Suedehead - Morrissey


skelly of the day! suedheads! top s3 TV. Liquidator on the bubble flly screen (see my earlier posts from the year for front view until I find it again) all the right touches to make this a great skelly, nanucci extas, mega, upright rear florida bars extreme backrest, car hub cap horns, lights from a mini, bubble grips, streamers, vintage stp sticker to match the top colour scheme, yellow body, w/ red/wht/blu points(stp). and the sued on the lammy, dm’s shiny as the nanucci,  wide legs w/ that red levi jacket, he’s making you notice the bike’s subtle colour points…makes the yellow stand out even more, put a metal flake stars and bars helmet (never get away w/that in my area, but he is Asian,…so it’s cool I guess?) /bubble face shield and a slade hand sign…were are talking 70’s suedhead, in full glory here! another happy scooterist living in their own world and time, great! Ride on!

Why do you telephone
And why send me silly notes
Im so sorry
Im so sorry
Why do you come here when you know it makes things hard for me?
Oh why do you come?

You had to sneak into my room
Just to read my diary
It was just to see just to see all the things you knew I’d written about you
So many illustrations oh.