CG previs / rough animation to final compositing from #PalmSprings. An old-fashioned car chase!

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16andstillnofirstkiss-sueme  asked:

Hi!! I really couldn't find any information about HIStory web series Obsessed, so can you tell me the main cast names and whether there are any other blogs about by web series I could follow please??? I'm really new to watching Bl web series. Your blog is amazing by the way. Thank you for your time and have a nice day. 😊

Hi, first of all thank you ♥

These are the protagonists of Obsessed:

I got this info in the soompi thread for this series. A bunch of BL series have their own threads where fans share a lot of cool stuff, it’s one of the first places I look when searching new BL content. Also recommend:

For tumblr blogs I would recommend everyone on my blogroll ♥ but specifically for asian BL and in no particular order: 

I’m always on the lookout for more blogs to follow so if anyone has any recs please send them to me!

Battle of the Shippers

Kaisoo vs KxK:

KD: Remember when Chanyeol said they shared beds-
KxK: Oh yeah, well KxK are dating.
KD: That one time Kai tickled behind Kyungsoo’s ear-
KxK: Don’t forget that dispatch caught them on a date.
KD: The way they stare into each other’s eyes when they are on stage and-
KxK: Well, they have couple rings.
KD: I love how they hold each other and are so touchy.
KxK: You’re delusional, remember how in 2014 they had blonde hair? It’s probably because they were dating then, too.
KD: When they get jealous from fan service with other members-
KxK: Well KxK both are the same age so it makes sense that they are in love.
KD: I remember when Kai said he loved his hyung a handful of times-
KxK: Nope, because KxK bought condoms together. It was denied, but SM is in denial of making their stars look bad.
KD: Remember when KD looked depressed when KxK was confirmed?
KxK: You fuckers are going to hell. also isn’t a faggot like you. You guys are just jealous.
KD: ….I don’t ship KxK…

me yesterday: i will try from now on to abstain from discourse because it is probably not entirely mentally good for me

some dumbass on tungle dot hell: tauriel is a mary-sue


Signs as Lynn Gunn Tweets
  •  Aries: “When our new music drops I want you all to Youtube: “Babies, Toddlers & Power Wheels compilation” and play one specific song along to it…”
  • Taurus: “ Pretty much everyday I find myself in awe thinking: “what did the world do to deserve the magical beings that are women? :’)"”
  • Gemini: “Oh my loves, cant you see? The new era has just begun.”
  • Cancer: ” Thought I had blood on my lips. It was just chocolate.”
  • Leo: “ Unknowingly manifesting heartache one song at a time.”
  • Virgo “Lyft driver wisdom.”
  • Libra:  “Do you ever like just get really overwhelmed thinking about females because like wow”
  • Scorpio: “ Apologies if I sound like a dying cat tomorrow (more than I typically do). It’s because I was making Mexican food at 1am… #worthit #sueme
  • Sagittarius: “If i don’t mean it, I won’t say it.”
  • Capricorn: “I dont want to live forever but I hope my words can.”
  • Aquarius: “Go play with a ball or read a book or something.”
  • Pisces: “When you feel it, don’t ever let it slip.”

Justin Bieber reveals the tracklist for his upcoming studio album, PURPOSE (available Nov. 13), via Instagram with graffiti designs by commissioned artists. You can find the artists’ work in the following locations and pre-order Justin’s album on iTunes right here!

01. “Mark My Words” – Brookyln Whelan, Sydney, Australia
02. “I’ll Show You” – Graffiti Kings SER, London, UK
03. “What Do You Mean?” – Shora Dehnavi, Stockholm, Sweden
04. “Sorry” – Lapin, Paris, France
05. “Love Yourself” – Mikael Noguchi, Olso, Norway
06. “Company” – Yard 5, Berlin, Germany
07. “No Pressure” (feat. Big Sean) – Gorey, New York, NY
08. “No Sense” (feat. Travis Scott) – Glossback, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
09. “The Feeling” (feat. Halsey) – Arek, Washington DC
10. “Life is Worth Living” – Kyle Howard, Toronto, Canada
11. “Where Are Ü Now” [Justin Bieber, Skrillex & Diplo] – KEM5 & DEME5, Boston, Massachusetts
12. “Children” – Abstrk, Miami, Florida
13. “Purpose” – Greg Mike, Atlanta, Georgia
14. “Been You” – Amuse126, Chicago, Illinois
15. “Get Used to Me” – Merlot, Seattle, Washington
16. “We Are” (feat. Nas) – RPES, San Francisco, California
17. “Trust” – Scott Sueme, Vancouver, Canada
18. “All In It” – Mister Cartoon, Los Angeles, California

King’s Day

Summary: The maknae line and you go on a trip to the amusement park. You are all best friends and Jungkook constantly teases you for being the shortest and youngest.
Length: 1742 Words
Type: Fluff
Members: Jungkook, (Y/N), Jimin, Taehyung

Not gonna lie, I was two seconds away from turning it into a Jikook fic suEME (but i’d rather write about sugakookie)

- Admin Audrey

Originally posted by the-rap-man

“Amusement park, amusement park!” Jimin and Taehyung shout in unison, dancing past the guards and into the gated land of laughter. You follow after, throwing your arms up into the air and twirling around once for good measure, almost falling onto the sunlit ground but finding your balance before your whoop of delight turns into a cry of pain.

Today, the maknae line has decided to take a trip to the amusement park nearby, dragging you along with them for kicks. They were bursting with energy when you arrived at the dorm, dashing about the house packing sunscreen, snacks, water bottles, and everything in between into three backpacks that slung across their shoulders at the moment. “We’re going to ride every ride there is!” Taehyung declared, and it was obvious that right now he was ready to fulfill this promise. You enjoyed amusement parks, but to the extent of hopping aboard each and every ride was an overwhelming idea that you declined with ease. After all, best friends do not feel the barrier of politeness or burden in such a relationship. You could have shouted in their faces that you hell no, you weren’t going to do that! and they’d shrug their shoulders and grin at each other because hell yes, they were.

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I love himmmm. Btw I didn’t think he noticed me recording. Didn’t expect that #cornypostalert #sueme #bwwm #wmbw

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