sufbb

i have literally not even finished the first episode of sufbb yet and there have already been like 4 fights

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oh my god that Nell MV!!! The first time j watched it was after I watched sufbb and I was so sad!! Why does he keep dying in things!! it made me cry.

Right wtf

long before your parents squirted water at each other from across the clown car and then honked their bicycle horns to indicate they really wanted to make a smug, insufferable little clown baby together.