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Same anon here, oh thats a relief actually is very responsible of you to make suee that no minor get into the NSFW blog, I don't post my age tho but I went anon to you know, not being the partypooper one for those who are trying to get the link.

I used to be a lot more irresponsible with the link but finding out that minors were seeing nsfw stuff really made me extremely uncomfortable. I know better now, and again, I would never knowingly share nsfw material with a minor.
I’m a teacher as my day job. I work with kids. Minors accessing adult material on my private nsfw blog is really abhorrent to me. I’ve thought about deleting it for a while, because teenagers who can’t respect boundaries are putting themselves and myself in danger because supplying adult material to people under the age of 18 is illegal in the United States.
I would just like to have a private place to share material with other adults, and minors invading that space just puts a bad taste in my mouth.

My story went like this:

“My name is [Ellie] One night I was sleeping on my [lamp] when I heard a [scree]. It was coming from my [kitchen].

I opened the door and saw [Phil Lester] was dead on the floor and covered in [milk]! I felt [delight].

I tried to escape but then I saw the ghost of [Phil] blocking the door and making the sound of a [raccoon].

I threw a [Wiimote] at it but it bounced off the wall and hit me in the [butt] and I died.

In my new life as a ghost I possess a [sonic screwdriver] and haunt [David Tennant]!”