Battle of the Shippers

Kaisoo vs KxK:

KD: Remember when Chanyeol said they shared beds-
KxK: Oh yeah, well KxK are dating.
KD: That one time Kai tickled behind Kyungsoo’s ear-
KxK: Don’t forget that dispatch caught them on a date.
KD: The way they stare into each other’s eyes when they are on stage and-
KxK: Well, they have couple rings.
KD: I love how they hold each other and are so touchy.
KxK: You’re delusional, remember how in 2014 they had blonde hair? It’s probably because they were dating then, too.
KD: When they get jealous from fan service with other members-
KxK: Well KxK both are the same age so it makes sense that they are in love.
KD: I remember when Kai said he loved his hyung a handful of times-
KxK: Nope, because KxK bought condoms together. It was denied, but SM is in denial of making their stars look bad.
KD: Remember when KD looked depressed when KxK was confirmed?
KxK: You fuckers are going to hell. also isn’t a faggot like you. You guys are just jealous.
KD: ….I don’t ship KxK…

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I love himmmm. Btw I didn’t think he noticed me recording. Didn’t expect that #cornypostalert #sueme #bwwm #wmbw

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