AnAn March 15, 2017 ◇ 

―― We’d like to hear about the opinion of male members regarding women’s makeup. 

All: Please treat us well! 

―― Honestly speaking, how much do men care about women’s makeup?

Atae: I don’t pay attention at all…. (sweats)  

Hidaka: Me too, I’m not very confident about this. I do look at the overall aura but I guess there aren’t a lot of guys who look into details that much?

Nishijima: I, on the contrary, look though. Since it’s the eyes that match my line of sight, I’m particularly concerned with the feeling eyes give.

Sueyoshi: If I were to say what’s my favorite part, I guess it’s the skin. I like people with beautiful skin, so even when it comes to makeups, that image where you can see through her is my type ne.

Atae: about the “beautiful skin”, I think I’m the same~ how should I put this, there’s a feeling of richness….

Hidaka: vibrant?

Atae: That’s it, I like people with vibrant skin! 

Naoya: For me, rather than parts, I’m weak when it comes to “gap”. For example, she usually has no makeup or does a normal one, and then suddenly she puts effort in her makeup and had a change of vibe, it makes my heart throbs. Depending on her outfit, “today I aim for the pretty image”, or “today, it’s the cool type”, it hits home when she gives different impressions.

Nishijima: I get that. When she’s feeling rock-ish, wearing leather jacket, she puts red lipstick, or when she’s wearing knits, she’ll be a chic in light colors. People who change clothes for that day or make-up according to time, place, and occasion makes me think that “ah, she’s properly thinking about the makeup as part of her fashion”. 

Hidaka: Though basically, natural makeup is nice, ne.  

Sueyoshi: Right, even before, I think guys like makeup that aren’t all dolled-up. 

―― Looks like that part is unanimous ne. Well then, what’s your definition of “natural”?

Sueyoshi: I don’t like it when her lips are too dark, and if she likes putting no makeup then I’m totally fine with it… 

Urata: Surely, women who says to herself, “I think this much will do”, that face is natural?

Hidaka: I guess so, even if there’s not much emphasis, I don’t dislike it when it’s just a slight color. I think light colors that becomes a point in makeup is wonderful.

Nishijima: I get it. Let’s make it like this, a “15-minute makeup” is natural! Wash her face, put skin care products then the base of her makeup, then eyeliner, then finish everything in a total of 15 minutes.

Hidaka: But I heard that “doing a natural makeup surprisingly takes time”, you know (laughs).

Urata: it seems that it takes time to make yourself look like you’re not wearing any makeup.

Atae: It’s hard being a woman… (laughs).

Hidaka: Then I guess, maybe the point is “not easily ruined”. If you’re wearing dark makeup, you’ll definitely be concerned if it’ll wear off, so makeup that won’t easily wear off is natural, I think.

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Jsuki; AAA in CanCam, JUNON and Popteen

Here are some of the latest magazines AAA is featured in! They’ve also graced the covers of all these magazines as well, and I’m super happy for them! Mostly, the talk is centered around their ‘WAY OF GLORY’ album (which I bought too btw :B), but they’re also going to be the final few times which we’ll see them as a 7-person group.

Each of these magazines have also pin-ups in each of them. BLESS. Can’t even decide which of these photo shoots I like best, since they all look so great in every one, but I guess the Popteen one(?) would be my favourite of the bunch.

Wanted to get the AERA and anan magazine as well, but it’s sold out…(; ;) I’m going to try to get the May issue of NYLON though, which they’re also on the cover for.


From Shinjiro’s blog (11/26/2013)

10 years have passed since I met these people!!

We’ve fought and argued numerous times in the past, but in the end I love every single one of them!!

If even a single person were to be lost, AAA wouldn’t be the same.

I am the happiest man to have met these wonderful and amazing people!!


【Shuta sueyoshi FULL YEAR GOODS release decision !!】

We kept you waiting for everyone!
We decided to release Sueyoshi Shuta new goods

What will be released this time
Half-length sleeve Tshirt
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There are 2 types!
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March 17 (Fri) from 16 o'clock
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“I was not with you at the beginning , but I’ll be with you until the end”

Thank you for everything  ❤